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10-11-2010, 17:04
I am going up against a guy in a local sunday 3000 point event of 10 gamers. The event is open listed (as seen below I have my first opponents list :p) but we have a reserve of 500 points to play around with if we want to change anything (I mean anything!) between each match up. I have more models and war machines if need be, please take a look at my list of dwarfs and see if it meets standards. The winner gets a 10 GW voucher :)

Lord. 11.6%
Runelord, anvil of doom, shield, rune of stone, rune of spellbreaking = 348. (Entrenched)

Hero. 5.1%
Thane, BSB, master rune of gromril, rune of preservation, master rune of challenge = 155.

Hero. 2.6%
Master engineer, brace of pistols = 80.

Core Units. 34%
2*40 warriors, great weapons = 800. (10*4)

20 rangers, great weapons = 220. (5*4)

Special Units. 46.5%
40 hammerers, standard bearer, master rune of grungni = 542. (10*4)

20 miners, prospector, steam drill = 255. (5*4)

Grudge thrower, rune of penetrating, rune of accuracy, rune of burning, engineer, brace of pistols = 155.

Grudge thrower, rune of penetrating, rune of accuracy, engineer, brace of pistols = 150.

Cannon, rune of forging, rune of burning, engineer, brace of pistols = 150.

Cannon, rune of forging, engineer, brace of pistols = 145.

= 3000.

Models 160 + 5 war machines.


Lord. 13.5%
Vampire lord, master of the black arts, forbidden lore, summon ghouls, ogre blade, crown of the damned, flayed hauberk = 405. (invocation of nehek, vanhels danse macabre, curse of years)

Hero. 7.1%
Vampire, hellsteed, ghoulkin, avatar of death, dawnstone, sword of might, dragonhelm = 215. (invocation of nehek, +1 random spell)

Hero. 5.3%
Wight king, barded skeletal steed, sword of kings, the other tricksters shard = 160.

Core Units. 39.7%
49 crypt ghouls = 392. (10*5) (Lord goes here)

2*50 crypt ghouls = 800. (10*5)

Special Units. 16.7%
9 black knights, barding, standard bearer, royal standard of strigos = 303. (5*2) (Wight goes here)

2*5 fell bats = 200. (Vampire floats nearby)

Rare Units. 17.5%
3 varghulfs = 525.

= 3000.

Models 170 + 3 monsters.

Please note that special characters and the scenario 'blood and glory' are not being used.

11-11-2010, 16:48
Edited for an easier read :) any thoughts?

11-11-2010, 21:09
So far your list looks great, as he has three varghulf you may want to bring something that makes a melee unit cause flaming attacks if possible i dont know all the dwarf runic banner options. I would upgrade the 2nd cannon with a rune of burning as well and give it a third rune of something so it remains legal. I would probably drop your master engineer to free up the points for these as entrenchment will do nothing for you against his non existant shooting.

Make sure your cannons focus their fire in well too for maximum carnage!

Defender of Ulthuan
11-11-2010, 21:37
If you can drop some points, I'd trade in your thane's equipment for a MRoValaya, and lose the RoSpellbreaking for a MRoBalance. Maybe start with the BoP on all of your engineers as they're moderately useless.

VC are already severely limited in 8th with their heavy reliance on magic. Making these two changes should absolutely crush his chances.

As a side note, losing the Master Engineer will free up some points. his entrenchment ability really doesn't do you any good against an army with no shooting like VC. I'd probably use any extra you have to start filling out unit commands.

Good luck.

Flash Felix
11-11-2010, 22:07
I think that full command, or at least standard and musician, on all units is essential. The standard is needed for if you roll the Blood and Glory scenario, and the +1CR is always useful. The musician is fantastic for allowing Swift Reforms, which are critical for dwarves.

I agree with the idea of putting a RoBurning on the second cannon, and probably the RoReloading, as a cheap way of making the cannon legal. 3 Varghulfs mean you want to strip the Regeneration when you shoot them.

I would say get a couple of Dragonslayers, but I'm not so sure against Ghouls. Mind you, 1 or two will still be useful against his fell bats, which will be making a beeline straight for your war machines. As you don't have an organ gun, you only have a Master Engineer to protect these. I think he might need backup (and a RoStone).

Finally, the MRoGrugni, normally a must have on my Hammerers, won't be that useful against VCs. I'd suggest the RoCourage instead, as there's no Dwarf Lord to give them this for free.

12-11-2010, 12:54
Some good points have made :)
I dont need MRoC because undead are ItP,
I dont need MRoG because they cant shoot,
I dont need the ME because the ghoul blocks are so big I wont need the rerolls or entrench,
I dont need rangers and miners against a force that will come to me.
Plus the BSB could protect the WMs fron CC fell bats.
I appreciate the idea of musicians but with me sitting back and with such big blocks I dont think they are needed, blood and glory is not being used. I like the organ gun idea though, so I have made some changes.

Lord. 13.2%
Runelord, anvil of doom, shield, rune of stone, master rune of balance, rune of spellbreaking = 398.

Hero. 5.3%
Thane, BSB, rune of fire, master rune of gromril, rune of resistance, rune of preservation = 160.

Core Units. 40%
3*40 warriors, great weapons = 1200. (10*4)

Special Units. 33.3%
40 hammerers = 480. (10*4)

Grudge thrower, rune of penetrating, rune of accuracy, rune of burning = 135.

Grudge thrower, rune of penetrating, rune of accuracy = 130.

Cannon, rune of forging, rune of burning = 130.

Cannon, rune of forging = 125.

Rare Units. 8%
*2 organ guns = 240.

= 3000.

Models 160 + 7 war machines.