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Big TM
13-11-2010, 23:44
1000 pt list for a friendly game against a friend of mine who plays Lizardmen, some feedback would be appreciated.

Chaos Lord - MoKhorne, Add. hand weapon

15 warriors - MoKhorne, Full Command, Add. hand weapons, shields

15 Marauders - Full command, MoKhorne, Light Armour, Shields

5 Knights - Full Command, MoKhorne, Warbanner


Thanks, Big TM

16-11-2010, 21:00
In 1000 points IMO if you want to run a combat character then you got to have bodies on the table. I wouldn't bother with the Lord, with the Exalted being decent enough at this level, and a lot cheaper. Equipment on Warriors should really be halberds, easily the best choice for Khorne warriors. Marauders need to be bigger, and either go Khorne, no/light armour and flails, or Tzeentch, LA and shields. Not a midway combination. If this is all the models you have, and this is the way they're set-up then there's not much you can do but here's what I'd do - somethning like that (maintaining the all Khorne theme). Tried to keep close to the original and keep it friendly. Too easy to suggest advice which says, no, buy mage, drop knights... without thinking about the poster ;)

Exalted Champion: Cheap and cheerful - mount him if you have the model but otherwise.
Mark of Khorne
Armour of Morrslieb
Favour of the Gods 169

14 Warriors (run in 2x7): Mark of Khorne, Halberds, Shields, Musician, Std. Bearer 286
Plenty deadly.

31 Marauders: Mark of Khorne, Flails/GWs, Musician, Std. Bearer 197
(Exalted Champ. here) - could drop the Warriors down 2 men to 6 by 2 to boost these numbers - 7 more is a nice chunk. Or drop the 2 and give the Marauders light armour if you want to.

5 Warhounds (30)

5 Warhounds (30)

Don't really like Knights with the new Ed but hey.

5 Knights: Mark of Khorne, Std. Bearer, WarBanner 285 Could drop WarBanner for Marauders/Juggernaut for Exalted