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25-11-2010, 07:59
Ok heres my first stab at a 1000 point tomb kings army, ive never played TK before, I've had the army book since it came out, but stopped playing the game for a good few years since.

Tomb king
+ruby ring
+light armour
+enchanted shield
+great weapon 199pts

Liche priest
+ golden ankhra 160pts

20 Bowmen
+musician and standard
+BotUL 200pts

20 bowmen
+muso and standard 175pts

4 ushabti 260pts

Since Im a greenskin player the list seems so tiny!!
Im playing against a WoC and a DE army and any adjustments would be appreciated

The units i have available are

1 more ushabti,
3 chariots
8 light/heavy cav

I have the feeling im going to get annihilated, but I spose It's all a learning curve isnt it :)

26-11-2010, 02:49
You can't benefit from a shield if you're using a great weapon, so for protection give your tomb king the 25 point item that lets your bounce a wounds on a 4+.

But yes, you are going to tabled using a list like this. Tomb Kings have always been worse the lower the points the is. You're going to want to buy a couple of screaming skull catapults. Scorpions are still good, but almost nothing in the list is worth taking. You won't stand a chance until you start getting above 2000+ points.

27-11-2010, 02:27
Well... TK definetly suffer under 2k but here's a list I wrote that might work better

TP w/ LA, Shield, and Spear of Antarhak
LP (sadly naked you'll have to be extra careful with him)

30 Skeleton archers w/ standard

20 Tomb Guard w/ Musician, Standard, Champion, BoTuL
Tomb Scorpion
SSC w/ SotF

BotUL and the spear will keep ur main unit of TG from dying so you can try and concetrate ur incantation from the LP on shooting that catapult. Just hope to whittle him down little by little with TG and scorpion.