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29-11-2010, 14:57
Hi guize, I'm new to fantasy, so I wanted to make a small army that I could play at my school with. We normal have relatively small games, so I want to make one that 800 points. Since this is my first try at fantasy my list will be rather crappy but here goes:

Mannfred the acolyte with staff of damnation 225

He will go into a unit of 24 grave guard with full command and a banner of the barrows. 363

20 ghouls with 1 of them a ghast 168

10 zombies 40

796 in total

So what do you think, feel free to tear the list apart and teach me how to make a proper fantasy list.

29-11-2010, 18:55
Zombies are minimum 20 I'm afraid.

I'd take fewer grave guard at this level and concentrate on core. And avoid special characters, they tend to be too expensive. A vampire with the helm of command (and some armour) will let you maximise the potential of your units. Perhaps backed up with a necromancer for helping raise guys.

29-11-2010, 18:59
Firstly, illegalitys;
The minimum size of 10 for zombies.
Also, you can only spend 25% on charecters (so, you cant take manfred)

Secondly, we get this all the time on this forum. With such a small points limit, we can't really advise you. I see your focusing on teh eggs in one basket approach. I would rather have 1 unit of 30 ghouls (240), a standard vampire with some armour and extra magic ability (200) and 2 units of 20 zombies for tar-pits ['hold in place units'] (160) and the rest of the points on grave guard.

But, i don't think we can really help to much.


29-11-2010, 20:20
Like has been said, Manfred is too expensive at 800 pts, your max to spend is 200. And zombies are a min 20.

I like ghouls. And grave guard are good.

I would go with 30 ghouls with a ghast. Run them in a 6 wide formation.

Take a Vampire with powers that supplement them, ie. ghoulkin, summon ghouls, avatar of death (so he can go into the unit for combat), or the extra power level.

3 Carn Wraiths with a banshee can wreck at this level.

Finish with Grave Guard.

Just my 2 cents.

02-12-2010, 22:35
Actually, Mannfred the Acolyte isn't 800. He means Mannfred the Acolyte from the Heroes section. I would personally take something more like this:

Isabella von Carstein @ 90

20 Skeleton Warriors w/FC and Spears @ 200

20 Crypt Ghouls w/Crypt Ghast @ 168

Varghulf @ 175

8 Fell Bats @ 160

Right. I am a mahoosive fan of Isabella von Carstein. I'd choose either Raise Undead, Gaze of Nagash or Summon Undead Horde. Gaze of Nagash would devastating at a low points level, as would loads and loads of free zombies. The Crypt Ghouls will be the main attacky unit. The Skeleton Warriors are good to attack lightly armoured targets. A Varghulf will worry most opponents at a low points level. The fell bats are a diversion to get units into the charge range of the Varghulf.

03-12-2010, 08:30
Actually, Mannfred the Acolyte isn't 800. He means Mannfred the Acolyte from the Heroes section.

They mean Mannfred is too expensive for an 800pt list, not that he costs 800pts.