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30-11-2010, 22:35
Hey people, I have a few questions.

What happens when successfully cast Transformation of Kadon (to, say, Mountain Chimera) is countered with Sivejir's Hex Scroll - when the caster returns from the toad form, does he turn back to a caster or a monster? Also, how many wounds will the toad have, the original number as the caster has or the number the monster had? While in the form of the toad the caster cannot cast spells or use magic items, but can it still benefit from special rules - ethereal or flying toad?


01-12-2010, 01:40
Depends whether the spell has been dispelled or not.

I think the better question is does Transformation of Kadon override the Hex Scroll or vice versa? My best guess would be to go in the order of execution, so the Hex Scroll resolves (dispel) and then the Transormation resolves (resolution). So you end up with a beasty that will turn into a little toad when his spell is dispelled. The Hex scroll may wear off first, however, depending on how the dice work for you.

01-12-2010, 01:51
Maybe something more sinister happens and the caster becomes a Chimratoad untill some damsel gives him a smooch!


Actually, what happens is this. The spell is cast succesfully, and the caster becomes whatever he/she was aiming for, however, the scroll then takes effect, and the (lets say Chimera) now also becomes a toad, and follows the rules layed out in the Hex scroll's rules. Once the Hex is over, then the caster reverts to being the Chimera again, unless of course, this spell is dispelled, or the caster is slain.