View Full Version : Need tactical advice for Skaven + Lizardmen 2v2.

Cowardly Skaven Seer
21-11-2010, 09:02
I might try to get a 2v2 game together if I can some friends interested after Christmas.. I'll be playing Skaven and I want to ally with Lizardmen (Yes I realize they are arch enemies, lol). I would likely be playing against WoC or WEs + another army.

I got:

Island Of Blood
Skaven army battalion
Grey Seer on Screaming Bell
40 (IoB+20) Plague Monks ( 40 total)

So I could use any of that for a list.

Ally would have :

Lizard Bat x 2 =

2 units of 20 Saurus Warriors
2 units of 12 Skinks
1 unit of 20 Temple Guard
2 units of 8 Saurus Calvary

plus a skink priest and likely a converted melee hero.

anyways list wont matter for now I suppose. Just wondering if you guys got some tactical advice for Skaven + Lizard 2v2 using some of the units posted above. I was thinking his Calv could be a hammer, while maybe the slaves make the anvil? Some feedback would rock :)

22-11-2010, 00:11
The problem between the two will be deciding how to divide power dice- only one of you should bring a lvl 4- just bring all of your weapons teams- I actually don't think these two armies work well together- of course if you bring a furnace instead of a bell- then you could take a lvl 2 plague priest, and he could bring the slann- have the skaven screen the more elite lizardmen-

Grey Mage
23-11-2010, 08:22
Russellmoo- there is only one level 4 in there. Skink Priests cap out at level 2. No Slann in there, anywhere.