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19-11-2010, 08:13
I will be playing a 2000pt game, allied with Dwarves (1000pts each). Opponents will most likely be Dark Elves/Orcs and Goblins.

I'm not entirely sure what my Dwarf partner's list will look like, but probably something like an Organ Gun or Cannon, block of Ironbreakers, Warriors, and possibly a small unit of Thunderers. Also, I don't know exactly what my opponents will be taking, but both DE and O&G will probably each have a Wizard, and I know the DE player loves Frenzy Corsairs, will probably take one RBT, and doesn't have a Hydra. The O&G player will probably be using a few blocks of Nightgolbins, but I don't know anything beyond that.

Being paired with Dwarves, I decided to go with a non-magic list, leaving the magic defense to the Dwarf bonuses/CoR. Anyway, here's the list:



Alter Noble, with Potion of Strength, Helm of the Hunt, and Light Armour/Enchanted Shield/Additional Hand Weapon.
(Six attacks at WS7 on the Charge, and S7 when I pop the Potion. Shield is there because of leftover points, figured it would protect against possible shooting threats.)


Branchwraith with Cluster of Radiants/Annoyance of Netlings.
(Army General. CoR for magic defense, and AoN for some protection, as she will be in my main unit of Dryads.)

===Core Units:===

Dryads x12 + Branchnymph
(Main CC unit, will probably use as a hammer type unit to match the Dwarves' anvils, nymph was mostly leftover points.)


Glade Guard x10, Two Units
(Shoot 'em up!)

===Special Units:===

Wardancer Troupe x8
(I just plan on running these guys into a forest, and camp there until either I can get a good flank charge, or they decide to fight me in the forest. Steadfast FTW.)

===Rare Units:===

Great Eagle
(Warmachine hunter. Figured since I'm running a list without any cav, which apparently isn't too good for Wood Elves anymore anyway, I'd pick up at least one cheap model that can get behind the enemy lines pretty quickly.)


Note: At 1000pts, Treeman is too many points to fit in the 25% limit of Rare Units, and I'd like my Eagle anyway.. but if anyone knows, I remember back in 7th edition, when people I knew would play games with allied armies, they were able to share Special/Rare Choices slots.. so I was wondering if the 25% limit is applied to the total points between the two allied Armies, (I.E., I could take 300 points if he only took 200), or if they left it completely restricted to your own army. (Couldn't find any definite answer in the rule book, but I'm guessing there's no sharing.)


Anyway, I'm not worried about the lack of magic phase, but I've never ran a list without at least one unit of Fast Cav, so I'm a little worried the Eagle won't be able to handle everything itself. I know my Wardancers/Dryads are fast enough to flank for the Dwarf blocks, and I still will have a great shooting phase for 1K, but I was possibly considering taking out the Wardancers for something faster. Possibly a unit of GR or something.. Also, I can always proxy, but keep in mind I don't have any Treekin models. I'm guessing most people will be like, "you can't go without Treekin/Treeman in 8th ed!".

Any thoughts/critisizms/contributions?

19-11-2010, 20:55
When I was originally posting this, I was doing it with the book offhand, and apparently I made a gross miscalculation somewhere. Here is an updated version of the list, taking an Alter Highborn in place of the Noble, and a basic Noble in place of the Branchwraith, (Leaving out CoR, letting Dwarves handle the anti-magic).



Highborn - 145 (247)
Alter Kindred - 35
Potion of Strength - 20
Helm of the Hunt - 20
Talisman of Protection - 15
Light Armour - 3
Shield - 3
Additional Hand Weapon - 6


Noble (General) - 75 (124)
Hail of Doom Arrow - 30
Sword of Striking - 15
Light Armour - 2
Shield - 2

===Core Units===

Glade Guard x10 - 120

Glade Guard x10 - 120

Dryads x12 - 144

===Special Units===

Wardancer Troupe x8 - 144

===Rare Units===

Great Eagle - 50

Great Eagle - 50


I like this alot better. Two Eagles will do a much better job of hunting down possible Warmachine threats, the Hail of Doom Noble can sit in one of the units of Dwarves, the Glade Guard will be a decent shooting line, and the Dryads/Wardancers will be used as flank support for the Dwarf blocks. Note, if I had the models, I would probably just take an extra unit of Dryads instead of Wardancers, but as it is I don't, and Wardancers will probably do fine. (EDIT: Although, if I was trying for a fluffy list, two units of Wardancers and no Dryads would be pretty cool. =P)

19-11-2010, 23:17
Looks good. Only a few changes:

-Drop the war dancers for another group of gg.
-Get rid of the highborn for a lore of life wizard (lvl 3 no upgrades)

now you have 60 extra points, you can:

-drop an eagle and put in waywatchers
-give your gg upgrades.

20-11-2010, 01:50
Thanks for your input!

-Drop the war dancers for another group of gg.

I realize that Wardancers aren't the most useful, and I agree another unit of GG or Dryads would be better, but unfortunately I don't have the models.. I could however take Wild Riders or Glade Riders, but I think even if Wardancers aren't that great, they'd still be a bit better than taking Cav.

-Get rid of the highborn for a lore of life wizard (lvl 3 no upgrades)

In any other situation besides being teamed with Dwarves, I would definitely go with the Lifeweaver over a Highborn, but if there is a Wizard of any level in the army at all, the Dwarves lose their Dispel bonuses. I'm sure having a Lifeweaver would still be good, even when losing the Dwarf resistance, but I figure in this situation the Highborn will be slightly better.

-drop an eagle and put in waywatchers
-give your gg upgrades.

As for the dropping an Eagle idea, I think it may be a possibility, but because I'm still probably keeping the Highborn, my only option would be to possibly drop the Wardancers for a 120pt unit of Glade Guard (they will still offer some Warmachine hunting capability in place of the Eagle), and I could possibly skim down something else to make room for a unit of Scouts or something.. or just GG upgrades, like you said. I'm still not totally used to 8th edition, but I've heard Waywatchers kinda blow.. but I guess Scouts aren't that great either, even for being cheaper.

So basically it's either.. Eagle + Wardancers, or Glade Riders + Scouts or GG Upgrades.

If I did take the GR+GG Upgrades option, first of all, do you think the GG would be worth it? (As I can't take Dryads or another unit of GG with the models I have..), and also, what upgrades do you think would be suitable for the GG? I've always played with them completely bare, but they've added a few new magic standards to the rulebook and stuff.. so what are my options?


12" march block banner? Guessing it sucks because I don't really want to get within twelve inches with GG anyway, and march blocking isn't really a big part of the game anymore..

No minimum Stand and Shoot distance banner? Could be useful..

+1" move banner? Could get into Str 4 range quicker..

Musicians for all, including GR? Never hurts.. but would there still be leftover points?

Also, even if I kept the second Eagle, if GR would be better than Wardancers, it would still open up a few points. So if I also droped like two Dryads, it would give me enough to get musicians and possibly a banner, if it would be of use, on a unit of GG.

Thanks again for your response!