View Full Version : Shooting Warmachines with Warmachines

19-11-2010, 22:55
Hey guys, this came up in my last game. My mortar scatters and lands dead center on an enemy Grudge Thrower. Do I get 1 str 3 hit against it, or do I get a str 6 hit with D3 wounds that could conceivably kill it?

We played it as a Str 6 hit, no D3.

Alternatively, if I shoot at a warmachine with a cannon, do I get D6 wounds on it and a chance to destroy it?

In the example of the mortar, it doesn't matter if the pie plate is over the crew as they are just wound markers and CC attacks, right?

Thanks in advance!

19-11-2010, 23:05
You get multiple wounds against a WM, remember though to use its T, not the crew's T. But yes, a mortar has a 1/9 chance of killing a WM (T7) in one shot. A cannon has 5/12 chance.

The pie plate central hole needs to be over the WM itself, not the crew, so you are correct. The BRB FAQ:

Q: A war machine is wounded by a hit with the Multiple Wounds
special rule. Is the number of Wounds lost limited to 1? (p45)
A: No.