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Time of Madness
11-11-2010, 17:33
Put together a quick Dark Elf list.


Dreadlord (General)
- Heavy Armour with Sea Dragon Cloak
- Shield
- Sword of Might
- Pendant of Khaeleth
- Iconcurse Icon
= 210pts

Supreme Sorceress
- Level 4
- Sacrificial Dagger
= 285pts

Master (BSB)
- Great Weapon
- Armour of Darkness
- Dawnstone
= 159pts


29 Corsairs (6X5 formation)
***Dread Lord Here***
- Full Command
- Sea Serpant Standard
= 340pts

30 Spearmen (5X6 formation)
***Sorceress Here***
- Full Command
= 195pts

5 Harpies
= 55pts

5 Harpies
= 55pts


20 Black Guard (6 Wide Formation)
***BSB Here***
- Full Command with Null Talisman
- Dread Banner
= 345pts


= 175pts

= 175pts


3 combat units supported by the 2 hydras and the harpies. The spearmen will get whittled down a bit from the sorceress, but that is to be expected.

Things I'm pondering

- Dropping the Dread Banner on the Black Guard
- Changing up my dreadlords equipment a bit

The list is pretty hard in my opinion.
Time of Madness

11-11-2010, 18:08
first off you do not want your bsb going last and getting hit in the face by another hero. give him the armor of darkness and the crimson death, its as strong as a great weapon (ALWAYS S6) and its a halberd so you go in INITIATIVE. secondly your dreadlord is pretty... err.... yeah. give him the pendant, blood armor, soul render, and the crown of command (basically your guy will eventually get up to a 1+armor save) and has a reverse ward save, has stubborn ld 10 and has 4S6 attacks that have armor piercing.

everything else seems fine except the dagger. drop it. in this small points of a game where you only have 2 big units, killing off your guys is not smart. big blocks of troops are needed.

scar face
11-11-2010, 20:14
Take banner of murder on the black guard- -2 armour save hooray :)