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Toe Cutter
11-11-2010, 10:46
I'll start by saying that when it comes to warhammer I'm a little bit more green than an orc(k) so I'm quite happy to get as many comments and criticisms as I can. I put together the following list recently while I was attempting to work up a reasonable 1500pts list and realised I'd overshot by quite some way so for better or for worse it turned into a 2000pt list. I'll post the list, my feelings on its short comings then a discussion on a game it faced against a warriors of chaos list.


Grey seer, talisman of preservation, skalm - 315

Chieftain battle standard bearer, worlds edge armour, halberd - 97

Warlock engineer, warp musket, doom rocket - 60

40 clan rats, hand weapons, shield, full command, warp fire thrower - 270

40 clan rats, spears, shield, full command, poison wind mortar - 285

20 night runners, warp grinder - 200

50 slaves, musician - 102

50 slaves, musician - 102

30 plague monks, full command, plague banner - 265

6 rat ogres, master bred, 2 pack masters, 1 master moulder - 304

Which should be 2000pts on the nose. As I said, I was aiming for 1500pts originally but then overshot. My initial thoughts upon reviewing the list were that I was worried that there wasn't much in the list that could actually do much damage and that I would struggle against heavily armoured units, monsters and such like. I thought I'd give the list a go however and see how it went.

On a couple of specifics, I was in something of a quandry about whether to go defensive wargear for the battle standard bearer or pointy magic banner. Decided to go for defensive wargear in the end. The spear clan rats are there because those are the models I have so I thought I'd give it a go and see how they performed. Similar story for the night runners. I know I could proxy my night runner models for gutter runners but I thought I'd try them as night runners first before breaking out the proxyness.

So naturally, with my worries about how I'd do against armoured opposition, I was overjoyed when my first 2000pt warhammer game ever turned about to be against warriors of chaos (and a warrior heavy list at that). Woot. In short my concerns were well founded.

He took a sorcerer on horse, three units of tzeentch warriors (some with frenzy banners for extra attacks) of between twelve and fifteen warriors, a unit of five marauder horsemen, a warshrine and a hellcannon.

Things tended to bounce off the warrior units.

Even when my plague monks charged a unit in conjunction with my rat ogres and I revealed the plague banner and death frenzied the monks (probably should have frenzied the rogres but I was worried about rolling a 6 for post frenzy wounds taken) they didn't really do much damage to the warriors. Their three plus armour and five plus ward really drains the damage done in combat. Plague monks don't work against warriors. I found quite quickly, and unpleasantly, that rogres don't work that well against warriors either (their initiative of five meant that they were attacking me before the normal rogres and at the same time as the master bred).

The doom rocket worked quite nicely and definitely made its points back. With a base toughness of four, a save of three and a ward of five however, even this didn't put the huge dent into the warrior blocks that I was hoping for. Definitely staying in the list though.

The 13th spell worked a treat. Nuked his deathstar unit completely (the turn after the warshrine had granted them a 3+ ward save - I felt a little bit ashamed, though I'll admit that mostly I just giggled innanely) and left me with a nice little unit of twelve clan rats to play with. The winds of magic weren't blowing particularly strongly for most of the game though so buying more warpstone tokens might be a good idea in the future to ensure this spell goes off more regularly.

I have to admit to doing rather a monumentally stupid thing. I got rather overexcited with the prospect of tunnelling my nightrunners and rather than have them chase his wizard around the board for a few turns as they should have I had them pop up next to the hellcannon and charge it. My thinking on this went something along the lines of 'its only a cannon - it can't be that good in combat right? I'll keep this tied up for one or two turns, maybe even make it flee cos of all my lovely ranks then swiftly on into his warshrine to hold that up for a while too'. It turns out I was a bit wrong on this matter. Turns out the hellcannon is actually pretty handy in combat (better than most of my combat units in fact) The fumes from the warpstone tokens I was chewing must have addled my brain.

On the plus side the night runners rallied having fled from the big pointy nasty thing. They rallied twice during the game actually. I was most pleasantly surprised. The silver lining to the situation however was that, having established it was in fact a big scary monster, I cast cracks call onto the hell cannon and killed it dead later on in the game. Most good.

In short my ratmen were grossly outclassed and died in droves to the tzeentchian frenzied warriors of doom (sooooo many attacks). However, some sneaky use of magic and skryre explosiveness meant that I only lost by effectively the cost of the sorcerer. Not bad really and definitely a lot of learning points.

The most obvious thing wrong with the list as it stands is that it lacks hitting power and ability to penetrate armour reliably. To this end I was thinking of swapping the unit of plague monks for a warplightning cannon and a doomwheel. This would also give me about 25 points to spend on more wargear. The battle standard bearer also didn't get much play out of his nifty suit of worlds edge armour though I am somewhat loath to take it away from him as it will be handy if he ever takes it into his head to accept a challenge (god forbid) or stop a cannon ball (neither of which were particularly likely to happen when facing the warriors of chaos list). The obvious banner to swap the armour for would be the storm banner but in honesty I was thinking the banner of clan superiority might come in handy as skaven really need that static combat resolution.

What are your thoughts?

Toe Cutter
12-11-2010, 16:37
Lots of voyeurism and no interaction. Twas ever thus on tinterweb. Sad face.

immortal git
12-11-2010, 16:57
you have too manny models and a lack of all the good bits of the skaven book, ide reccommend a doomwheel or a cannon or both.