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27-11-2010, 18:10
Am i right in thinking that Wizards can now only take 1 Arcane item, meaning if they take a scroll from the WFB book, they can not take anything from the Arcane section of their own book, like they could under 7th Ed?

27-11-2010, 18:45
8th ed has this big change for arcane items, so yes, taking a scroll means you can't get all those other awesome arcane items.

27-11-2010, 21:51
You only ever could take one arcane item, but dispel scrolls could be taken in addition. In 8th ed. dispel scrolls count the same as any other arcane item

27-11-2010, 22:16
Right - so this means dispel scrolls aren't nearly as essential as they used to be when they have to vie against real items.

28-11-2010, 00:38
...except that the Dispell Scroll is one of the best items in the game? I'd say its OP, but its one-use-only and every army can get one, so we'll let it slide

28-11-2010, 19:05
Of course my Dwarves can have as many Spellbreakers as they want :)

28-11-2010, 19:13
And Daemons can have their Tzeentch Heralds, Khorne Daemon Princes, and Bloodthirsters each take one of the gift equivalent, while the Tzeentch Daemon Prince and Lord of Change get their dispel scroll plus version.

28-11-2010, 22:06
dwarf and wizards hat, sacralige but very very funny.

28-11-2010, 22:52
Can't be done without houserules since Dwarfs don't have access to Common magic items (Neither do Daemons for that matter).

30-11-2010, 02:44
Power Stones were also an exception to the standard rule of Arcane items before 8th edition.

Note that some armies have "special" scrolls. Empire has one that will remove a spell from the game on a 4+ along with dispelling the spell. Which means they can take that scroll AND a dispel scroll provided they have 2 wizards (one for each wizard).