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11-11-2010, 19:50
It seems that rules may be slightly unclear or contradictory regarding obstacles and to hit modifiers for cover.

Obviously it states that if a unit is behind and in contact with an obstacle it counts as being in either hard or soft cover depending.

However, elsewhere it states that models obscured by intervening cover will also benefit from the hard and soft covers depending upon the level of obscuration.

My question is how this relates to obstacles etc.

Do obstacles (and to a similar extent woods etc.) only provide modifiers if you are in contact with and behind the obstacles (or otherwise satisfy the requirements stated in the specific terrain rules for specific terrain types) or is the wording pretty much irrevant and units say 10 inches behind a wall benefit from modifiers for hard cover in any case due to being obscured.

An Example:

xxxxxx (unit A - shooting on a flat battlefield with intervening obstacle)

====================== (obstacle - wall)
(unit B) vvvvvvvv (unit C)

In the example Unit B counts as in hard cover due to the rules for walls. However, does Unit C benefit from the hard cover modifier for Unit A's LOS being obscured by the wall or is the effect of the wall ignored if the unit is not directly behind.

It seems that by the wording of the terrain rules there is a wierdly worded hybrid of LOS and area terrain effects.

I am assuming that this scenario has come up in other peoples games and would welcome your perspectives.

11-11-2010, 20:12
Unit C counts as being in hard cover for being more than 50% obscured by unit B, so it doesn't matter.

11-11-2010, 20:19
apologies i have edited the post to try to better depict the situation. Assume that unit b does not obscure unit c in any way

11-11-2010, 20:28
Then in that case, just use the Target Behind Soft or Hard Cover rules from page 41.

If more than 50% is obscured, the unit gets the modifier.

11-11-2010, 20:36
I hope you don't mind a different example. The problem with cover issues is True Line of Sight unless terrain gives specifics.

Let's use the picture on pg 41 (the one that shows how cover works) and look at the Wizard. Let us change the situation and move the wizard 3" back (in relation to the camera).

Is he mostly obsured?
No, the fence does not block much of his body.

Is there special terrain rules benefitting him?
No, the obstacle rules require you be in contact, otherwise use the cover rules on p41.

Unit vs. Model: For a unit of more than one model, I think it should be read that any amount of obscurity for the majority of the models will count. So said same fence would provide soft cover for a unit behind it. I'm not on this answer, however.

Follow up: Can obstacles obsure your models? Yes. An solid obstacle, like a hedge or wall, that is tall enough to cover half a model will provide cover if that model is not right up against it. The obstacle rules cover small terrain features or ones that have holes in them (like the fence in p41).

11-11-2010, 20:37
The main benefit from obstacles is from their special rules, such as an enemy charging you getting -1 to hit in close combat. You have to be in contact to get these bonuses. If an obstacle gives you cover, it gives you cover whether you are in base contact or not.

11-11-2010, 20:37
Then in that case, just use the Target Behind Soft or Hard Cover rules from page 41.

If more than 50% is obscured, the unit gets the modifier.

thats what i ve been playing - just seemed peculiar to specifically refer to the requirement to be behind the obstacle in the obstacle rules