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17-11-2010, 17:20
So, with 8th edition fixing the balance of Warhammer a bit better now, and Uni coming up next year, Iím thinking Iíd like to get back to Warhammer after a 2 year or so absence (Iím 17 by the way, in the last year of my A-Levels). I hope Iíve got better discipline now as a more mature player, and will paint all of my army one piece at a time (before I did the whole, buy it, struggle to paint it thing). Itís not like Iíve got enough cash to buy it all at once anyway :S.

This is supposed to be a competitive all-comers list for 8th edition. I count myself a decent list maker but obviously have no experience for several years. I have none of the models yet.

Prince: GW, Armour of Caledor, Radiant Gem of Hoeth, Silver Wand 242
Death for character killing, Beasts for unit/char boosting or Life for survivability? Will have to playtestÖ I have an alternate list with a Level 2 Silver Wand Mage (and 100 points to spend - bodyguard of 10 archers was the original), and that gives me a better magic phase, but I thought the PG could do with a bit of a combat boost, and liked the idea of a lesser seen character who can better represent me on the tabletop. Sure, heís expensive but not bad. LD 10ís nice as well, and he should be killing 3-4 enemies a turn solidly if boosted

25 Spearmen: Full Command, War Banner 270
Banner of Eternal Flame or Standard of Disc. could be used here. Then just whack a Luckstone/Potion on the Prince, or give the Phoenix Guard a champ over their Musician. Standard of Disc. not really needed with Prince about though, and in 1000pts there won't be much flammable/regen. about - maybe Treekin/Hydra

18 Phoenix Guard: Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Sorcery 338

Great Eagle 50

Great Eagle 50

Great Eagle 50
3 is a lot maybe, but I've gained some great ideas from the tactica over on ulthuan.net http://www.ulthuan.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=33028, and these guys will really help my 2 sole infantry blocks pick their fights a little easier, aid in combat res., and running down the foe. What else could I really do with the points? 2 Eagles>Reavers/Tiranoc Chariot any day in my (admittedly inexperienced) book. Could drop one eagle for 5 Spearmen and 5pt magic item on the Prince (Charmed Shield/Luckstone/Potion)? Or for Phoenix champ with up to 25pt magic item (Skeinsliver/Ruby Ring/Amulet of Magical Attacks/Gem of Courage) and an extra spearman or two?

Cheers for any replies.

immortal git
18-11-2010, 15:13
3 eagles isnt really a lot, i like it, your prince confuses me, but if you think it will work give it a shot, i think phoenix guard in 1k is a little too much but thats just me

Defender of Ulthuan
19-11-2010, 00:34
When I think about this list, I see two units, and that isn't enough. I think you'll want to drop the prince to a noble and perhaps pick up a mage (life is always a good choice). And to be perfectly honest, the PG unit is just too many points. Two units of 10-12 with full command might be the perfect way to support your spears at the cost of an eagle if you really want the PG in your army, though.

To be frank, this list lacks punch. The eagles are great for WM hunting and the PG are always a great block, but when I look at the list I don't see anything that'll really do some damage. You may want to think about throwing in a RBT or some cavalry to bring down the hammer.

I'm not sure what you have or where you're trying to go with the army, but here's a similar-ish 1k list off the top of my head that may or may not help you out:

107 - Noble: Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Dragonhelm
135 - Mage: lvl 2 (Life)

195 - 20x Spearmen: Standard, Musician
110 - 10x Archers

150 - 10x White Lions
150 - 10x White Lions

100 - Repeater Bolt Thrower
50 - Eagle

Total: 997pts

Feel free to exchange the WL for PG; I just like the WL because they hit a bit harder. I also added some archers into the mix to add some extra shooting and screen your infantry a little.

And, to be clear, you can add the two units of elite infantry into one unit of 18 with full command (into a PG bunker for your mage, for example); I just have them separate because that's my style of play.

Good luck!