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24-11-2010, 09:13
First shot of Turn 1 and a 35 pt spear chukka killed 375pts worth of Chaos Lord on Juggernaut Army General. Oh how we laughed... (well, I did) ;o)

While I'm at it I'll add in (the same opponent, different match) Archaon Loss of Control-ing himself into oblivion in the first magic phase of the game.

Any more candidates for the "Spear Chukka Award of Unluckyness"?

24-11-2010, 09:25
I'd nominate my Alter Highborn. In the course of the game, he single-handedly fought his way through a unit of Boar boyz, followed by a unit of Black Orcs. On my last turn, the black orcs broke, he pursued and caught them, over running into the woods. My opponent's last turn, the gobbo spear chukka aims at the only thing it can see - the Alter. Despite lone model, woods, and briarsheath modifiers, the gobbos still managed to hit him amd kill him.

24-11-2010, 09:27
My Hellcannon's first ever outing (7th ed) shot at a Vampire Lord. He failed his look out sir and saves, died. This was before the VC's first turn.

He resigned and we started a new game.

My units of goblin archers (21) have twice taken down a Wood Elf Lord on Dragon. The first through charge reaction shooting, the second because they were in a line and he fled from some Orcs onto them.

24-11-2010, 09:27
Yeah. I play Dwarves and my opponent was playing Lizardmen. I was hoping to get first turn and start pounding away on his Slann with my S5(10) grudge thrower (with scatter re-rolls) but he got the first turn. I was pretty sad and things got worst when he started to cast purple sun towards my scouting warriors. He rolled double 6s and I got pretty scared (haven't faced purple sun yet), but something hysterical happened. He rolled a misfire on the artillery dice, dropping the ball (literally) on his Slann. He failed his 'Look out, Sir!' roll and his Initiative test, slaying his Slann and half of his Temple Guard which hilariously panicked. All on turn 1. The purple sun then scattered off the the side of his unit.

I told my opponent that I don't think I need my grudge thrower vs. him since the Slann will just do the job himself. We called the game.

24-11-2010, 10:41
High elf ellyrian reavers in a tournement in 7th Ed.
Game one, Failed to run down Choas dwarves.
Game Two failed to run down dwarves, and then later on getting run down by dwarves.

Seal Cub
24-11-2010, 10:47
Previous ed, my lvl1 night goblin scroll caddy blasts 5 knights of khorne to oblivion with a single casting of gaze of gork. (d6 s2 no Sv spell)

24-11-2010, 10:57
tricked out highelf lord with hydra blade in duel with necromancer with only a +1 T sword.

out of 84 possible wounds my elf only did 1, while the necromancer killed the elf.

24-11-2010, 11:01
There was this High Elf Repeater Boltthrower once, who had a perfect shot at the side of my Tombking's chariot unit. He fired a single shot, and it ripped through all four chariots, causing three wounds every time. What was left was a bewildered footslugger (read Tombking) with a flail of skulls.

24-11-2010, 11:04
6th edition game goblins vs khornate demons. I did a fair job diverting almost all of the frenzied units with my wolfriders but a bloodthirster was about to hit my line.

I throw every spell, bolt and rock I have at the thing but still it lives with one wound. About to charge my goblin general's unit. Until I remember chariot crew have short bows! One little goblin takes aim with quaking arms, having moved and being at long range, let's go and apparently hits the bloodthirster right in the eye taking it's last wound.

24-11-2010, 11:06
Loh'kir vs my scar veteran on a cold one. I have a 2+ armor save. Lohkir gets 4 hits, 3 wounds. For my armor save, I roll three 1's. Ward save, a 6 and two more ones. Goodbye scar veteran.

24-11-2010, 11:34
Loh'kir vs my scar veteran on a cold one. I have a 2+ armor save. Lohkir gets 4 hits, 3 wounds. For my armor save, I roll three 1's. Ward save, a 6 and two more ones. Goodbye scar veteran.

I gave up on playing armies which inherently feature good armour (the main example being dwarfs) because of my amazing ability to roll 1s constantly (until leadership tests). it just became ridiculous to pay points for armour which wouldn't protect anyone at all, hence the change to wood elves and goblins.

As for my (fairly weak) entry to the spear chukka award, I put forth my goblin great shaman (and his 40 night goblins). He spent the first 2 turns failing animosity (thus unable to do anything), then eventually passed on turn 3, tried to cast foot of gork, miscast and became stupid (greenskin miscast table). The combination of animosity and stupidity finished them off for the remaining 3 turns...until, due to failing stupidity (on the last turn), his unit was charged by a treeman, wild riders (including a lord), and dryads (including a branchwraith), got munched, and promptly got run down.

Surely an entire game of failure has to count for something in this competition?

24-11-2010, 11:35
My spear chukka lucky shot was against a high elf dragon with a prince on it. (in 7th)

- 35 pnts of war machine fired and hit him.
- Hit the rider.
- He had a 1+ or 2+ armour save (didn't count)
- a good ward save (either 4 or 5+) He failed that.
- I wounded the elf prince.
- D3 wounds..... 3 wounds, he's dead.
- The dragon rolled and couldn't move for the rest of the game.

24-11-2010, 12:01
2 weeks ago I had 11 skaven clanrats with no champion beat, break, and run down a high elf prince on whatever the biggest dragon is called.

24-11-2010, 13:20
One of my first ever games, 1k of Tomb Kings vs Vampire Counts. His unit of 4 blood knights (killed one with shooting) and 2 wound vampire charge my unit with a tomb prince, massacre it. The curse goes off, he fails his leadership check, and I roll a 6. 6 wounds, no saves allowed, Blood Knights and General go poof, vampire army starts falling apart. I end up winning a game I should never have come anywhere close to winning by 6 points.

24-11-2010, 13:28
probably had both the closest and most unlucky challenge ever (for my opponent)

he called a challenge against my supreme sorceress with his Vampire lord
sorceress had Hand weapon and PoK (and focus familliar)
vampire had blood drinker (he had more but this was the only item that matters)

round one vampire causes 2 wounds sorceress causes 1!!
my magic phase cast IF soul stealer on a unit replenishing my wounds and causesing a STR10 hit on the vampire causeing another wound (on a currently unrelated note my lvl 2 lets off a purple sun at max power)
round 2 vampire causes 1 wound replenishing tone he lost sorceress causes another wound :)?? leaving vampire with a single wound remaining and sorceress on 2
round 3 vampire causes 1 wound dropping sorceress to 1 and putting him up to 2

my next magic phase the currently undispeled purple sun rolls max distance and just clips about a 5th of the vampires base as you can guess by the way this post is going he fails his I test and is removed with my sorceress standing precariously on the edge of a purple sun....a true FFS moment :)

between me and my mate this battle has become known as the "battle of many ones"

24-11-2010, 15:22
Wulfrik vs. a VC lord.

Wulfrikshows up first turn of the game,Issues the challenge, whiffs and does only 1 wound. Gets cut down where he stands, and while you're at it, the Marauder unit with him failed their Ld after losing combat by only one, broke from combat, and got cut down by the Skellies that were with the VC lord.

Bye bye, 400 points worth of uselessness. A total of 5 mins into the game.

24-11-2010, 17:51
Witnessed this not my own armies (Dwarf VS Skaven) Little kid vs adult.

Skaven player goes first and moves his stormvermin with BSB at the mack on a rank of his own into range of a bolt thrower.

Kid decides to target the stormvermin rather than the doomwheel despite advice against that idea. Hits and penetrates ranks all the way through to the BSB.

Kid rolls 6 to wound the BSB, Skaven player rolls 1 for his look out sir, No ward, and the kid rolls another 6 for number of wounds.

BSB killed by a S1 d3 wound hit. Stormvermin then paniced off the board taking a couple of units with it.

Dwarves went on to lose but the kid was an instant legend.

Leth Shyish'phak
24-11-2010, 17:51
In 7th edition, I played a game using my Hordes of Chaos against a 6th edition Dark Elves army.

My Daemon Prince with: Soul Hunger (re-rolls to hit in 1st combat round), Diabolic Splendour (5+ ward save), Etherblade (ignores armour saves) and Master of Mortals (makes mortals core... yay!) managed to charge two bolt throwers at once. This seemed great to me, apart from a unit of crosbowmen it was all of his shooting, not to mention that the Daemon Prince would almost certainly overrun off the board, avoiding any magic shenanigans from the Dark Elves next turn.

Anyway, combat phase comes along. Daemon Prince strikes first with 5 attacks, hitting on a 3+ with re-rolls and killing on a 2+. I allocate all attacks on one crew, thinking that the other would auto-break from being outnumbered by a terror causer (unit strength 3 vs 2).

Damon Prince then proceeds to do no wounds (as do the crew). The crew therefore win combat by 1 for outnumbering... :eek::mad: But its still fine! He'll pass his break test and then kill them in the enemy turn, he's Ld9 after all, I only need an 8 or less...

Naturally, I roll 10. In the current rules, he would have only lost 2 wounds for this. :( But this was HoC. Where a Daemon rolling above its basic Ld on a break test died instantly. :cries:

24-11-2010, 18:57
i'm sure i've shared this before but it's too funny; guy playing dwarfs, his lord gets hit with a rock lobba shot or something, takes the direct hit, fails look out sir and his ward save and bites it. first turn. the dude flew into a blind rage, and began yelling and screaming. he slammed his fist into the table, and snatched up his hapless dwarf lord and proceeded to BITE OFF HIS BACK BANNER. me and my buddy died laughing, the poor kid that was playing the guy had no idea what to do. he ended being asked to leave for slamming his fist into the table and showing complete disregard for other people's miniatures

24-11-2010, 18:58
Ok so... I was playing with my Tomb Kings and had given my TK a wizards hat. On my first turn I attempt to cast Purple Sun I roll a 15, but I thought Purple sun was cast on an 18 for some reason... So it doesnt go off. On his turn we find a rulebook and are looking up a rule and then I see that purple sun goes off on a 15! So I insist on resolving it and casting it, even though my friend said we should just forget about it... I should have listened to him... So I cast it and my artillery dice misfires. It scatters backwards into my big unit of tombguard taking my bsb, my general and 11 tomb guard with it. Basically lost any chance of me winning the game. Then next turn I get charge by bestigors and he kills the rest of my tomb guard. I shouldve listened and not cast it!

24-11-2010, 18:58
I took down a fully pimped out chaos lord on dragon with a non-charging pump wagon once.

24-11-2010, 19:39
Back in 6th ed, I had a unit of 20 Skavenslaves get charged by 8 ogres. The ogres wiff and lose the combat by 1. The slaves then chase them down.

24-11-2010, 21:27
Back in 6th, I had a Chaos Lord with the Book of Secrets using Shadow Magic with the default spell, Steed of Shadows (make a fly move). I sent him forward towards my foe, an Empire Gunline. Yeah, it was careless, especially since I landed him about 3" from a Hellblaster Volley Gun. Come the empire turn he was promptly made 'holey' taking about 10 wounds from the massive number of dice rolls.

Also in 6th, in a 5 player ambush match (3 vs 2), a Dark Elf player charged a High Elf unit of 28 spearmen (7 by 4) with a unit of 15 Executioners (5 by 3) and a Cold One chariot. Chariot does its damage, but not enough to give advantage to the Dark Elves. Needing just one more wound, the Executioners score 5 hits and then roll 5 1's for the to wound roll. Spear men do no damage, but the Executioners then break. The chariot lasts one more round, but is broken next turn and is run down. Executioners rally, but are then charged by the avenging spearmen, lose again, and are run down. It was in the bag... and then dice were rolled.

Finally, a unit of Empire Knights with captain. They are in a multiple combat and lose, fleeing. Nothing special. They rally, nothing special. The next turn, they declare a charge against a giant and fail their terror test, fleeing again. This has become our "That way!" joke. Point backwards and yell in a flamboyant yet manly voice "That way!" to simulate how this Empire Captain could never make up his bloody mind how they were supposed to advance.

I've had a game where a 2000 pts Warriors of Chaos army lost only a single wound done to a Chaos Spawn and won by surrender in 4 turns, but Archaon was involved so it's not so spectacular.

24-11-2010, 21:35
This didn't happen to me but I witnessed a friend of mines Bloodthirster tear through an entire Ogre Kingdoms army almost by himself, slowly taking wounds here or there throughout the game until he had 2 left. He charged some pre-engaged gnoblar fighters who held. The groinbiter challenged him, Bloodthirster 'rubber lanced' and did nothing, the biter fought back and killed him :0
Rolled 2 5's then 2 6's and then the thirster failed his wardy and fell over.

24-11-2010, 21:46
More weird than unlucky;

Best moment of 8th I borrowed my friends O&G to play my other friends DE, My orc warboss vs a tricked out dreadlord with the pendant, my boss has is WS 10 and is -2 to hit. Before the big fight, I cast gork'll fix it (all 6's become 1's) on the dreadlords unit. So the dreadlord cant hit me, and every time I hit him, the pendant save it because he needs a 6 to fail it. So for 3 rounds of combat our 2 generals just sat there looking at each other. Craziest moment in the whole game.

Thanks for reading;


24-11-2010, 22:19
Last game I played, first turn of the game:
Grey seer casts scorch on 4 dice getting irresistable force. Blows up causing a panic check on unit he's with.

Double 6.
Re-roll for BSB: double 6. Runs away.
Roll to rally: double 6.
Re-roll for BSB: double 6. Runs off board,

I lost that game.

24-11-2010, 22:28
I had an ungor champion take down a Giant one game over 4 turns of prolonged combat. Giant rolled swing with club 4 times, rolled 1 each time and failed to wound every time. I don't know what the odds are on that... combined with actually rolling the 4 6's I needed to kill him, but I think I shoulda played the lottery that day.

*This was before thunderstomp =)

25-11-2010, 08:30
My Dwarf vs another guy's VC (using the storm of Chaos Carstein list).

Turn 1. I guess with a Grudge Thrower. Hit his lord dead on with the center. He fails his Lo,S!, I roll a 5 to wound, he fails his ward save, then fails his REGEN save, followed by a 6 for the number of wounds.

His army starts crumbling. Rather then play it out, we set up again.

I get first turn again. First cannon shot. Hits his lord. Fails Lo,S! I wound. Fails Ward. Fails Regen. I wound, then roll a 5 for the number of wounds.

We called it a day at that point.

25-11-2010, 09:20
This happened to me in a tourney in 7th ed, my Skaven vs Orcs.

Big brawl in the middle of the field, Throt and a unit of giant rats vs a large unit of black orcs and two giants. In my turn, I flanked the black orcs with an abomination and had my assassin overrun into their rear.

Impact hits kill a few black orcs.
Assassin kills three more.
Throt finishes off one giant.
Abomination rolls flailing fists, kills several black orcs.
Giant rats wound the other giant, take down another orc.
Black orcs kill one giant rat.


Giant rolls Yell and Bawl. I lose combat by two. :cries:

Fortunately for me, only the assassin legged it.

Spiney Norman
25-11-2010, 09:35
My Slann and Temple Guard retinue.

Mr Toad and his minions thought there luck was in when a unit of dryads screwed their charge roll up and wound up 5" in front of them, so whooping joyously they piled in, eager to lop off a few branches.

From 17 attacks the TG managed 3 hits and 1 wound which bounced off the dryad's ward. The trees hit back and kill SIX TG, I reckon you can guess what happened next, the stalwart guardians (and their 500pt charge) failed their stubborn, rerollable Ld9 breaktest and got run into the dirt by less than 100pts of trees. Its the only time I've known when everyone around the table was silent with shock.

25-11-2010, 13:08
In 7th ed my Vamp lord got kicked in the nuts by a groinbiter (gnoblar champion) in a challenge, that was a sad day lol

25-11-2010, 13:38
My Slann and Temple Guard retinue.

Mr Toad and his minions thought there luck was in when a unit of dryads screwed their charge roll up and wound up 5" in front of them, so whooping joyously they piled in, eager to lop off a few branches.

From 17 attacks the TG managed 3 hits and 1 wound which bounced off the dryad's ward. The trees hit back and kill SIX TG, I reckon you can guess what happened next, the stalwart guardians (and their 500pt charge) failed their stubborn, rerollable Ld9 breaktest and got run into the dirt by less than 100pts of trees. Its the only time I've known when everyone around the table was silent with shock.
Heh, as a mainly LM player (usually against woodies too) I feel for you on that one.

Keep them coming guys.

25-11-2010, 13:40
Once, in 7th Ed, my Priest on the Casket of Souls got one-shotted by a Spear Chukka.

- hit on 5+
- randomized on the servants ( on 5+ )
- randomized on the priest ( on 5+ )
- wounded on 2+
- 3 wounds....

Dead on turn 1... fortunately he wasn't my hieorphant.

Wade Wilson
25-11-2010, 13:48
Not quite as bad as some of the fails mentioned ;) but here is a tale from my first battle using DoC. i have a large Bloodletter unit of 30 containing both a herald and skulltaker who get the charge on a hoard of 40 or so Dark Elf spearmen. Skulltaker must issue a challenge and so does...out steps a brave yet foolish DE champion to protect his Sorcerous.

Skulltaker grins evily and hacks away at the chapion needing only 3+ to hit with a re-roll as he really hated that elf...and pretty much everyone else.

Misses all 4 attacks.

Rerolls miss all but 1.

Curses i think, no overkill for me. Ah well at least its a dead champion.

Nope...rolls a 1 to wound.

Champion, amazed to have survived such a barrage of leathal blows from Khornes favored warrior rolls to hit against Skulltaker...and with eteral hatred gets 2 5+ hits...which both wound! Well, 2 4+/5+ saves cant be that tough can they?


I have no idea what the statistical chances are of me rolling so bad to fail this miserably in 1 round of combat...but we had 1 very chuffed living DE champion and 1 smegged off Daemon player rueing the fail that was the (deceased) Skulltaker. The DE spearman hoard proceed to gut my unit of bloodletters over the following 2 rounds of combat.

The next game i used skulltaker i managed to do nearly the exact same thing with an Empire Captain...i have now decided to use a Herald of Khorne with armour instead. :o

Gunless Ganger
25-11-2010, 14:02
Two spear chuckers vs My engine of the Gods.

I get first turn and activate the Shield. His first turn, first shot hits, hits the wizard - I fail my 4+ ward. Skink dies, ward disappears.

Second shot hits, wounds, and kills the Steg.

I was not too happy. :p Although the guy was a good sport and we both laughed about it the next night as his chuckas couldn't hit anything!

Oh and for just general Unlucky things - a few years ago I was playing a pick-up game with a WAAC player that I really can't stand. I had his giant at 1-wound - sent it two units of 10 skinks w/ blowpipes at close range - double shots. 40 shots - not one single 6. The giant went on to scatter the skinks and steamroll down my left flank and earned me another mocking for my terrible Warhammer "skills".

25-11-2010, 14:17
First turn, friend of mine rolls a Dwellers on his HE archmage.

IF. Hits my phoenix guard. Phoenix guard run out of the table with my general.

His mage gets the S10 large blast as the miscast effect, take out about half of his unit of white lions, who promptly run off the board too, taking his archmage with them.


25-11-2010, 15:06
4th Ed vs Undead list -> Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower, turn 1, snipes the Undead general off the Zombie Dragon (4+ to hit, 5+ to hit character, 2+ to wound, fail 4+ ward save*, roll a 4 for the D4 wounds). Only one unit of skellies had a character in so 1200 points of Undead die in total off the one shot.

*I know strictly speaking the term ward save wasn't around then ;)

25-11-2010, 15:46
3000pt game of Goblin cavalry Vs Vampires (6th ed again):
The Vampire player gets the first turn and lands his zombie dragon in front of my line. 7 ld8/9 checks later and 4 unites of 20 wolf riders, 2 chariots, a goblin shaman, 5 big bosses, and 2 warbosses flee the field. My opponent allows me re-rolls because the game hasn't really started. Once again, all failed. Yes I was playing goblins, but that is terrible luck.

Also, what does WAAC mean?

25-11-2010, 16:37
Playing a huge game in 5th ed. (Undead VS Empire, 4000pts)

We setup, I get the first turn (Undead)

I move up my units,

No shooting (duh)

Magic Phase:
1st spell: Power of Darkness (get 1D3 extra power cards, then if you roll a "1" your character dies)

Roll: 1

Result, Undead General Dead, whole army crumbles.

I stretch out my hand to my opponent, and say: "Good Game, want to play again?"

25-11-2010, 16:53
A friend's Slann has had some pretty awesomely bad luck.

Turn 1 -
3 power dice on "Throne of Vines." Miscasts.
Throne of Vines ignores the miscast on a 2+, fails.
Cupped Hands transfers the miscast on a 2+, fails.
Rolls the Large Blast template miscast, wounds the Slann, big block of temple guard reduced to 3 models and the Slann.

Odds of miscasting on 3 dice, then failing two 2+ saves, roughly 0.2%

Turn 2, Slann and Temple Guard charge a Warpfire Thrower. Stand and shoot rolls perfectly to hit all remaining models. Wounds Slann, Slann fails Ward Save, Warpfire thrower does 3 wounds, dead Slann, and kills the Temple Guard's banner. Game ends due to breaking point.

26-11-2010, 02:50
Back in 5th edition I borrowed a friend's Empire army, and was determined to use a lot of warmachines (since I played mainly wood elves at the time).

I can't remember my exact list, but I think I had 2 mortars, 2 cannons and 2 hellblasters. I got second turn- shooting phase: both cannons misfire (explode), 1 hellblaster misfires (explodes) (other doesn't fire), 1 mortar misfires (also explodes). My final mortar? 10" scatter directly backwards, landing straight in the centre of my own large spearmen unit.

Second turn the dwarf player has a unit of 20 miners fully equipped arrive at the side of my line. My second shooting phase: My 1 remaining hellblaster turns around and rolls three 10s for the number of hits, at close range (this is back when no roll to hit was needed). Miners evaporate...

26-11-2010, 02:53
Back in 5th edition I borrowed a friend's Empire army, and was determined to use a lot of warmachines (since I played mainly wood elves at the time).

I can't remember my exact list, but I think I had 2 mortars, 2 cannons and 2 hellblasters. I got second turn- shooting phase: both cannons misfire (explode), 1 hellblaster misfires (explodes) (other doesn't fire), 1 mortar misfires (also explodes). My final mortar? 10" scatter directly backwards, landing straight in the centre of my own large spearmen unit.

Second turn the dwarf player has a unit of 20 miners fully equipped arrive at the side of my line. My second shooting phase: My 1 remaining hellblaster turns around and rolls three 10s for the number of hits, at close range (this is back when no roll to hit was needed). Miners evaporate...

Your first time using artillery certainly taught you the joys and woes of using it. :)

The only story for me that comes to mind was an Empire v. Dwarf fight. For two turns, a unit of greatswords and dwarf miners whacked away at each other, doing almost absolutely nothing. Even with all of the great weapon attacks, nobody was able to die, and the game ended before either unit could do any damage. We both agreed that everyone involved had swapped their weapons for foam ones before the battle.

26-11-2010, 03:07
Geep's story reminds me of when I took Thorek against my Uncle's Vampire army in 7th edition. I brought 3 cannons, 1 grudge thrower, 2 organ guns, and a massive amount of thunderers. All of that and Thorek + Kraggi.

BOTH of my cannons misfired on the first dice roll. They BOTH had rune of forging and they BOTH rolled a misfire for the re-roll. They then BOTH rolled 1s for the misfire result. That will teach me not to bring Engineers, although they probably would've rolled 1s on the re-roll as well. :(

26-11-2010, 05:28
A captain of the Empire brave
did take his men to fight,
walking 'cross the country ways
and on right through the night.
They went to face a beast so big
that houses fell before,
and all the things that led it on,
lest men become no more.

Finally they saw a knight
dressed in metal oh so black.
Next to him was a giant thing
with a sack upon its back.

And so the captain ordered 'fire'
and all his men let loose.
The knight did fall, but the beast, so tall,
ran right through, seeming obtuse
to all the shot that did impact
upon it great, thick hide.
It ran to the captain, who with one thrust,
made sure the great beast died.

One may ask, 'what was the point
of this little tale?'
Well, when the giant died, the captain slipped
and was crushed within his mail.

6th edition, skirmish match at 250 pts, Empire vs. Chosen Knight and Giant. I only killed 1 model, and it was pure luck (or a lack of luck for the captain).

26-11-2010, 05:32
I really like your poem, haha! Nice story Amwood.

Wade Wilson
26-11-2010, 09:16
Amwood, that was epic! hahaha, thanks for that dude.

Little Joe
26-11-2010, 15:30
My Hellcannon's first ever outing (7th ed) shot at a Vampire Lord. He failed his look out sir and saves, died. This was before the VC's first turn.

He resigned and we started a new game.

Had a simular expierience against my own dwarf gunline in 7th. Dwarfs start and first a Grudge Thrower scatters with the centre right on top of my vampire lord on foot (general!), he fails his "Look out sir!", he fails his armour save, he fails his ward save and gets a whopping six wounds on top. Then the dwarf gunline kills a quarter of the troops and I gave up.

26-11-2010, 15:47
I remember a game of 1250p in 7th when all i had left at the end was a single NG Fanatic whirring around and having the time of his life. My opponent (brother) hardly took any casualties.

What the hell. :D

I had some damn bad rolling that game.


26-11-2010, 16:13
How about the time I rolledd 12 sixes in a row for fleeing and panic. Goddbye OnG army

26-11-2010, 20:23
The only one I can Think of is in 8th, facing Daemons. The only good shot I had on Fateweaver was with a tooled up GT. I hit him, he failed his save and took 6 wounds.

26-11-2010, 22:51
WoC Vs Skaven 8thed. The Hellcannon misfires turn two and all wizards on the battlefield roll on the miscast table.

My Lord on a Disk rolls a double one and another 1 to get sucked in the warp.(Bye 430pts!) My BSB with the book of secrets only get a D6+1 rolls the smaller blast loses a wound and kills 5 of the Warriors around him...

In both 3rd and 4th turns the Helcannon misfires again and again. :)

Last game I fired the Gateway on unit on a unit of 35 Skletetons and roll 11 STR 11 hits taking the BSB and the Vampire Lord with them!

We modified the STR down to 10 to continue the game.

That's only the second time I've pulled that STR 11 or 12 so far and the look on the poor guys face was priceless :)

27-11-2010, 05:30
In 5th Ed.

I had a 40 point Snotling pump wagon kill Orion King of the woods
and a 100 point Doomdiver kill Wood elf Dragon.

27-11-2010, 07:34
I'll tell you a tale from when titans clash.
The first, a great Black Orc who sought only to bash
The heads of the greatest of foes he could meet,
Whether they be mounted or walked on their feet.

The second, a man who abandoned all good,
Burning his kinstead and his livelihood,
Then he set out on a search that very dawn
Taking up the dreaded name of Archaon.

The two leaders met, Archaon charging ahead,
But Grimgor's axe quickly made his Daemon Steed dead.
Archaon tried with all might to return the favour,
Paying back the Orc's bloodthirsty behaviour.

Tzeentch, however, must have turned on him then,
For not one blow wounded of his mightly ten.
With a regiment behind him, Grimgor was victor,
And his troops showed Archaon that they were the quicker.

Thanks for the replies from before so here's another.

6th Edition, the Storm of Chaos. I charged with Archaon into Grimgor's unit (a full 20 Black Orcs including Grimgor). Grimgor chopped down my horse, and I fully intended to make it up on Grimgor's hide. No such luck. I didn't even wound him. I lost by a rediculous amount (3 wounds on the horse, 3 ranks, outnumber, banner, +2 for Grimgor), broke and was run down... on turn 2. Reckless play and a bit of bad luck.

Edit: ps. I'm no poet, but you'd never know it.

27-11-2010, 09:00
New player playing high elves, He took an archmage and 3 little mages in his army so as to get high magic and I think some shadow spells.

T1, miscast putting a ward save on a unit, str6 hit to all his mages, 1 wound on all of them, no more powerdice

T2, Miscast putting curse of arrow attraction on something, str 6 hit to all his mages, 2 on the archmage, all his little mages died. no more power dice

He threw 3 dice at each.

bazragh elfburna
27-11-2010, 09:08
Waay in the 6th edition.

Luthor huss and a unit of empire knights charge a lone giant, mighty giant (1 is called jay and the other silent bob) but lets say it was silent bob took 3 wounds and proceeds to eat luthor huss:D

Also in 6th edition while warpath spell was continious on 4+ playing against my friends high elves a single casting killed 2 bolt throwers 6 silver helms, 5 ellyriand reavers , 6 swordmasters, high elf lev 4 mage behind hill, 4 dragon princess and a charriot.
After that we called it a game:D

27-11-2010, 09:26
6th edition game. Despite our unspoken agreement to never field special characters, my friend decides to field Morathi on her pegassus in his 3K DElves vs. 1.5K of my dwarfs and 1.5K of my friend's Wood Elves. After we complain, and he says that "in the book it says you don't need your opponent's permission to field her", we just roll our eyes and let him use her in the game. We get first turn, and my S5 catapult aims at her: I guess the exact distance to the head of the miniature, she's on her own, so no LoS, gets wounded, fails her 4+ ward and I roll a 6 on the wounds, so she dies within the first 10 minutes of the game before she even gets to do anything. Amusingly enough, I fail to wound the pegassus on a 2+, and it decides to stay. We've always attributed it to karma, after he fielded her without asking us.

27-11-2010, 18:43
Saw this:

5th Ed, De vs Empire, Empire player deploys gunline army near board edge, 1st DE turn Shadowblade appears in General's unit, challenges and kills him, 3/4 of the Empire Army panic and flee off the board, it took longer for the Empire guy to set up, than it did to play the game.

27-11-2010, 21:43
I do enjoy the way there are multiple stories about those incredibly vicious 35pts goblin bolt throwers. Best points you will spend in any game, period.

My absolute personal favourite story is as follows however:

A year and a half ago, i played in a tournament between 3 stores. My last game of the day was against a really great night goblin player, when i was using my lizardmen cavalry list (7th). My carnosaur, deciding he didn't like all the war machines, takes a run around the flank to avoid the bolt throwers (See above). He eventually gets into position and flank charges a block of 30 odd goblins + wizard, who promptly fail their terror test - and get run down by the angry big lizard, who doesn't get reach anything else that game.

So far, so good right? Well, a few months ago, we had another tournament. Last game of the day, i played against the same goblin player! Ironically, we were both using almost the exact same lists. My carnosaur again runs around the flank and again ends up flank charging a unit of goblins - who once again, fail their terror test and get run down. And once again, he doesn't get to anything else that game.

Major deja vu moment.

28-11-2010, 02:21
No poem this time. Back in 6th, once again (where about 80% of may games were played), I had a pure goblin army fighting against Skaven and Thanquol on a bell. We could have simply been in error, but I believe that the bell was not unbreakable back then, and I know we played it that way for this story to work.

Anyway, I had managed to attack the bell with my general and his unit of 30 goblin spearladz. The unit not only won, but decimated the Skaven ranks. Now, we played with our own form of Insane Courage as a houserule (min of 2 for break test unless fear is involved). He tests on a 2 and passes.

Next round of combat, I manage to hold him up for a while more. My general is doing major damage to the skaven unit, but my goblins are outnumbered. I still win by a major proportion. Again, he rolls the needed 2.

Next round. I flank charge a unit in. He once again rolls a zoggin' 2 for his break test. Either the bell or his wizard did something after that and a number of my units fled. The blasted bell ended up surviving the match. It was a marked failure for my goblins that day (the bell also destroyed all my warmachines by the end of turn 3).

28-11-2010, 06:33
Had my Slann in a TG block missfire on like 5 dice first spell of first turn, roll a 1 and 3, use cupped hands to put it on the other mage, goes off and roll a 5 mage hangs around but kills a few guys. Toss 2 dice at next spell box cars, snake eyes and a 1 slann disappears along with 12 TG. Reached across and shoot the mans hand, it was all in fun but crazy bad luck.

28-11-2010, 10:43
Dwarfs (me) vs VC 7th 2500p
Went for the massive gunline with a lot of different warmachines 2 cannons 1 grudge 1 organ and a anvil. Every single one explodes on the first round apart from one cannon.

Somehow still managed to win due to the fact that my Dragonslayer managed to kill the VC lord in a challange (he completly fluffed out) and his entire army crumbled as they tried to destroy my ironbreakers

Teaches you a lesson kids! never give up! :angel:

28-11-2010, 17:47
5:th edition.

Me as Orcs vs Dark Elves.
3000 pts.

First turn, I aim my doomdover at his Dargonlord, hits and kills him.
Since he expected me to come to him, he had his force deployed pretty far back.
He failed about half of his Panic tests (which you had to take when your general died back then) and about half the army ran off the board.

One Goblin killed about 2000 pts of elves in one blow!

... We agreed to restart the game after I finnished laughing and he had settled with what actually happend.

28-11-2010, 22:47
I remember when Doom Divers were the scud missiles of Fantasy. I managed to off Grudgebearer in one shot. Loved the little bombers.

29-11-2010, 12:46
In a 2v2 1,000 point each tournament a chaos dwarf player ruined us with an eartshaker, managed to slow down or kill a good third of our army. (had never seen one before!) Accepting defeat I pointlessly threw a bolt thrower at it and killed it.

Also in the same tournament my dwarf slayer actually killed a hydra by himself charging in head first!