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10-11-2010, 04:16
I'm still debating a Vampire Counts force (should be easy to acquire online with their unpopularity) and threw this list together as a test list. One thing though, I don't like Ghouls. They're the only thing in the VC list that I don't like one bit.

Vampire Lord - 425
Level 3 Upgrade
Sword of Swift Slaying
The Flayed Hauberk
Black Pariapt
Seed fo Rebirth
Dark Acolyte
Master of the Black Arts
Lord of the Dead

Lords: 425, 21.25%

Wright King - 125
Skeletal Steed
Enchanted Shield
Potion of Strength

Konrad Von Carstein - 145

Necromancer - 100
Dispel Scroll
Ironcurse Icon
Invocation of Nehek
Vanhel's Danse macabre

Heroes: 370, 18.5%

Skeleton Warriors x30 - 300
Full Command
Banner of Hellfire

Skeleton warriors x20 - 194
Full Command
Banner of Eternal Flame

Skeleton Warriors x15 - 180
Full Command

Dire Wolves x10 - 80

Core: 750, 37.5%

Black Knights x10 - 291
Full Command
Royal Standard of Strigos

Special: 291, 14.55%

Black Coach - 200

Rare: 200, 10%

Any suggestions?

10-11-2010, 13:21

Have you played VC yet in 8th? Be careful with smaller units as casualties can be staggering in some situations.

For your lord, either make him a caster or a combat fiend, making him half of each kind of takes away from him.

I am shying away from my own Black Coach, and using the Corpse Cart(s). With the limited # of power dice you get having any sucked away by the coach kind of blows :)

Those Black Knights are going to suck up a lot of fire/magic, and you need at least 10 to take someone's ranks away, so you may want to go Grave Guard.

Skellies are not quite a s useful as Ghouls in this edition, imo.

I had to redo my thinking and army from 7th, but play this army, and see what works, and go from there.

Take it for what it's worth, FREE internet advice :) Good Luck

11-11-2010, 10:40
I'm tyring out a huge 'Zombie Hammer' in my game next Tuesday - with autobreak from Fear gone, a Steadfast enemy will hold against all but the most powerful VC units, so I made up a 40 strong unit of Zombies (5 wide by 8 deep) to hammer into the deepest enemy unit I can find just to prevent them being Steadfast while offering up the fewest number of Zombies possible for execution.

Then I can hit them with my own damage dealing unit to win the combat without having to contend with the enemy being steadfast.

11-11-2010, 20:13

Be careful, as Zombies getting hit by the front of any unit means the combat is destroying you.

An Example is that you have a unit if Grave Guard in the front of 50 Orc Boyz, and the Zombies in the side, let's say you win the combat and he doesn't run. Next Turn he has a unit of 40 NG Spearmen hit the Zombies in the Flank, you lose by 10. BOTH of your units lose 10 more. I am certain you already know this, but in 7th this kept me from adding Zombies to any combat with other units and in 8th it gets worse.

Let us know how it goes, as I have over 200 Zombies in my force, but haven't used them in 8th since Trial and Error #1, aka Battle with the High Elves.