View Full Version : Building an army around the Griffon

13-03-2006, 20:22
So one of the guys I play FB with is a big fan of the model of the Elector Count on Griffon. While both of use understand that fielding the model is not a great idea (doubly so since his style is definately minimalist as regards characters) it'd still be really fun to try and bring this piece to the table.

That said:
How do you construct an army to maximize the effectiveness of the Count on Griffon? What other characters/units do you include? Magic Items? Ideas on tactics that help make this (normally suboptimal) piece the centerpoint for the entire army?

13-03-2006, 23:15
Its helpful to have other fast units, so that the Count isn't left on his own. That said, knights and pistoliers would be a good thing to bring.

Warmachines can be very dangerous to monsters, so you will want to take them out as soon as possible. Some Huntsmen can do the trick, but I find a battery of cannons most effective, as long as you are good with ranges. Just line it up and take out the machine, while the crew stands there bewildered.

Some infantry can be helpful, though I would be sure to include knights first. Your knights can hit the front while the Griffon (and US 5) hit the side to negate ranks. Do this with infantry and you will most likely win, but you need to get the Griffon into combat, and out of shooting, as quickly as you can.

A Captain or two on pegasi can really help support your Griffon Count. However, this leaves most of your points tied up in a few characters, who are not overly survivable.

The biggest problem with taking a Griffon Count is that your all-important leadership boost is not going to be helpful. Infantry need the boost, at Ld 7, so be sure to include a Captain or Priest in any unit that you do take, to keep them around a bit longer. Knights, with natural Ld 8, don't have as much of a problem, which is why they mesh well with solo-character builds.

All in all, you can make most anything work with the Empire. Watch your leadership levels, keep your units in positions to maximize their survivability, and make the enemy fight on your terms.