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23-11-2010, 15:52
Hi all.

Just wondering since the start of 8th edition, what sort of sucess (or lack of!) people have been having with mono-god themed Daemons armies?

I ran a mono-Tzeentch DoC at 3Kpts in 7th edition (LoC, DP, 4 Heralds, 3*25 Horrors, 2*6 Flamers, 10 Furies) and parted with it to fund something different. Mostly because it was also a very easy list to win with, which bored me a bit after a while.

I am, however, interested to see what others with a similar mono-God army are making of 8th edition. As well as which god tends to provide the most effective/interesting daemonic armies.

Yeah, you may have guessed it, I am interested in starting them up again. Especially since the hatred of them seems to have died down a little.

I am mostly interested in Khorne or Slaanesh, but am unsure as to what way to turn if I do decide to begin a new DoC army. I am also hoping to use the same army in 40K games - Two birds with one stone, and all that.

Any theories on mono-god DoC armies would be much appreicated!

23-11-2010, 16:25
I've got between 3 to 7k of Mono-God stuff with DoC all though what I find is that one rarely really goes one 100% mono because mixing things up Just A Little makes the entire list all that much Better.

The one-button win is gone with DoC, just as it is gone for DE and any other race (dual Slann Lizards whatever) that might have had such builds in 7th Ed. People who whined about DoC in particular were just corny.

23-11-2010, 17:09
If I had to go mono-god it would be slaanesh.

They have fantastic core because when a horde of them become ASF due to a herald they just slaughter whatever they are up against.

The only other core that competes with them is bloodletters, but the fact that slaanesh gets magic puts them ahead i my books.

23-11-2010, 18:30
I'm running 2K Monogod Tzeentch. Run 1 unit of 50 with 2 heralds (including BSB) and changeling, 1 units of ten, 4 flamers, Bluescribes and a Lord of change.

Apart from things with silly ward saves against flaming it's doing fine.

23-11-2010, 19:15
I have enough daemons to field atleast 2,5k points army of any god and so far all of them have worked well even if played as a mono god army, though I dislike slaanesh daemons most in game terms even though they have greatest models. Compared to 7th ed your army would likely consist alot more core daemons than earlier. For full Tzeentch army you could field 2 units of 40 horrors, 12 flamers in separate units, LoC and screamers in units of 3 and ofcourse 2 heralds in horror units. Same army could also work in 40k, with flamers filling the elite choises and screamer units of 3 go just like that in 40k also. Horrors would be quite different and you would pick alot less of them, but they can be ok.

23-11-2010, 21:36
Ah dammit - this is tough call as I have 3000 points of Khorne and another 3000 pts of Slaanesh - I love them both!

Over time I just found that I did more often than not (say 7 games in 10) play Khorne. It's an easier army to use in that they are very honest - they run forwards and hit you...hard! Were as Slaanesh has access to too many horrible items and combos that can really ruin other people's days.

Keeper is hideous, Masque is a nightmare, siren call, the icons for the core units, the magic lore - they can all add up to ruin armies by the bucket full. Sure they don't hit as hard, but it's a mobile army with base move of 6" for troops and 10" for EVERYTHING but their core!

Model wise Khorne is great, plastic core and now plastic blood crushers. But Slaanesh also has the awesome seeker models!

Both powers have great fluff.
Both are great to collect.
Both can rampage if built well - but Slaanesh can do this harder I feel.

Either way you have me thinking I should dust off the boxes under my bed and maybe expose my Deamons to the natural light of day, and play them again for a bit! :D

24-11-2010, 09:18
I have succesfully run mono-Khorne deamons at


Focus heavily on blocks of blood letters with full command. One blocj of 20 for watchtower, the rest should be minimum 25, preferabley 30+

Hounds are very usefull fpr tying up stuff you dont want to engage just yet (surprisingly resilient with t4 5++ and 2 wounds)

Go easy on the blood crushers, they will work a couple of times at best, then people wise up to them, and they are quite a big points sink.

Dont bother at all with flaming weapons, its far too easy to gain 2+ ws VS Fire now.

The thirster is your friend, commit him quickly, and make sure he terrorises your opponent. If they are focusing on big red, your more important blocks of letters are bieng left alone to do the majority of the work.

24-11-2010, 12:19
Have to admit, I've owned about 3000pts worth (not counting the extra heralds/daemon prince) of Slaanesh daemons for some time now but never got around to assembling them all (it's the old metal daemonettes, and using the new plastic ones for furies). I didn't really consider them for 8th, but can see a horde of 30 daemonettes doing pretty well.

I guess my only worry would be up against something like Empire/Dwarfs - lots of artillery and armour, which would be the 2 main worries for a Slaaneshi army. Yes they are really fast, but you're still going to have to weather those first couple of shooting phases.

24-11-2010, 13:49
Hi guys.
Just a quick one to say many thanks for the replies....I'm going to ponder my options and see where the mood takes me once my White Scars are complete :-)

24-11-2010, 17:00
Have a play with the Mono-Tzeentch again. The dirty great anvil blocks are very useful - and with lore of life and shadow buffing they get nasty.
In a big game I had a unit of horrors at T7 (throne of vines + flesh to stone), S7 (Mindrazor) and WS and I 10 (one of the lore of light spells). It's amazing what it did to some knights that charged it :p

25-11-2010, 15:22
I want to make a Mono Nurgle army But it will be really EXPENSIVE.

I know they got the "nerf" because of the reduction of the double-save but they still have a higher toughness then the rest which still makes them good. I just don't think Beasts of Nurgle are worth it anymore and then they are the only rare option for Nurgle ):

25-11-2010, 20:24
I want to make a Mono Nurgle army But it will be really EXPENSIVE.

I know they got the "nerf" because of the reduction of the double-save but they still have a higher toughness then the rest which still makes them good. I just don't think Beasts of Nurgle are worth it anymore and then they are the only rare option for Nurgle ):

Beasts were never worth it. Costed 25 pts too steeply in 7th and now.. sheesh..:shifty:

On the up-side, plastic plaguebearers OUGHT to be the next thing us Daemon-geeks have to look forward too. :)

25-11-2010, 22:49
I have faced a couple of Daemon armies under 8th including a mono-Slaanesh list. Slaanesh are definitely scary and hit pretty hard, they don't like ward saves or regeneration though. Also they really struggle with attrition I find. Only the keeper of secrets can hold out without too much risk of being worn down.

In my game against Slaanesh I was using a huge horde of ghouls under the drakenhoff banner. They took the charge of the keeper, chariot and fiends on the chin to eventually poisoned the whole lot to death. (The banner bearer was a bit of a wimp and let the ghast(s) accept challenges when they were unavoidable and survived the attentions of fiends.)

I think mono-god lists work and are in general quite fun to face. The limitations of sticking to just a single god leaves the some vulnerabilities and troublesome gaps. Slaanesh for instance have no flaming attacks, making regeneration particularly frustrating.