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15-11-2010, 13:49
Hey I'm not really playing Warhammer right now but still want to work on my WoC army. I'm getting a box of 16 Marauders on foot and need to know whats the best way to arm them as well as how many I should eventually get so if I do decide to eventually play they are kitted out for the best. I've done some research on the new rules, but don't know them too well, as I'm trying to learn Warmachines right now.

The marauders are going in a unit with a BsB on a nurgle palanquin, so I'm leaning towards hand weapons and shields for more staying power to keep my BsB in the game. I guess that makes it an anvil unit.

I was thinking about two boxes of marauders would be all I'm really willing to throw at this, so 32 guys, plus the four base sized palanquin, equals a unit 36 big, so... 6x6 hand weapons and shields?

Just want to get your guys opinions before I start cutting and gluing.


15-11-2010, 14:00
If you just want to hang around (and possibly even if you don't), you might want to consider 5 wide by 7 deep instead.

Alex Under
15-11-2010, 14:17
I'm renewing my old Chaos army and still haven't played with them yet with 8th ed rules, but it seems like MoK and GW is a very effective combo. If you want an anvil rather than a killy unit, the option you suggest seems OK. Probably give them MoN too?

Tzeentch Lover
15-11-2010, 14:19
I like running my Maruaders with GWs and MoK in a 6x7 formation. If you want an anvil with HW/Shields though, MoT is made of win.

15-11-2010, 14:39
Thanks for the replies. Would a smaller frontage allow less kills? Like on the 5x7 vs the 6x7?

15-11-2010, 17:05
That depends. In a one-on-one lineup, a narrower unit might limit how many enemies can attack if the enemy unit is sufficiently wider than your unit, but if the enemy unit isn't very wide, it makes no difference. And if the enemy unit consists of wimps, you might reduce the number of casualties you do by going narrower, which might hurt you more in the long run.

15-11-2010, 17:34
As an anvil though I think I'm liking the five man frontage. I think Ill go with your suggestion of 5x7 Avian, with HW shields, and I'll look at nurgle or tzeentch if Im going to mark them. Appreciate it guys!

15-11-2010, 17:57
I personally like them in units of 30, in a horde, with flails and the mark of khorne. I've been playing them that way for awhile and they seem to work best like that. GW are too slow, you waste your I 4, unless your playing 100 there just going to get slaughtered.

Defender of Ulthuan
15-11-2010, 19:04
If you really want an anvil then Tzn is probably the way to go. 25 with shields, full command, and the MoTzeentch will probably serve you well in this edition. On top of that, two of said units comes in at a measly 330pts, which is a good way to bulk out your army on the cheap.

In other words: take two and supplement with 10-strong units of halberd-bearing baddies. Call me in the morning if you still itch.

15-11-2010, 19:39
40 maruaders gw mok cmd - cheap, can kill things you never thought they could and if they die, your enemy isnt killing your real units else where.

plus with the new casulties rule, gw on mass units are infinitly more powerfull. killing 20 maruaders is still beyond most average line units in one go, and then you strike with 31 ws 4 str 5 attacks.

for me theres 2 flavours of marauder, the anvil and hammer. mot and mok respectively.
maruaders this ed seem to be effective to chaos, becuase they are cheap and can be spammed with some sucess, typical they get rid of the infinitly cooler name of "hordes of chaos" and suddenly we get able to field a horde.

15-11-2010, 20:33
Call me in the morning if you still itch.

Will do sir.

So would you guys say, as an anvil, going over a 25 man front is overkill?