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25-11-2010, 22:38
My background is I own a full Eldar and Tau army and have been playing 40k for 6 years or so. I plan on picking up a High Elf army. And after skimming over the fantasy rules and high elf codex and I want to make an elf army with lots of Magic and some good shooting with a few heavy hitters (Smells like eldar)

So I plan on running 2 larger size sqauds of sea guard, 3 10man squads of longbowmen.

I am thinking of like 20 sword masters
A block of pheonix guard to walk with the archmage.. While he blasts everything. Or should I stick the archmage with some sea Guard and have the noble with pheonix guard?
like 5-9 dragon princes
a few bolt throwers and a pair of eagles.
1 White line chariot (Are these even worth fielding?)

Now for HQ i am thinking of a Level 4 archmage with a noble and lvl2 mage

Now for my questions. I have read the rules for fantasy but am curious of the best way to run each squad and what wargear is best option. I plan on playing games from 1500pts to 3000pts
Shoudl I run seaguard in 3 ranks of 7?
What about sword masters? (No clue whats effective here)
Also would teclis be worth it or just stick with a regualar lvl4 archmage.
Also what magic lore would be best for my mages. I want the archmage to be a damage spellcaster so he can nuke things and the best looks to be lore of fire. But in actual game play does lore of fire actually do much?
My other 1 or 2 lvl2 mages are for support with life and maybe shadow
Thanks in advance

26-11-2010, 09:46
If you're going for raw effectiveness, ive seen the best results with spearmen or archers as your core. From what ive seen at higher points values people tend to either run 2 32 bricks of spearmen, though in a horde heavy environment they tend to work better imo in bricks of 35-40 5 wide and 7 or 8 deep to deny steadfast and blow through ranks of things like skavenslaves or goblins.

Shadow or Life are your primary lores, IMO shadow being the strongest due to the effect asf has on it, and the ability of the strength reduction hex to serve the same purpose as life. With shadow, any of your units can cut through anything else in close combat like a hot knife through butter, so ive seen a lot of people running 2X 40 bricks of spearmen, a brick of 20ish phoenix guard, and 1 to 2 bricks of 14 swordmasters 7X2 with good effect. Lion chariots are solid but you kind of have to accept that if someone directs resources to getting rid of it, it isnt sticking around for very long. Eagles are solid vs certain armies, utterly useless against others, the best use ive seen for them is getting behind frenzied units and rear charging them, forcing them to overrun back toward their own deployment zone. Sacrificial 50 points to potentially allow a rear charge from a faster moving unit. If you pull that off it makes it pretty easy to gang up on one unit with a brick of spearmen + chariot/swordmasters and blow it up in one turn.

26-11-2010, 13:12
I will say skip Bolt throwers. They are over priced, i dont play HE my self but DE and the bolt throwers point cost are way to high. If u gonna use them take 2. And aim it on the same target if you use multi shot.
I can only say that my spear chukkas hits more often then my RBT do:p

26-11-2010, 14:19
I'm not sure that Spearmen or Archers are necessarily the only way to go- that was the conventional wisdom for previous editions when they were more expensive and could fire in fewer ranks, but now that ranged units in general and archers especially can shoot in additional ranks and reforms can be preformed more easily, I think Sea Guard have come to be considered very viable options as core. They do still suffer for being vulnerable at their points cost and having slightly shorter range than Archers with their longbows, but they're very versatile and cost only a few points more than archers and a large unit can dish out both a lot of ranged attacks AND a lot of spear attacks.

Still, I think Core Spears are always going to be a more disposable sort of unit, whereas Sea Guard need to be treated as being less expendable and buffed up for critical combats.

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27-11-2010, 19:44
Having played HE since 6th I too have put RBT's on the shelf for 8th.

While not against spears + archers, I prefer the flexibility of LSG. At 2500, I field 28 in 7x4 in the center of my battle line with 2x10 archers plus Mu out on the flanks. That gets me to the requisite 25%.

Then I have 20 SM's and WL's each in 3x7 (plus a character) as well as 18-19 PG.

2 eagles which I'm still learning how to use in 8th and 3 characters - Lvl 4 with Life, Lvl 2 with Death or Shadow and a BSB kitted for survival.

I don't claim this is the optimal build, but I can say I am liking how it plays.

No cav. Period. An earlier list had 2 Lion Chariots (which I put much effort into painting) but I took them out in favor of more elite rank and file infantry. If you take them, take two. One is just to easy to eliminate.

27-11-2010, 20:47
Yeah the choice of a pair of RBT's or like 12 extra elite infantry doesn't really favor the RBT's anymore. Numbers count for a lot.

27-11-2010, 22:45
I'll vouch for the effectiveness of Sea Guard. At 3000pts, I take two units of 28 with Full Command in a 7*4 formation, and place them either side of my Phoenix Guard (BSB/Archmage) block right in the middle of my line.

They can take on most units in close combat and generally hold their own - 29 ASF attacks (albeit at S3!) does tend to do some damage to anything. Plus the shooting with extra models in 8th edition is a definate bonus for them.

I'd also say that you can't go wrong with Phoenix Guard - Possibly the best elite infantry in 8th edition, point for point, IMHO. White Lions are not far behind, and I tend to run Lion Chariots in pairs - One on it's own will die before doing anything.

Please don't take Teclis. He is ridiculously good, and does not provide any real challenge to use....Just point his staff and blast away with near impunity. A regular Lvl4 Life/Shadow mage is far less cheesey!