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CJ Linton
12-11-2010, 00:45
Hi all,

This is an idea i've been thinking of and tinkering with for a while now.

I'm not sure how many Games Workshop stores there are in the country, but i've often wondered if staff members from different stores ever compete against one another in their own tournements or one run by GW overall. This led me to think of a campaign which could allow the staff at GW stores to play games against other stores close by, don't get me wrong, its not like a GW Edinburgh will have to travel to a GW in Southampton for example, the furthest they'd travle is to the closest GW to them.

The basics are as follows:

Each GW store in the country has one representative, this can be a staff member or a regular gamer. He or She must have 2000pts of a 40k army. Preferably one from the forces of Light and one from the forces of Darkness (see below)

Each GW Store starts the campaign as one of two factions within the 40k Universe. The forces of light (Eldar, all Space Marine Chapters, Imperial Guard, Tau, Witch-hunters and Daemonhunters) or the forces of Darkness (Orks, 'Nids, Chaos Marines, Daemons, Dark Eldar)

Once per month one store "Invades" another stores territory if their closest store is part of the enemy faction, if the "invasion" is succesful (in other words if the away rep wins) then the defender's faction changes sides. Not all stores play a game in the campaign every month as they may find themselves too far from the "frontline". Cest la Guerre :)

As an example... there are six GW stores in the North of England.

These Stores are split into two three's, Metro Centre, Durham and Middlesbrough are in the Forces of Light camp, Darlington, Carlisle and Newcastle are in the Forces of Darkness camp.

Month one.

GW Metro Centre attacks GW Newcastle. Metro Centre wins, Newcastle joins FoL.

GW Darlington attacks GW Middlesbrough. Darlington wins, Middlesbrough joins FoD.

Month two.

GW Durham attacks GW Darlington. Darlington wins, both stores remain as they were.

GW Carlisle attacks GW Newcastle, Carlisle wins, Newcastle re-joins FoD.

And so on... if this was done nationwide, with each store playing no more than one game per month I think it would make a very good campaign, with additional league tables for stores getting the most wins etc.

It could easily be run using Google Maps like many wargaming campaigns are being run now, using special counters and so on.

So what are your thoughts on this... do you think GW would be interested in doing this? (obviously as an in house campaign, doesn't have much to do with the fans)

CJ :)

12-11-2010, 00:49
It would be a lot of fun given the friendly rivalry that exists between some stores but the problem is most of them are down to a single staffer who hardly has enough time in the day to take care of the shop, do the paperwork, paint the stuff for the cabinets and entertain hordes of little timmys whose parents use GW as a daycare centre while they go shopping.

12-11-2010, 02:39
I think they have more important things to do other than playing.

12-11-2010, 09:17
Gasp... HERESY!

CJ Linton
12-11-2010, 23:50
I fully agree with the points you've made (especially the comment about GW stores being used as a daycare centre)... which is why the Store Representative could be a regular gamer who attends gaming nights at the store as opposed to a staff member who might not want to play more games on their time off.

Garven Dreis
13-11-2010, 02:56
AFAIK, They already do a similar thing here in Australia.