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shadow hunter
16-11-2010, 18:08
Hi, just going over the errata thing for skaven from GW - to see what has changed. And a couple things caught my eye, that I'm not sure what they mean.

Page 47 – Plagueclaw Catapult, profile
Change the Wounds and Attacks characteristics of the crew to
“1”. Change the paragraph after the profile to “The Plagueclaw
Catapult is a war machine with three crew

So does this mean the catapult still has 4 wounds to be used against shooting with its higher toughness? But only 3 wounds in combat??? It doesn't say to remove the wounds for the catapult itself.

Page 68, 102, 112 – Warp Lightning Cannon, profile
Change the Wounds and Attacks characteristics of the
Engineer and crew to “1”.

Firstly - there's nothing about the warp lightning cannon on pages 102, assume it means 106.
Again, no mention of the cannon loosing its wounds, but now 1 wound and attack in combat per crew member.

So is it 4 wounds against shooting and 3 against combat?

I dont play often (once every 3 months maybe) so sometimes things aren't clear for me, and i forget rules changes.


16-11-2010, 18:11
This probably has something to do with the new kits coming out in January.

shadow hunter
16-11-2010, 18:14
Is there? Oh good. Although I like my WLC - I am glad I wont have to make a horrific looking catapult.

16-11-2010, 18:25
Give a second look at the warmachine section of the BRB, particularly 108 The Crew.

The wounds on the machines profile don't matter anymore. In 8th the crew now function as wound counters. previously the machines had special rules that made the machines+crew a single model (ponderous war machine which was removed) but this was removed to make them compatible with the 8th edition war machine rules. since the crew originally had - for wounds, ie 0, they needed to be given a wound so that they can be removed when the war machines suffers a wound. The same for the catapult it's multiple person crew was a single entity so it was changed so that the machine would have more than 1 crew/wound.

This changes the war machines to only have 3 wounds instead of the 4 listed on their profile, the profile wounds are ignored. but don't feel too bad other war machines suffered this as well, HE bolt throwers only have 2 crew/wounds now as opposed to the 3 listed on their profile.

shadow hunter
16-11-2010, 18:29
Brilliant - thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Another weird one I thought I knew the answer for;

Q. Does Storm Daemon's lightning attack ignore armour saves? (p69)
A. Yes.

I assumed as the lightning was S5, that it would just be a -2 armour modifier. :confused:

I'll probably find more when I finally get a game. :p

16-11-2010, 19:15
Well it does specifically say that the Storm Daemon ignores armour saves in its description, so why are you confused that it says that the spell cast by the weapon also ignores armour saves? You may not have read it that way in the first place, but when you read the FAQ and the army book side by side, it does make sense.

16-11-2010, 19:36
Also remember that even though warmachine crew function as wound counters, a warmachine can still suffer multiple damage from one hit. IE if your screaming bell rings and does D3 wounds to every T7 model (IE warmachines and steamtanks) on the battlefield, each of the warmachines is about to lose D3 crew (barring armor saves).

16-11-2010, 19:39
Aside from the skaven war machines only being T6. Almost like they planned it. ;)