View Full Version : 'Counts as both a Lord and a Rare choice'

14-11-2010, 18:43
Just wondering how this has translated to the new rules. I'm thinking specificly of the Treeman Ancient [Wood elves]. It says that 'a Treeman Ancient counts as a Lord and a Rare choice'. Has this been made redundant in the new rules [so it only counts as a Lord], or do the points you spend on this guy count towards your total Lord and Rare points limit.
I've been assuming the latter, but I could be wrong.

14-11-2010, 18:47
The Wood Elf Errata covers this I belive.
He only takes up lord percentage allowance.

Same goes for other things like that.
They only use up the character's percentage allowance, rather than the character's & whatever else it may be (be it, hero, core, special or rare).

14-11-2010, 18:47
It's just a Lord choice now. This amendment can be found on the second page of the FAQ on the Errata pages of Games Workshop's website; there are other amendments there too, so well worth a look.