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15-11-2010, 22:12
Wanted some opinions on this beast list. Basically I wanted to emulate a beastmen rush out the forest so lots of core units in here. Two of the Gor units also go into ambush. Harpies will have to wait till xmas though :p GBS holds up in the Ungor unit, but tries to avoid combat, BSB goes with 30 Gor unit. The other Gor unit and the bestigors support either each other, or the 30. Will of the gods for ambushing.


Great Bray-shaman (shadow)
AHW, lvl 4, talisman of protection, ironcurse icon
points: 289

Bray-shaman (beasts)
points: 77

BSB, heavy armour, shield, beast banner, gnarled hide, uncanny senses
points: 216


30 gor herd
full command, AHW
points: 265

20 gor herd
full command, AHW
points: 185

20 Gor herd
full command, AHW
points: 185

20 Gor herd
full command, AHW
points: 185

40 Ungors
Full command, Spears
points: 255

5 Warhounds
points: 30

5 warhounds
points: 30


20 bestigors
Full command, banner of eternal flame
points: 280

POINTS: 1997

16-11-2010, 10:59
This could work in ideal circumstances (units coming on early on the side you want etc...).
it could also go horribly wrong. Maybe switch 1 herd of 20 for 2 chariots to get some extra support and punch. Your opponent will be able to concentrate all on a few units in the first round(s), which is not very favorable to you. Basically he will be taking on your army piecemeal so you will need units to keep him close to his own board edge to give yourself time to get in position. some ungor raider units of 5 can help with this. You will also be hopelessly outdeloyed by some armies.
just my 2 cents

17-11-2010, 19:23
I see what you mean, I wasn't really looking at it that way. Although for things like deployment that partially what the hounds are there for. Depending on the models i can dig up ill look into re-tooling the list and possibly post how it went. Unfortunately I have ungors on old bases and new bases so it will depend a lot on that lol