View Full Version : Need help with my Nurgle Daemonprince

18-11-2010, 19:52
Hi all,

I really could use some help with outfitting my new daemonprince.
Since im using a heavy nurgle based theme i decided to give this guys also a nurlge mark. but after that im stuck.

I really want him to hit as hard a possible in close combat without giving him another mark.

i was thinking:
Daemon Prince
Mark of Nurgle
Acid Ichor
Word of Agony
Diabolic Splendour

Also i was wondering why there is no choice for wargear, kinda sucks imo ;)

18-11-2010, 19:55
In the end you're going to be getting a good part of your damage from thunder stomp.

Might as well keep him cheap (just because he has a point allowance doesn't mean you have to use it all).

18-11-2010, 20:32
I would try something like this:

Daemon Prince
- MoN
- Lvl 1
- Thinrd Eye
- Fury
- Stream

Cheap (for a deamon prince) hard to hit with magic, and will do a fair ammount in combat. Dont forget that he can steal other casters spells, and dont forget to roll, you never know when curse or buboes can win you the game.

Use him like a chariot, never fighting unsupported, and he will work wonders, and use fly to get a good shot off with stream.

Evil Hypnotist
19-11-2010, 05:12
Yeah Stream is really useful depending on who you play against. My HE opponent hates me getting alongside his battleline and unleashing it all over his unit or two. Like _dandaman_ said, fly is hugely useful to getting in the right position.