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11-11-2010, 16:17
Hi everyone!

I'm after a bit of feedback on a list I'm gonna be playing next week.

My opponent is taking Daemons, with roughly;

Kairos Fateweaver

A Horde of 60(!) Bloodletters
Several 15 man units of horrors.
A unit of flamers
6 Bloodcrushers

Not sure about much else.

I will be taking Bretonnians. The list is below as well as the plan of action.

Bretonnian Lord - Barded Bret Warhorse, Charm Shield, Virtue of Heroism, Heartwood Lance, Mantle of Damsel Elena - 231

Prophetess - Bret Warhorse, Lore of Life, Level 4, Silver Mirror, The Ruby Goblet - 310

Paladin - Battle Standard Bearer, Barded Bret Warhorse, War Banner, Virtue of Duty - 129

Damsel of the Lady - Lore of Beasts, Level 2, Bret Warhorse, Dispel Scroll - 140

Damsel of the Lady - Lore of Life, Level 2, Bret Warhorse, Prayer Icon of Quenelles - 140

15 Peasant Bowmen - 95

50 Men at Arms - Full Command - 272

10 Knights of the Realm - Full Command, Banner of Chalons - 274

10 Knights of the Realm - Full Command, Standard of Discipline - 279

12 Knights Errant - Full Command, Errantry banner - 281

4 Pegasus Knights - 220

11 Grail Knights - Full Command - 448

Trebuchet - 90

Trebuchet - 90

The Plan:

The damsel with the Prayer Icon will join the Men At Arms and give them the blessing and then she'll move off to join a unit of knights.
The Grail Knights, Errant knights and one unit of Knights of the Realm will go after the bloodcrushers first. While the unit of Knights of the Realm with the banner of Chalons will go for the flamers. I'll ignore the Bloodletters.

Once the targets above have been eliminated then I'll use my men at arms to engage the bloodletters as an anvil, and hopefully use everything at my disposal as a hammer for them. My lord shall take on Skulltaker as he isn't effected by Killing Blow.
The Trebuchets and Archers will be used to whittle away at the bloodletters before I get into combat.

The Pegasus Knights will have a shot at taking Kairos down. They should be able to handle it.
- End of Plan

So, do we think the plan will hold up?

11-11-2010, 16:58
bowmen are crap, personally i would take two units of 35 men at arms, and as for the magic users a lvl4 and lvl2 is more than enough, take another paladin to help with the butt kicking. everything else seems fine. good luck to you!