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10-11-2010, 12:54
I figured I'd post up a potential army for a 1000 point mini-tournament I have coming up around Christmas (the catch being that everything needs to be painted by then, which it isn't). It still needs a bit adding to it (rough calculation tells me there are around 100 points left), which I thought you folks could help me with.
In addition, to make things a bit more interesting, I decided to add a little bit of fluff (which I don't tend to bother with) to prevent it from just being "another army list".

Dennis, was the greatest wizard who ever lived (...or at least that's what he claimed). No goblin was brave enough to question his all powerful...power, due to the rumours that he had single-handedly annihilated 1000 chaos warriors, purely because "they looked at him funny". Where this rumour originated is lost in the sands of time, but it seems to follow Dennis, like a bad smell. Some say it's due to the tangible power which surrounds him, others, that it is goblins who have seen him unleash vortexes across whole continents, and others still, that it is because he tells people. Whatever the story, goblins flock from far and wide (well, not that far, and not very wide at all really) to join his warband and gain treasures never before seen.

Until....One day, out of the forest came a Goblin so huge, so fearsome, and so incredibly cunning, that Dennis ran away and hid behind the mushroom stores. Following this near god-like monster, there followed a small goblin carrying a pole with a bound dwarf slayer dangling from it. The massive goblin, in his finest oratorical tones, announced himself as "Desmond, the mightiest goblin ever to stalk the land......and H Makk". Dennis' warband looked on Desmond with a mix of awe and fear (and some confusion, as Desmond appeared to be a fairly average goblin, with some nackered armour and a pointy stick). If there was any doubt, the slayer hanging from the pole proved that Desmond was indeed a powerful goblin, and it probably wasn't a good idea to fight him. Dennis took this opportunity to capitalise on the situation. "Look!" he shouted. "This is the mighty warrior who I have empowered to spearhead our mighty force. Behind his fearsome pointy stick we will never be defeated!".

A little confused (having never heard of any such "mighty warrior"), the warband let out a cheer. Desmond, fully aware of just how fearsome he was, was not in the least surprised, and took command of the small force.

It is now Desmond's full intention to go on a rampage, sacking the countryside and destroying all before him.....as long as it doesn't fight back.

Goblin Big Boss (general aka Desmond) – "Desmond's deadly point-ed stick" (hand weapon), "The Armour of Impervious Protection" (Light armour), "The untouchable disk of extra success" (Shield)

Night Goblin Big Boss (aka H Makk) – "The banner of un-foretold killyness" (BSB)

Night Goblin Shaman (aka Dennis) – "Dennis's magical wizard's 'at" (Level 2)

40 Night Goblins (hand weapon and shield) – Full command, Nets, 1 Fanatic.
40 Night Goblins (hand weapon and shield) – Full command, Nets, 1 Fanatic.
20 Night Goblins (bows)– Musician and Standard, 1 Fanatic.
5 spider riders - Musician

Rock Lobba

Doom diver

As I said above, I have about 100 points left. I think the BSB (H Makk) needs some protection, but I don't want him to be too expensive. Then I can't decide between adding some wolf riders, a big boss on a wolf, or a couple of trolls.

The main plan is to refused flank (as well as I can). With the combat goblins doing a steady advance, while the spiders go for any enemy warmachines, and my warmachines give a good pounding to anything which moves. The army needs to be able to take on virtually anything (though not so many undead or chaos players of any form near me for some reason).

Any help finishing the army off, or altering what's already there (for instance I'm not convinced by the fanatic in the archers) would be great.



immortal git
10-11-2010, 15:39
i love the back story and like the all NG theme, but your characters are so squishy, rank n file can cut them down. so the list in general, what size is the army by the way, 1K? could use a hammer of some kind. squig herders would keep the theme nicely, even something trollish...

10-11-2010, 16:09
I always seem to forget the fundamental bits. It is indeed 1000 points.

With characters I go with the approach that they're going to die a horrible death (by which I mean get badly wounded, but be back for the next battle) anyway, so why protect them? At larger points I might give the general (who will be a warboss by then) some form of small magic weapon and maybe a touch of armour, but the points are better spent elsewhere. If he's going to die imminently he can always just run out of the unit and see how long he lasts.

As I said, i want to protect the BSB a bit better. Maybe give him the thing which gives you the armour/ward of whoever's hitting you.

I do need something a bit stronger in combat (though hopefully the doom diver will be able to deal with heavily armoured stuff before it causes me too much of a problem). I've not actually seen squigs in action in 8th yet, but I can't help thinking they're very very squishy, maybe something for a 2000 point army so that I can have a good sized unit of them. I do have a few painted trolls around the place, so one or two of them might well be a possibility.

Thanks for your thoughts on the matter

immortal git
10-11-2010, 23:34
yeah i think the trinket of i have your save is a must have ont bsb as its better than what hes got most probably, i think squigs have real potential in a game, a unit with 15 squigs and 10 handlers would be nice.