View Full Version : need help. 2 gobbo lists @ 1750

10-11-2010, 16:56
So ive done 2 quite diverse goblin-lists and got a tourney coming up and im having a hard time to choose would love some C % C on the lists.

first one is abit gunline-y and i actually added a lvl 4 orc to have the big waagh.

orc Lvl 4 mage
umms hat
dispell scroll

Goblin warboss
wizarding hat

Night goblin lvl 2 mage
Staff of sneaky stealing

Night goblin bsb
armor of destiny

Night goblin big boss

45 night goblins
bows, nets, full command, 2 fanatics

50 night goblins
hw+shield, full command, 2 fanatics

2x rock lobbers

2x doom divers

6 stone trolls.

the second list is more fighty and not so much stand still and shoot / countercharge.

Goblin warboss
amulet of protectyness

Night goblin lvl 4 shaman
staff of sneaky stealing
magic mushrooms

night goblin bsb
armor of destiny

night goblin big boss

50 night goblins
hw+shield, full command, 1 fanatic

2x wolf chariots
7x squig herds
2x chukkas

6 trolls
doom diver.

Would love some input on theese 2 lists.