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16-11-2010, 19:42
Hullo, I am thinking of adding up units for my DoC army so that I also can field a mono Khorne armylist should I wish it. I am aiming at 2500p, that way I could get everything I wanted into the list. First I went with a BT but thought that Forgeworld Deamon prince is mighty cool... I could put wings on it, but it would not be the same. So I think I will go with a DP of Khorne, just for the heck of it and for the challenge. The Herald you get in that will be on the chariot. Now all this is in the future, so the DP and Herlad on chariot will probably be added last to the list. Otherwise the models will be used in conjunction with the rest of my Deamon models.
But anyways, here is the list I had in mind.

Deamon Prince.
MoK, Armour of khorne, collar of Khorne (if it costs 10p, have forgot the points cost for it) ASF gift, and flaming sword +1S gift.

Herald of Khorne, Chariot, Armour of khorne

Herald of Khorne, Jugger, Armour of Khorne, Flaming sword +1S

Herald of Khorne, BSB, Obsidian armour, Banner of sundering

25 Bloddletters, FC, Icon of Endless war

25 Bloddletters, FC

6 Fleshounds

6 Fleshounds

5 Bloodcrushers, Banner, Musician

Total points: 2500p

If collar of Khorne does indeed cost 15p ( I fear it does!) then I will have to do something else with thoose 10 extra points, probably trying to fit it in on one of the heralds. Heralds will go with BC and the BL unit without magic banner. Chariot will of course be on its own. Probably not the best choice... but I have ideas, and they look cool! :p

So yay or nay for this list? And as it is alot on the planning stage right now, I am open for sugesstions.

16-11-2010, 20:04
I have a Mono-khorne, and this is what i've learnt;

*You need a bloodthirster. Obsidian armour, Infernal fury, spellbreaker is what i like. He will have miles on a daemon prince in terms of durability, force and general effectivness.
*Khorne chariots are a bit meh unless you just outfit your whole hero allocation as heralds with AOK and Chariots. Put him on a jugger
*Banner of sundering is Meh. Prefer banner of hellfire, you get a magic phase to throw 6 dice at a quite potent bound spell.
*Skulltaker is truly tremendous. He's a lord without the extra wound, and well worth the 150pts
*Bloodletter hordes are awsome. Especially with hatred heralds. I take in 2,4, one 40 with skulltaker and herald bsb with hellfire standrad, and one 30 with standard herald.
*Flounds arent worth it. They just dont have a scrath on bloodcrushers (apart from magic res.3). Drop them for more bloodcows :D

Weirdly enough, i also use the FW daemon prince as my Bloodthirster. I just say he flies or runs VERY fast :p

hope that helps


16-11-2010, 20:15
I could turn Fleshhounds into more letters and BC's. They are mostley there to get flank charges in, also so that I can have some different looking units. :)

16-11-2010, 20:19
Would be alot better

16-11-2010, 20:39
So I checked it out. the 420 can be used to get 2 units of 4 BC with banner and musician and 15 Bloodletters. So that would get one unit to 40. Do I need the musician and banner on the crushers? otherwise I can get another 5 BL to get the other unit to 30.

As for your other tips, I dont like special chars, so I think I will leave Skulltaker out. I like the idea of a chariot, so I might keep it or I might drop it. If I loose the chariot BT could get a place in tyhe list... so I will work on a new one to see how it all fits.

Lord Inquisitor
16-11-2010, 21:03
The Daemon Prince is so horrifically useless that I would only take it if you are trying to power down the list for a challenge or whatever. Bloodthirster all the way. Even naked a Thirster is better for the same points as a tooled-up Daemon Prince.

I'd keep at least one unit of Fhounds. They're pretty nifty for the points and if you're running a Khorne list then it's partly for the fluff at least so you should have one of every Khorne unit!

No casters is a real shame with 8th ed rules. If making this a competitive list I'd be tempted to find some "fluffy" way to represent a caster. Bound items is certainly an excellent suggestion, but you could take a Tzeentch herald with Master of Sorcery and model it as a slave wizard or perhaps some kind of Daemonic cannon? Take Lore of Fire and shoot flaming death with it? A mini hellcannon perhaps... :D

16-11-2010, 21:42
Part of the challenge with this Mono god is just to leave out magic, I know it is risky, but could be fun. I first had the BT in the list, but with that DP prince model... well I guess I can do as thesheriff and use him anyway and tell people that he runs very fast. Most people I battle against would have no problem at all with that.

So back to the drawing board... I will have to work out a new list.

18-11-2010, 16:02
Personally I would dump the DP, Chariot, and one unit of hounds.

This buys you 695 points. With those points I would increase the size of each of the existing 'letter units to 30. This leaves you 575 points, which can be used to buy you a horde of 'letters 45 strong with a full command.

As for character placement; put the BSB with the horde, remaining on foot HoK with one of the 30 blocks, and the mounted HoK with the crushers.

Run the 30 blocks as a 6 wide 5 deep formation.

I'm just trying to be constructive and have found that more infantry is the superior choice in almost every situation (especially when they're 'letters)....

19-11-2010, 01:14
i'd keep at least one unit of hounds to hunt war machines. you don't want to waste your crushers on WM duty, ESPECIALLY if there is a forest between you and a rock lobba/grudge thrower! taking dangerous terrain test with a unit of 70 pt models is nerve-racking, regardless of how slim the chances are of failing.

20-11-2010, 20:13
Thanks for all the tips!

I have thought about a second list now, that I feel that I am happy with.

Lords: Bloodthirster, Immortal fury, Obsidian armour, spell breaker.
Or with the latest FAQ, Dark insanity, Immortal fury, Armour of khorne
550p Or 545p

Heroes: Herald of Khorne, armour of Khorne, Firestorm blade

Herald of Khorne, Jugger, armour of khorne, Firestorm blade

Herald of Khorne, BSB, Sundering standard, Obsidian armour

30 Bloodletters, FC, Icon of endless war

30 Bloodletters, FC

6 Fleshhounds

5 Bloodcrushers, Musician, banner

Total Points: 2500p or 2495p Depending on the BT. Might give the Icon to Bloodchrusers, to try and get that tasty 25" first turn charge :p

Some new q,s with the new FAQ, is Dark insanity worth a try? 14 Attacks can make the BT go head to head with anything, however, 4 reroll attacks can make him survive against most things. So even worse case is not that bad. Not when you include thunderstomp.

20-11-2010, 20:20
Keep the icon on the bloodletters

Also, suggest swapping standard of sundering for icon of despair