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25-11-2010, 14:03
My brother is going to a tourney mid-december, and asked me to review his army list.

I think the army lacks something, but cant really put my finger on what. So i came to you guys.

As far as we know, all the scenarios will be coming from the book.

Also: it is a competitive tourney army, so yes, plenty of warmachines around.


Runelord - 404
-Great Weapon
-Rune of Shielding
-Rune of Stone
-Master Rune of Balance
-Doom Doom Doom says the anvil

Thane - 169
-Great Weapon
-Dwarf Handgun
-Master Rune of Spite
-Master Rune of Gromril

Dragon Slayer - 50

Dragon Slayer - 50


40 Dwarf Warriors (Great Weapons, Full Command) - 425

20 Thunderers (Shields, Full Command) - 325


20 Miners (Prospector, Musician, Steam Drill) - 270

30 Ironbreakers (Full Command) - 420

Bolt Thrower (Rune of Burning) - 50

Cannon (Engineer, Rune of Forging) - 145

Grudge Thrower - 80

Grudge Thrower ( Rune of Accuracy ) - 105

25-11-2010, 17:57
can't take GW and be a battle standard bearer. swap the ironbreakers out, they're not great these days. a large unit of warriors is a better anvil and a far better hammer.

swap burning onto the cannon, drop the thunderers for some more warmachines and more bodies either in new warrior unit/ the miners. also add runes to the grudge throwers (2x pene, accuracy and accuracy, 1x pen preferably)

28-11-2010, 09:54
Its a really tiny army. 3 combat block, 4 wars machines, and 1 missle units.

First off drop the rune of shielding from the runelord. does he really need a 2+ ward against shooting and magic (remember you use the anvil toughness for shooting and magic)

Secondly yeah you can a have GW on the BSB, (check the Rule Book FAQ). Though the question stands do dwarfves really need a BSB?

Third thing is Stone thowers arent as good any more, so gone one.

There are too many miners as well. Surely they are hitting the flank or rear of the units, so only need about 15 of them.
What are the dragon slayer for? They seem an easy way of giving up 100 VPs.

I would drop the command of the thunders and split them into 2 units. Give a banner to the miners, if you are worry about break points for the blood and glory mission.

With these changes give you about 250ish points why not get another warrior block, probably 24 with Handweapon and shields, full command.

Because you wont stop the enemies reaching your lines. so having another combat unit will help out.

Serious I would still field Hammerers instead of Iron breakers. Give them the Rune of slowness as well. I have received charges from 6 chaos to the front. Them hit killed about 4, I strike back killing 3, win combat, break them and run them down.

28-11-2010, 12:45
I've been getting a bit of practise with Dwarves. I'd agree with the above on the thunderers - they're loads of points, and just wont do that much damage. (Or stand up in combat).

Have you thought about swapping them for bolt throwers? Against a lot of targets they're better value than cannons, and much cheaper.