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Brother Muninn
14-11-2010, 08:58
This is my first stab at a list for a tournament I'm looking to play in.

Orc Big Boss w/Best Basha & Armor
Orc Shaman w/Dispel Scroll

Boyz (24) w/FC & Extra choppas
Boyz (24) w/FC & Shields
Night Goblins (30) w/FC Spears, Nets, & a Fanatic
Night Goblins (20) w/FC Bows, & two Fanatics

Orc Boar Chariot
Snotling Pump Wagon

999 points total

Like I said in the subject, this is my first list, so I'm not too sure what I'm supposed to put in. The Orcs are a horde army, So I figure 98 troops in a 1k list could be a daunting opponent.

Looking at the list there are a few things I'm uncertain of, such as the importance of full commands, the number of fanatics, the usefulness of Night Goblin Archers, and whether or not I should find room for other things (such as a BSB or Rock Lobba).

Other armies that I know will be in the tournament are VC, Skaven, Bretonnians, Dwarves, and Empire.

to quote an annoying commercial: "What should i do?"


Brother Muninn
15-11-2010, 19:02
Bump, anything would help.

15-11-2010, 19:27
I would think about combining your night goblins into one big unit of 50 instead with bows or hw/sd. Also I personally dont put champions in the ng units, waste of pts unless they have a character with them. Think about trying to get a BSB in there. Rerolling leadership is so nice. You could drop the pump wagon and combine your orc units into a larger one and pick up a BSB. You at least should want one big unit to be able to get some steadfast in your army.

PS - love the Reven Guard Logo - "See but remain unseen" I play Raven Guard in 40k as well

16-11-2010, 03:33
ok, so o/g have some pretty decent core but only so far as they're cheap. your army has nothing that's gonna hit hard other than a chariot, which is gonna be what sinks you.

Take a look at squigg hearders, pretty cheap and the squiggs have S5 and 2 attacks, this is really where o/g are moving these days (at least until another army book comes out). I'd suggest you drop a unit of orcs and the night goblin bowmen and pick up some units of 30+ hearders. Also a Doom diver or Grudge thrower wouldn't be amiss, but at this point total you can live without it.

I suggest a near naked lvl 4 goblin shaman, and a bsb rather than a general.

16-11-2010, 08:20
By "T5", D'Haran means strength 5.

Personally I prefer trolls over squigs (in so far as they're more survivable and rather dangerous), and I would try and get a little bit of artillery in there (namely a rock lobba) just to give your opponent something to think about in the shooting phase.

I don't know that the dispel scroll is terribly necessary (and personally I'd take a goblin shaman, though the orc lore is much better I suppose).

This is somewhat difficult for me, as I work in the world of goblins, not orcs. As such I would suggest dropping a unit of orcs (the 2 choppa ones), and finding points (from somewhere) to make some relatively large (40ish) units of goblins with nets. OOOH!, plan has just occured! I would increase both goblin units to 40, and give both nets. bow armed gobbos are only slightly worse than shield gobbos in combat, and with lots of ranks etc, they're useful for getting rid of steadfast. People always under-estimate goblins with nets, they're really rather good (and if people tell you they aren't really good, that's because those people are under-estimating them). I would drop the spears on the goblins too, as they aren't really terribly beneficial. Oh, also as a rule I go for one fanatic per unit, otherwise those 20 goblins start to get rather expensive.

On a side note, while pump wagons are some of the best value for points in the game at the moment, I think at 1000 points everything needs to have an aim and a purpose, and in my opinion, the pump wagon is a little hit and miss for that (but at 2000 points go wild and have as many as you can).

So in summary, my suggestions are:
drop the dispel scroll
swap some orcs for goblins with nets
get some artillery
get some trolls

Then if you find yourself with any points left over, chuck a small unit of orcs with 2 choppas, or maybe even arrer boys in there, for holding watchtowers and generally being quite killy.

What sort of tactics are you planning? I've given a load of suggestions here, but that's somewhat building your army in my image. What do you envisage happening? that might help us to give some more focussed answers

Brother Muninn
17-11-2010, 08:51
I'm not positive what kind of tactics are for me since I've yet to play a game. I'm still learning the WFB rules, so I'm still feeling out my style. In 40k I do a relatively balanced Space Marine army.

I've been hearing a good bit about squig herders (mostly as a result of the GT winner) but I can't really invest in a bunch of pewter at the moment. I do, however, have a couple trolls kicking around. I'm recently married, so I'm trying to make due with the minis I've got at the moment, and add pieces as needed.

I don't know the intricacies of an O&G list, but I know I'd like to cast Waaagh! hence the Orc Shaman. Based on your advice here's a modified list with more gobbos, and hopefully a bit more punch.

Orc Shaman lvl2
Night Goblin Big Boss w/BSB

Orc Boyz (25) w/FC & Shields
Arrer Boyz (10)
Night Goblins (41) w/FC Spears, Nets, & a Fanatic
Night Goblins (40) w/FC Bows, Nets, & a Fanatic

Rock Lobba
Trolls (2)

1000 points total

The other units i have immediate access to are Black Orcs, Goblin Spider Riders, the Orc Boar Chariot, and a variety of bosses & shamans.

I'm not sure about how to rank everyone up. For the goblins would I want 5x8, or 10x4. Would the trolls be better individually, or together?


17-11-2010, 09:14
Let's start with an apology. After not having paid attention to the topic title, I wasn't taking into account that you're new to the game. Not to worry though. I would be happy taking that list to a tournament in theory. The acid test is to play a few pre-tournament games with it and see if there're any obvious holes in the plan (do you have scope to play a few games before the tournament?).

If you want to stick to the models you already have, can you give a quick rundown of roughly what is lying around in your boxes, then we can know what to suggest. For instance looking at your revised list, I'm mourning the loss of the boar chariot. It's quite difficult at 1000 points, as there simply isn't enough space for all the juicy things you want to include.

Incidentally, you aren't by any means guaranteed to get WAAAAGH each game, but when you do get it, it tends to be rather good (just about every game I've played against orcs and gobbos has been in the balance until WAAAAAGH got cast, and then I just lose in a single turn).

17-11-2010, 15:00
If you take only 2 trolls it might be best to deploy them solo, but the 2nd list looks pretty decent.

Brother Muninn
17-11-2010, 20:10
I do plan on getting a number of games in before the January tournament. A buddy of mine is building his empire army at the same time and we plan on getting better acquainted with the rules then.

I got most of my minis from the 6ed starter box, BfSP, and an old Battle Force. So at the moment I have access to:

Grimgor Ironhide
a standard bearer
an Orc Shaman
a Black Orc Big Boss
a Warboss on a boar
Grumlok and Gazbag
a Night Goblin Big Boss
a night Goblin Shaman

60 Orc Boyz
10 Arrer Boyz
60 Night Goblin (with spears & shields)
40 Night Goblin Archers
6 Night Goblin Fanatics
20 standard goblins
10 wolf riders
10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders

1 Orc Boar Chariot
20 Black Orcs
2 standard Trolls
a Rock Lobba
a Doom Diver

Brother Muninn
12-12-2010, 00:59
Went and watched this month's tournament and came away with a few questions:

How does one decide movement tray width? It seemed like most army units favored going 5 wide (particularly the Skaven player).

Does the width change based on the type of units? They told me that bows can shoot from three deep, but would this include NG short bows? or just the Arrer Boyz?

I didn't see a single cavalry unit in anyone's lists (Armies included High Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Skaven, Ogre Kingdoms), are they mechanically weak, or is this a coincidence? If they aren't weak, is this something to exploit?

12-12-2010, 01:58
Bows shoot 2 ranks deep, not three. From the 3rd rank back, you can 'volley' which means half the models in each rank, rounded up can shoot.

12-12-2010, 11:21
Lizardmen cavalry is weak, skaven, ogres and dwarves have basically no cavalry, so only HE might and then it was a matter of choice for the HE player. In general cavalry is weaker this edition but not necessarily terrible.

13-12-2010, 03:30
I've taken wolfriders, spider riders and boar boyz in this edition, and none of them have done anything. it's weaker in this edition, but certainly not useless,

Brother Muninn
14-12-2010, 05:20
So I might not get much use out of the riders until later then.

What about width and ranks?

At the moment I'm planning on both of my NG units being 5 wide & 8 ranks deep, and the Boyz being 5 wide & 5 ranks deep.

The Trolls will be solos in hopes of splitting enemy's attention.

Still not sure I grasp rank rules, but I'm working on it.


17-12-2010, 15:25
Generally, I would deploy your units how it's most advantageous in terms of winning combats. So for night goblins, you are probably not going to win by causing a ton of wounds as statistically you are going to be worse than everything you fight. So I field night goblins in ranks of 5 to maximize their ranks and make it easier for them to survive. If you had something with a lot of hitting power, like black orcs, you might deploy them with a wider frontage to have more attacks with that greater power.