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High speed low drag
27-11-2010, 15:30
Hi seers,

I had an idea after looking through the SM coxed and wonderd if anyone could help with the fluff for a crazy I have had.

After the battle of macragge and the 1st company got wiped out the chapters would of had to be reorganised and move up so that the chapter could be replenished.

for instance the 2nd compnay would be renamed the 1st
the 3rd company renamed the 2nd ect

if this would be the case the 5th company(last of the battle companies) would now be renamed 4th company

on this baises the 5th company would have to be replaced, even if on a tempory baises.

so my idea is to build my ultramarines 5th company but have all the squads in there reserve company colours as they still belong to there reserves but are temporeraly filling in for 5th company.

this means that my tac squads would come from the 6th and 7th companies
my assault squads from the 8th and devs from the 9th. all with the relevent colour markings, my techmarine and all vehicles will be red with select blue panals as they come from the armoury. ect, ect, ect

27-11-2010, 15:40
Companies aren't renamed: they recruit until they're back up to combat strength. As the 1st company is the Veteran Company, lesser marines wouldn't make the grade.

27-11-2010, 15:41
Sorry, but your idea fails because your premise is wrong.

Company numbers aren't a ranking system. The 2nd company isn't the 2nd best, getting promoted to 1st best when all the 1st died off, and so on down the chain. Whie the 1st company is nominally the best, due to being made up of the veterans, the others aren't ranked. The 4th is a glorious company with its own heraldry and traditions,and wouldn't give it up to go "whoo, red trim!"

THe first company was NOT replaced. Instead over the next century it was slowly rebuilt in the normal fashion, by promoting aspirants who had earned the accolade of being worthy to join the veteran company until it was fit for battle again.

High speed low drag
27-11-2010, 15:52
in this case is there any way that I can put diffrent reserve company elemetns into an army, for instance having the blue trim for the devs, orange and pink for tacs ect?

27-11-2010, 15:54
I've used the idea of a crusade led by my chapter master before.

"My brothers, I am embarking on a crusade to *enter reason here* and I require that one squad from each company join me."

This would leave each company at near max strength, but make a sizeable force for the chapter master to lead.

Son of Sanguinius
27-11-2010, 16:01
There's no reason you couldn't apply your idea do a less well established Chapter, but remember that the Ultramarines epitomize the book. They aren't going to shift company designations.

Ka Faraq Gatri
27-11-2010, 18:19
in this case is there any way that I can put diffrent reserve company elemetns into an army, for instance having the blue trim for the devs, orange and pink for tacs ect?

Absolutely. It is quite reasonable to have a battlefield force whose core is taken from a battle company, backed up by elements from the reserve companies.

In my case, I am building Cato Sicarius' second company. I want the 7th/8th squads to be jump packers, but still want to use bikes and land speeders. Fortunately, the entire 6th company is trained in bike use and the 7th in speeders.

So, my bikers will have orange (6th) trim and my speeder riders purple (7th), while my tactical/assault/devastator squads will have old-school yellow.

High speed low drag
27-11-2010, 21:05
thanks for the feedback guys and having my tec squads on bikes was something I had overlooked, I do seem to remeber that if your captain is on a bike then bike squads of 5+ can be troops (not having my codex to hand).

also could anyone give me some background upon the adeptus mechanicus.

I was going to do my vehicles red with the indented panels blue and the ultramarine markings to indicate they come with the techmarine from the armoury on a tempory baises, would this also be true for my bikes?

I know my land raider and predator would be but bikes..,

I also plan to have a unit of 5 assault termies with th and ss however if i put my capatin on a bike this will likely change,

could I use the while for the 1st company for the termies

another thing I have in my army is a dred, would this also be red?

Ka Faraq Gatri
27-11-2010, 21:27
Yes, if your Captain is a biker, you can have Bikers as troops.

Bikes and Speeders are kept in the Armoury and are requisitioned by the companies on an "as needed" basis. So if you're doing your Armoury elements in a red/blue scheme, then you could do the bikes the same way if you want to. Maybe red with blue on the (normally metallic) trim?

Dreadnoughts, on the other hand, are not taken from the armoury - they are part of the companies, so would be in the same colour scheme as the main force, not the armoury contingent.

All Terminators are 1st company, but don't have pad trims, so the white's not an issue - except on the helmets. White marks all Veterans, including Terminators, 1st company Veterans and sergeants of the other companies, though they should also have either a red stripe on their helm or a red skull (the Iron Skull) somewhere on the model.

High speed low drag
27-11-2010, 22:48
in the codex it says the armoury is home to a dozen or so dreds, would this mean that the dred would come from there with not having a specificly fixed company to requisition it?

Ka Faraq Gatri
27-11-2010, 23:11
I don't actually see any Dreadnoughts listed in the Armoury in Codex: Space Marines:

Fennias Maxim, Master of the Forge
27 Techmarines
95 Tech Servitors
25 Predators
8 Vindicators
9 Whirlwinds
12 Land Raiders

That's all.

High speed low drag
27-11-2010, 23:15
So what trim would I give the dread as it would have a specific compnay to its name, what would you suggest?

Ka Faraq Gatri
27-11-2010, 23:20
There's no real place for trim as such on a dreadnought. What I have is a roman numeral in a circle of the company colour somewhere on the chassis or legs - ie, "Brother Agnathio" is the 1st Dreadnought of the 2nd company, so has a I in a yellow circle on his right leg armour.

EDIT: Actually, I suppose you could do the trim around the sarcophagus in the company colour.

High speed low drag
27-11-2010, 23:23
Cool, so I could draw my dred from any company that I enlist the help of in theory

ka faraq gatri: would I be ok adding you to my forum friends and asking you to look at my revised army list in the army list section, I will post the link here:


Ka Faraq Gatri
27-11-2010, 23:38
Of course! :D