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16-11-2010, 19:09
So I've been playing about with Skaven for a short while (only about 2-3 games so far) and wanted to get some C&C on the list I've started with.

Warlock - Lvl 1, Doomrocket, Warp Energy Condenser
Chieftain - BSB, Halberd

30 Clanrats - Shields, FC, Rattling Gun*
32 Slaves
36/4 Giant Rats/Packmasters

3/2 Rat Ogres/Packmasters
7 Plague Censer Bearers**


* = I know these aren't the "optimal" weapons team, and it will be swapped out once I buy some IoB sets to get hold of a mortar team.

** = Again, I realise these have taken a beating with the nerf stick in 8th edition. Would be interested which of the other special units people have had success with?

Any and all suggestions welcome. The models I have available at the moment is limited (for now :)) but I am open to ideas on what to focus on buying next.


17-11-2010, 00:56
At such a small point scale, Skaven can easily gain a huge number advantage (not like they don't have them in larger scale battles :D ) and so I would employ 2 units of 30 clanrats with shields to hold enemies in place. To finish them off I would add a unit of giant rats (25 rats and 3 pack masters is on 99 points). 3 units of 20 slaves works well for flanking and producing a lot of combat result. That leaves 471 points to play around with. Plaguemonks with the plague banner murder opponents. Running them 6x3 provides 24 rerollable hits and rerollable wounds. Against ws4 t3 opponents you should get 13-14 wounds before their saves. The remaining 305 points could be used to pick up a doomwheel, an engineer with the rocket, and a bsb depending on how you outfit the chieftain. Magic in this edition just isn't worth it especially with only a lvl 1 in such a small game. Your opponent could not even take a magic user and will often enough be able to roll more dispel dice than you can since you are only able to roll a max of 6 and they can roll whatever they have at their disposal. I think this army would work very well and since I have an escalation league coming up I might use it myself. Lol.
Drew G.