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13-11-2010, 06:42
I've been playing around with goblin lists and I think I have something that might work. I want to go with a primarily night goblin theme, but in the interest of flexibility will have some other goblin units as well. I think 8th ed. has provided alot of potential in making O&G lists more competitive and more reliable than in previous editions. Here is my attempt at a goblin list designed primarily for friendly games, as I don't play tourneys, and with the chance to win about 50% of the time.


(Can always change him for another Goblin WarBoss to save points, but I like his rules.Also, he has the ever important, relatively, high leadershipof 8.)

Goblin Warboss 1, Armor of Silvered Steel, Martog's Best Basha
(Goes in same unit as BSB, to act similar to a body guard. Since BSB only has light armor, he is designed to help increase survivability of BSB. Also provides a leadership 8 bubble for his unit.)

Goblin Warboss 2, Armor of Destiny, Great Weapon
(Goes with Trolls. Basically he lends his leadership 8 to the trolls, to help minimize the chances of failing a stupidity role.)


Night Goblin BigBoss, BSB, Light Armor, Standard of Discipline
(Standard gives +1 leadership, and while the unit cannot use generals leadership, the unit will have leadership 9 with the accompanying Warboss. Since the unit should outnumber most enemy units, this means they will also be stubborn at leadership 9.)

Night Goblin Shaman, lvl 2, Horn of Urguk, Magic Mushroom
(I realize people don't like the horn because it only increases leadership in my turn, but this should still be about 50% of the game, so I will gladly take it to to mitigate appalling goblin leadership.)

Night Goblin Shaman, lvl 2, Nibbla's Itty Ring, 3 Magic Mushrooms
('Eadbutt gives me the potential to pick off unit champs and character's and is not otherwise available to gobbos.)

Night Goblin Shaman, lvl 2, Staff of Sneaky Stealin'


35 Night Goblins, Full Command, nets, Handweapon, Shield
(BSB and Warboss 1 go in here)

35 Night Goblins, Full Command, nets, Handweapon, Shield
(Skarsnik goes in here)

24 Night Goblin Archers, Musician

24 Night Goblin Archers, Musician

24 Night Goblin Archers, Musician
(Bow gobs are for missile support and also took take advantage of Skarsnik's "Tricksy Traps", since they are small cheap throwaway units.)

12 Wolfriders, Light Armor, Shields, Musician
(I'm not sure if fast cavalry get rank bonuses. This unit provides me with a cavalry element that can attack in the flank and rear of units, negate ranks and potentially break opposing units.)


Goblin Wolf Chariot

Goblin Wolf Chariot

Goblin Wolf Chariot
(Chariots are good for hunting warmachines, fast cavalry, and skirmishers. Also good for providing support to my other units.)

2 Spear Chukkas

2 Spear Chukkas


6 Trolls
(With the new monster rules, Trolls are much nastier in combat. In my experience facing them, they will earn back their points as long as they can make it into combat. Warboss 2 will go here to provide leadership 8.)

(One of the few reliable hammer units in the O&G list. This guy, while a missile magnet, does not need to be babysat.)

Snotling Pump Wagon

Snoting Pump Wagon
(Pump wagons are here to perform a similar role to chariots. With 2D6 impact hits and the ever present threat of animosity, 2 more "chariots" will increase the chances that they perform what I need them to do when I need them.)

Total 2495pts

Lords: 18.1%
Heroes: 19%
Core: 29.8%
Special: 12.8%
Rare: 21%

The Giant and trolls will provide hard hitting hammer units. The large night goblin blocks will provide leadership 9 and 8 anvils, and with unit strength of 35 each should be stubborn for most combats. The chariots and pump wagon hunt warmachine, fast cavalry, skirmishers and supporting attacks. With 5 total "chariots" there should be some positioned where I need them. The bow gobs and spear chukkas provide necessary missile support.

Again, this is all based off theory, so comments, criticism and suggestions are welcome.

13-11-2010, 10:57
Nice army and pretty original with some sub par choices. I won't make any comments on the list because I like it and it generally leads to standard lists anyway. I'd rather discuss how you could use it to get some results. (If you were looking for a "competitive" list, you should redo it from start.)
I wouldn't count on your giant to be a hard hitting unit, but if you can get him into combat with S3 troops, he can hold them up for a while.
I would use the pump wagons defensively, to protect your warmachines from fast cav and lone characters. You might find 3 shamans a bit too much, but the upside is you get all the spells and can blow one up without regret. Some Gobbo spells are really good indeed. You've got leadership covered pretty well. The wolves can take on small units but don't expect too much of them. Be careful where you commit your hammer of trolls. Since it is the only one you have, you don't want to get it stuck against large blocks.
It will be very hard to win with this list, but a fun challenge nevertheless.
Keep us posted about your results and good luck.

13-11-2010, 14:21
while fraper has it right i will suggest some changes. 2 biggest list problems are 1. few hammer units 2. too many points in heroes. While the second seems apart of your list, you can tweek the list to fix the first. basic idea is to drop the giant and pick up fanatics and doomdivers/rock lobbas, you can probably drop both spear chukkas and a chariot to further make it happen. thus u keep your style while cutting some fat.

13-11-2010, 20:14
Ok, why do you suggest I drop the giant and spear chukka's for fanatics, doom divers and rock lobbas? I agree that if I was to drop anything it would probably be the giant, but stonethrowers have gotten worse under the new rules.

Doomdivers would probably be a good option, but each cost as much as 2 chukka's so that means fewer warmachines for my opponents to take out and half the chances I have to deal some damage. I have always been a fan of boltthrowers because of the fact that they negate all armor saves.

Also, fanatics,while offering the chance to do lots of damage to opposing units, could potentially do the same to my own. They are easily taken out once they reveal themselves and would probably cause more a headache for me than anything else. I realize with this list, I have lost some of the flavor with gobbos; namely the randomness of some of the more characterful units (squigs included). Its also worth noting, that people will assume I have fanatics in some of those goblin units, so they will spend some time setting up flyers and fast cavalry to reveal those models.

The huge investment in characters is more than I would normally do, given their poor leadership and my desire for reliability, but I am open to tweaking that as well if you have any suggestions.

What I may do, is drop the giant for some doom divers (I don't currently have the models), fanatics and some squigs just to mix things up a bit. I tend to get bored with the same build and am a sucker for a challenge. ;)

13-11-2010, 23:12
worse?! way freaking better, no measuring, auto hit anything under the template, freaking amazing in the new rules. how did they get worse? i think i musta missed that.

anyways your units are generally big enough a fanatic or two won't hurt you so much, the real punch is your enemies are afraid of them, especially heavily armoured opponents which your list is poorly equipped to take out. Trick is to let your opponent charge you, the fanatics pop out halfway through the charge, and then he must charge through them to get to you. Also this puts the fanatics behind his first wave which is also scary. With the amazing stone throwers and doom divers your opponent can't wait for you to charge, you're simply doing too much dmg and those nasty monsters and other high T or armour models have a decent chance of ending up under the hole which hits on a S9.

If you really want a good hammer squiggs seem to be the way to go, but that'd be less challenging.

14-11-2010, 19:26
You need;

More spears (cheap, excellent, deadly and fanatically tarpits)
More fanatics (you swing a ball on a chain in a crowded place and see what happens)
More warmachines (Of all varietys. work on the ratio 4:2:1 for Spear-chukkas:Rock-lobbas:Doom-divers. Usually gives you a decent mix without over exaggerating on one aspect.)
Less T5, naked, unreliable and bullet magnet giants (there sh1t mate. No offence)
Less wolf riders (")
Less bows (")

Hope this helps


immortal git
15-11-2010, 09:48
wheres the BSB with spider banner, in the unit of 60 horde bowmen?

15-11-2010, 16:11
wheres the BSB with spider banner, in the unit of 60 horde bowmen?

This be a sh1t idea. Because short bpows arent horde, you get 10 shots, 2 of which will hit, 1 will be poisened. And thats alot of points for 1 wound a turn.

15-11-2010, 17:03
Short bows get the volley rule, which means, if deployed 10 wide, they will get 40 shots if I'm not mistaken.
Although the spider banner idea is tempting, seems like a waste on a BSB to me, which would be better placed elsewhere.

15-11-2010, 17:08
Oh yeah, must of missed that. Or just assumed common sense that diddy little bow would not be able to fire 100's of ft in the air :p

Even so, i'd rather just have it on spears personally.

immortal git
15-11-2010, 23:46
I think it depends what your fighting.. If a combat lasts 3 or more turns then spears are a good option but anything less than that statisticky bows would be better (25 shots, 10 attacks from spears)

Also it would be 35 cos only half your horde rank get to shoot I think

16-11-2010, 06:34
And my hide of 60 would get 4 ranks, so 20 minimum, +the bsb

immortal git
16-11-2010, 21:14
yeah but you get 30 anyway in horde... so its only ten more every round.

16-11-2010, 22:13
Id lose two wolf chariots and spend the points on a rock lobber and another fanatic. two pumb wagons and 1 chariot are more than enough to deal with war machines, fast cav. (not that id be worrying about fast cav because it sucks in this edition, mine usually get cut down in the first round of combat before they get to attack)

17-11-2010, 23:10
Definitely some good feedback which I appreciate but in the interest of not turning this army into the standard goblin build I think I'm going to stick with the list and make the some of the changes D'Haran suggested.

I will stick with hw/sh because I think the 6+ wardsave will be better than the +1 attack. (I have the spears if I decide to switch and mix it up)

I will drop the giant and pick up some other stuff instead but haven't decided what. I have 2 doomdivers, 9 fanatics already and plan to buy 1 unit of 10 hoppers.

I want to keep the wolf chariots (I have some conversions in mind for these), and will then drop the snotling pump wagons instead because I think the wolf chariots are more reliable(better charge range, higher ld).

I also want to keep the archer units, because with the volley rule they can dish out alot of shots and are cheap throw away units to take advantage of skarsnik's rules.

Wolfriders are a cheap cavalry unit that can potentially hit in the flanks and rear and break units because of their second rank. Yes, they're not ideal but it is an interesting build I think nonetheless. I may substitute in for spider riders down the road.

Another option would be to drop the wolfriders, which I can't really convert to fit the theme, the giant and 2 chukkas for 2 doomdivers, 10 squig hoppers and 4 fanatics. Its basically going to come down to tailoring to fit my play style. At least now I have an idea of what else I need to buy.