View Full Version : Longbeard Rangers

17-11-2010, 22:57

I'm reading my FAQ and Armybook of the Dwarfs and can read that Longbeard Rangers can have Throwing Axes, but Armybuilder won't allow it!

Do I miss something in the FAQ or is Army Builder wrong?

Thanks for all help.

17-11-2010, 23:07
Can we get a sticky that says in capital letters that Army Builder should never, ever, ever, ever be considered a reasonable source to question a rule.

Never ever.

Whatever the rules say are the rules. Army builder is a fantastic tool, but it isn't the rules and makes several mistakes in complicated places like that you describe.

17-11-2010, 23:26
They most certainly can get throwing axes.

Never trust army builder to be completely accurate. I can think of a dozen things it gets wrong without even trying.

18-11-2010, 10:24
Fire off a quick email to the Army builder team, I'm sure they will correct in next release.