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18-11-2010, 22:18
Can Cavalry characters in infantry units be targeted?

Can characters with an incorrect footprint on the side of a joined unit be targeted? Do they get a 2+ Look out sir roll? or a 4+?

Thank You

18-11-2010, 22:28
Targetted no.
They get a look out sir roll but not on a 2+

18-11-2010, 22:36
They can get hit without being targeted, and they don't get Look Out Sir!

Normal Shooting:

If there are fewer than five rank-and-file models (or if the character is of a different troop type) there is a chance that any characters in the unit could be hit - the controlling player decides who is hit, but must allocate one hit on each model before he can add a second hit on a model; he must allocate two hits on each model before he can allocate a third, and so on.
So as long as you have enough models, you don't have to allocate hits to the character. Put them all on rank and file. Take a lot of hits and then you will have to allocate hits to the character.

Unusual Shooting Attacks:

If a character is hit by such an attack and he is in a unit of at least 5 rank-and-file models (excluding the champion, if there is one) and he is of the same troop type as the unit, then his controlling player is permitted to make a "Look Out Sir!" roll to save him from harm.
Don't have the same type? Don't get Look Out Sir! In a unit? Not a lone character for the purposes of Shooting at Lone Characters on pages 96 and 97.