View Full Version : [B]Help revamping my old WoC army![/B]

Alex Under
15-11-2010, 12:35
Hi! Hoping chaos players could help me out. I haven’t played with WoC since the times when they could field demons. I have plenty of units but I’m really not sure if I can build a competitive army list with what I have:

• 12 WoC with hand weapon and “mutations” painted nurgle. (old plastics that had the mutation sprues).

• 30 Marauders with GW

• 10 Hounds

• 10 mounted marauders (5 with throwing spears, others still in the box).

• 2 chariots (painted and converted nurgle)

• 1 nurgle sorcerer (fly-faced old miniature)

• 1 sorcerer on disc.

• 1 nurgle chosen with 2 hand weapons.

• 1 spawn (painted nurgle).

• 1 Chaos Lord of Nurgle on daemonic mount.

• 5 Chaos knights.

Enough bits to build:

• A 3rd chariot.

• Nurgle War Shrine.

I have plenty of halberds in my bit box, so my idea was to swap the hand weapons for halberds, repaint the Chaos Warriors in Khorne red, add a Khorne champion on foot miniature as the unit’s champion, stick the nurgle sorcerer on foot in the unit (this makes 14 models) and add a unit filler with a converted chaos spawn guided to battle chained to a couple of handlers, to beef up the unit to 17 + sorcerer: 18 in 3 rows of 6.

My question is, is there a way to make all the above units work in one list? I’m having a lot of trouble fitting in the characters and can’t find a cool combo. I’d really wouldn’t like to drop any of the 3 (tzeentch on disc, nurgle sorcerer on foot, mounted chaos lord) as they are miniatures I really like. Still, I’m aware I need a BSB (perhaps add this to one of the chariots?).

Any suggestions as what to drop or what to buy to have a fairly competitive army with the above units would be extremely helpful.

Please HELP!

PS: I normally play in a relaxed, non-tournament environment, so unit fillers are welcome and I don't need a cheesey army; I can risk being a bit "fluffy".