View Full Version : 10 days till the carnage tournament-Anvil hammer decides to revamp his entire army!!

Anvils Hammer
15-03-2006, 13:13

yep.. its another Anvils Hammer project diary, let me first say this is NOT leaving other projects unfinnished to start somthing new, this is actually the opposite.

I have never properly finnished an army

This is my attemplt, for once in my life, to actuallt finnish a wargamming project Ive started.

This is my Sethra 1st mechnised IG army, the one I ve been working on for over one and a half years-


As you can see, my army currently sucks...

-what was I thinking when I assembled and painted those infantry?
-why have all the tanks got different camo patterns, and why are they so badly painted?
-why are the bases and finnishing touches so rubbish...
-where is the unifing theme?
-what was I thinking when I wrote the army list??

these are all questions Ive just asked myself after getting the whole army and laying it out on the table (which is my brothers excellent beach landing board)

I want to revamp my army, add new units, reapaint large parts of it, do the finnishing touches etc so I can finnaly say "I am happy with this army" and put it on the shelf.

I want to-
scrap all the infantry and make new ones from scratch, using some of my temuchin 23rd parts.
repaint all the tanks
add a hellhound and an extra sentinel (shown in the pic as a pair of legs and half built leman russ command tank)

fairly big project you say?

Im gonna try and get it done in time for the carnage tourament!

that gives me a whopping 10 days, or put another way, 240 hours.

I am giving you this opportunity to laugh hysterically as I fail miserably.

during the project I will be trying to answer the following questions
-how much sleep does the average person really need??
-how long can I sit in my modeling chair before my legs stop working??
-and can I hold down a part time job at the same time??

welcome to a project with a deadline!

15-03-2006, 13:19
All I will say is good luck to you, and make time to keep us posted!!

15-03-2006, 13:32
Good luck Joel,

You can't afford to fall behind on this one.

15-03-2006, 13:32
Good luck Joel,

You can't afford to fall behind on this one.

15-03-2006, 13:34
And I thought I was going to be hard pushed with 11 bases, 2 ripper swarms and a couple of objective markers to make...

Good luck - I look forward to seeing the results

how much sleep does the average person really need??

Average requirement of about 8.1 hours for adults, but that varies between 6 and 10 hours. So 2 should do it.

how long can I sit in my modeling chair before my legs stop working??

DVT is an issue...but you've got corrective measures after the tourney. I reckon you should be OK

and can I hold down a part time job at the same time??

Can you sleep while at work? That would save time sleeping when you could be painting ;)

Dodgy Ed
15-03-2006, 13:35
AHHHHHHHHHHHH :eek: :eek: :mad: I'm sorry did you just say ten days *checks calendar* Bugger you're right.

Oh well look on the bright side you're not the only one in the same boat, Gortex Gunnersson's fantasy army is still largely in bits and I'm supposed to paint it this week and next, hey it's got to be better than the last carnage tournament speed paint a thon http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9439

15-03-2006, 13:50
10 days? good luck dude!

15-03-2006, 13:59
Hmmmmm, Good luck mate.

I like the camo on those tanks by the way, but hey its your funeral ... err I mean project ;)

Anvils Hammer
15-03-2006, 14:01
Thanks for the support guys,

Hmmmmm, Good luck mate.

I like the camo on those tanks by the way, but hey its your funeral ... err I mean project ;)

I like it as well, It wont be changed very dramatically, just to add realism and make all the tanks look the same.

15-03-2006, 14:28
After you remove the hours needed for sleep, school/work, hygiene needs, eating and Murphy's Law you are left with about 60 to 70 hours. Good luck. In that time I would only be able to get the infantry done... for a Marine army.

Rabid Bunny 666
15-03-2006, 14:49
good luck dude, this is gonna be one helluva project, but its gonna be a good one

15-03-2006, 14:55
good luck mate.............

it'll probably take me that long to get around to and paint some of my Necrons, nevermind the best part of an army

15-03-2006, 15:03
Someone chain him down before he starts another project :D

Good Luck Anvil :)

15-03-2006, 18:11
Every time I visit this site, there's a new project by Anvil..!!

Good luck.. hope you meet your deadline, I will watch this thread with as much interest as I follow your others..

Best wishes,


15-03-2006, 18:41
Your off your swede mate ,How many project you got going :),I hope you are going to keep your HQ the same they looked sweet when i saw them at Warhammer world ,Good luck to you mate ,Heres to not much sleep for the next 10 days :)

Anvils Hammer
15-03-2006, 20:14
To no sleep!

*raises glass*

*full of redbull with added caffine*

nouse4aname- thats the beatifly part, I only work 10 hours a week, other than that, Im currently sitting at home doing nothing.

Tonights work- totally assemble and undercoat both sentinels, ready for painting.

15-03-2006, 20:23
Less talk! More painting!

Get to it Joel! *pokes with big stick*

Also, you're not at home doing nothing. I reckon one of your sister's friends likes you ;)

15-03-2006, 20:58
I reckon one of your sister's friends likes you ;)He has a sister?

No, wait. That's of no use to me. I couldn't get his maniac army making abilities from his sister, only the offspring would. Lav's offspring, eew... :eek:

Oh and err, good luck. ;)

Anvils Hammer
15-03-2006, 21:05
yep, got a sister, but shes not in to wargaming in the slightest.
Her latest contribution to my hobby consisted of picking up my plastic large blast template and filling in every other segment with pink board marker pen... :rolleyes:

Also, you're not at home doing nothing. I reckon one of your sister's friends likes you ;)

I reckon everone likes me :p

how does the first part of that sentance relate to the second part, and what makes you think that? Im curious..

less talking, on to the sentinels....

15-03-2006, 21:51
Good luck Anvil, 10 days isnt that long, i hope you get finished. Are you going to keep up your work with the Temuchin 23rd?

15-03-2006, 21:59
I got the whip out now...don't make me get the tongs and hot poker! Good luck.

Anvils Hammer
15-03-2006, 22:03
Good luck Anvil, 10 days isnt that long, i hope you get finished. Are you going to keep up your work with the Temuchin 23rd?


first priority after the tournament will be finnishing the dam gaming board, damn it! :p

after that, its temuchin 23rd time/venice/looking at the floor/what ever new thing takes my fancy.. er..

15-03-2006, 23:06
Mate. The photo. . . is that all you've got? Cos if it is, I'm suspicious of its game legality. . .


Dave out.

Anvils Hammer
15-03-2006, 23:16
here is an annotated photo, showing the 1 HQ, 2 Troops, 1 elites and 3 each of fast attack and heavy support.
The picture doesnt exactly match the army list, the basilisk for example, is currently a Medusa, but that will change.


and here is the exact army list for anyone thats interested, Im quite please with it, its very themed and interesting, but wont get obliterated every time it takes to the feild.



storm troopers

Command HQ

junior officer 40
plasma gunner 10
plasma gunner 10

veteran medic 11
storm bolter and melta bombs 10

carapace armour 20
chem inhalers 10

total- 111

chimera 70
turret and hull heavey bolters 15
heavy stubber 12
extra armour 5
rought terrain modification 5
smoke lanchers 3

-110 points

total- 265


5 storm troopers 50 points
2 melta guns 20

total- 70


grenadiers squad
8 grenadiers

2 plasma guns 20

-100 points

chimera/heavey bolter 80, hull heavey bolter 5, X armour 5, smokes 3

-103 points

Grenadier squad
8 grenadiers

2 plasmaguns 20

-100 points

chimera/heavey bolter 80, hull heavey bolter 5, X armour 5 , smokes 3 heavey stubber

-115 points

total- 480

fast attack

enclosed top 15
hunter killer missile 10

85 points

enclosed top
hunter killer missile 10

85 points

Hellhound 115
extra armour 5
smokes 3
'blade 5

123 points

Heavy Support

indirect fire- 25
extra armour 5
smoke 3


Demolisher 150
lascannon 15
plasma sponsons 20
X armour5
smoke launchers 3
dozer 5

-198 points

Demolisher 150
3 heavy bolters 15
X armour 5
smoke launchers 3
dozer 5

178 points

grand total


with 7 points remaining I think.

Anvils Hammer
16-03-2006, 01:33
yar.. here be sentinels, nothing too special, but a few subtle conversions none the less.

the new one is basically a copy of the old one, In different pose, Ive modifed the feet and legs to look like its walking forward, Im quite pleased with the result.
They both have proper sized lascannons, taken from the IG heavy weapon sprue, and modified quite a bit with added power cables etc.

Ive also added hunter killed missiles. I hated the normal ones, they looked so bulky and stupid, however, by trimming the back fins down to angle in toward the body, Ive made them look alot sleeker, more hunter killerish IMO.


whatdaya reckon?

obviously, one needs painting, the other needs re painting, Ill be giving them a nice uniform theme to match with the tanks, when I decide what shceme to go for.

Im currently thinking of doing the troops with very light grey/white armour, shadow grey robes and red detailings, tanks would be shadow grey base coat, with codex grey then fortress grey then white stippeled on in masive camo streeks.

any suggestions??

I can always come up with a completly new scheme for the army, so long as its vaugly urban.


16-03-2006, 03:18
sounds like a good scheme, but i would surgest stipling a dark grey along with the white..

to get the broken shaddof effect, else they might look too bright!

16-03-2006, 03:31
You my friend are a diary making machine.

Good luck, i look forward to many rambling and incoherent posts as the lack of sleep and vast intake of redbull slowly pickles your brain.




P.s. Did you know that sleep deprivation will kill you before dehydration will. interesting fact I learnt from the army.

P.p.s. Another thing I learnt in the army, an SAS trooper completed a 2.5 week exercise with a palm tree needle an inch and a half long embedded in his left eye. Now tell me they're not hard-arses.

*edit* Army cadets, not that hardcore . . . . yet

16-03-2006, 05:14
I think it's about time Anvil got his own section for his projects.:p

10 days?! Great googleymoogley! Good luck on that. I reckon that Red Bull sales will skyrocket this week.

16-03-2006, 10:02
Aaaaah, Grenadiers. . . all is crystal mate.

9 days now, good luck mate!

Dave out.

Anvils Hammer
16-03-2006, 12:19
thanks guys,

today is hellhound day!!

This will be the first tank conversion Ive done in months..

Hehe, I love tank conversions

Im gonna be basing it on a Russ chassis, because thats what I have lying around, dont worry, it will be REALLY obvious that its a hellhound and has armour 12 on the front.

Anvils Hammer
16-03-2006, 14:54
righty, Ive stripped down the old model, realising the benefits of super glue in the process. its easyish to snap things apart again, unlike plastic glue.

Ive taken out the entire middel bit and removed the sponons, Im now going to rummage throuhh my tank bitz box and see what my insane mind can come up with for a hellhound.

updates... er.. today some time.


16-03-2006, 15:05
is this the 7 tank army it looks good

Anvils Hammer
16-03-2006, 15:46
after some thought.

I have decided that putting a real working flame thrower in my hellhound would be cool, its a little OTT, dangerours, and also difficult.

Thus, my inferno cannon will not live up to its name.


Anvils Hammer
16-03-2006, 18:18
hellhound update 2.

Ive added a fuel tank in the back, and a driver, using the sentinel cockpit, Ive doen this becaseu fully enclosing it wouldent show the AV 12 very well, and Im trying to avoide confusion.

AV12, not open topped. got it..? ah well, its going to be obvious its a hellhound when I add the inferno cannon :)


16-03-2006, 18:50
Looks good. I was thinking of making a hellhound out of a rhino and a small coke can. Let me know how well it takes paint.

Anvils Hammer
16-03-2006, 18:55
Looks good. I was thinking of making a hellhound out of a rhino and a small coke can. Let me know how well it takes paint.

they dont take paint very well, it chips of quite easily.

give it an undercoat of black mixed with PVA glue, that should help.

16-03-2006, 19:39
How would roughing it up with sandpaper work?

Anvils Hammer
21-03-2006, 01:50
ZAChos, I dont know, just put the paint on thickly, you shouldent have much trouble.


update time!

but not on the hellhound.
Im unexpectedly working all this week, and Ive got a few other commitments that have cropped up, so Ive scaled down the revamp slightly.

Firstly, "Vesuvius", my forge world medusa that was the first proper battle tank I ever assembled, is almost finnished over a year after I got it from forge world. I still remember opening the box..
It has now become a mighty impressive, and more importantly, tournament legal, Basilisk!! may she rain death on the foes of the emperor!

I love this tank, its my fave out of all my tanks.

second update, Ive finnaly got round to assembeling my infantry core properly.

I had approx 50 models on my desk, in various states of repair, however, my newly improved tourny list only actually has 26 infantry models in it, so I picked the cream of the crop, and with the additon of a few special weapons, converted my now defunct infantry mass into 4 lethal squads....

first up, the HQ unit, junior officer, medic, 2 plasma guns, a deadly unit dressed up in lots of bling.


they had their maiden battle as a unit today, against Darkseers deathwing.

their chimera revved forward, the squad heroicly leapt out into rapid fire range of some terminators and inlflicted two casualties!!!

... on themselves, after a triple overheat and a miss.... humm... they then failed a morale chekc and ran off the board, without the deathwing so much as giving them an evil..

two more squads now, the infantry units, Ive dubbed them "the last platoon".
two squads of 8 grenadiers, with 2 plasma guns in each, nothing complicated, just lots of Meq killing goodness.


so thats my 2 troops and a HQ out of the way.

now for my one elites choice, a f man storm trooper team, with 2 melta cannons! (which unfortunatly, only count as melta guns)
Ive also added grav chutes, made from cut down marine backpacks.
This units job is to deepstrike in and nuke a hard armour target, they did well in their opening battle, nuking one of Darkseers dreadnoughts.. which is way more than their points cost.
I find this one small unit to be scarily effective when it all goes to plan.


Obviously, I still need to paint them all.
Im goint to be largly repainting these guys, the armour is going to change from white to a much darker urban camo pattern, done to match the tanks better, and the flesh desparatly needs redoing. I also need to add finnishing touches like decals and unit markings.

whatdaya reckon? comments and criticism welcome. as well as suggestions about the colour scheme, or anything else for that matter.

more updates soon.. or atleast, before carnage.

The Dragon Reborn
21-03-2006, 05:23
your days are numbered now boy, so get cracking!

I really really like your basalisk, very nice tank you have got there

everything else is looking nice also, nice banner btw

21-03-2006, 06:56
Lookin good Joel, but do you sleep? lol.

Thanks for last nights game, it was a blast.

22-03-2006, 07:57
Damn, those flames are awesome. I'd say bugger the imperial guard and do legion of the damned, your flames are that good.

22-03-2006, 21:27
Bit late for that now mate. . .

Go AH! Go AH! And so on. . .

Dave out.

Puffin Magician
22-03-2006, 23:19
Well I gotta say this is a very ambitious move for someone who hasn't finished the last three projects on the forum. :p Perhaps a case of the pot calling the kettle black but I don't recall ever saying I'd finish anything!

Progress is looking good and can't wait to see your armour all painted up in a cohesive scheme. I rather like the overall look of your infantry, not only in colour but the amalgam of bits used.

Advice on how to finish within 5 days: less internet and less Deathwing-pummelling...

I've decided that putting a functioning flamethrower in my Hellhound would be cool but a little OTT...Understatement of the year!
...difficult, and dangerous.Without doing any research whatsover I'd imagine a simple waterpistol hooked up to a tank of lighter fluid, with a daredevil gamer to use and light the device.

ZAChaos: I'd suggest spraying the soda can, then painting it with some watery PVA, then painting it as normal. The first two layers *should* provide a solid base that won't simply flake off or chip into fragments.

Anvils Hammer
23-03-2006, 00:51
cheers guys..

Puffin, its only one project, Venice. The dam board is half my brothers, so Iveo nly failed to complete hy half :), and the Temuchin are part of the big "imperial guard project" which will never be finnished...

the flamer thrower would be a little more difficult that that, to make it look good, but youve got the gist of it. I still plan to do a remote controlled hellhound, that I can drive around and set fire to things with... I have too much imagination..

still desparatly trying to finnish everything.

now the emphesis is on finishing rather than improving/converting etc etc.
oh well, atleast they will be finnished.

hellhound update-
Ive built up the chassis, it just needs gap filling now. its going to have a heavy bolter next to the driver and a big ass flame thrower on a giant pintle on top. :)

still to do-
finnish hellhoud
put aceesorys on demolisher 2
paint the hellhound and both sentinels.
paint the demolisher, and finnish the Basilisk.
put finnishing touches on infantry units.

make objective markers etc.

23-03-2006, 12:48
Good luck with that to do list.
How many days are left until carnage?

23-03-2006, 13:31
Go, Anvil, Go, Anvil, Go!
Go, Anvil, Go, Anvil, Go!
Go, Anvil, Go, Anvil, Go!

Love the WIP on the Hellhound. Keep it up!



Anvils Hammer
23-03-2006, 16:02
Good luck with that to do list.
How many days are left until carnage?


And im working most of tomrow!!

today is it!!!

*runs upstairs to modeling desk*

23-03-2006, 20:21
What are you doing reading this? Get back to that painting desk, you slacker!!


Anvils Hammer
23-03-2006, 20:37
What are you doing reading this? Get back to that painting desk, you slacker!!


ok :p

the hellhound is coming along quite nicly, Ill have it undercoated and ready to paint in.. about 45 minutes if all goes to plan.

pics then.

23-03-2006, 21:28
Looking good so far ,out of intrest how many models are you repainting ?

Some guy (UK)
23-03-2006, 22:29
Its guna be a tight squeeze, but I recon you can do it :) But prioritize your last thigns to do, that way you only leave out things that you ain't too bothered about. BTW that Hellhound looks really good-I'm liking the gunner/crew compartment you've got there- keep it up!

Later, Some Guy (UK)

Anvils Hammer
23-03-2006, 22:53

I started off planning to repaint the entire army and add a entire new infantry core.
Then I just decided to repaint it
then I realised I could only really aim to finnish of the unfinnished units

now its going to be a strugle to even get all the units finnished!

ah well, Im happy, because my inferno cannon is enough to give any forgeworld hellhound cannon envy.

Shes nearly finnished! that flamer has 23 separate components! now you see why I have difficulty meeting deadlines!


Im going to do lots of undercoating now, it should take 30 minute to finnish all the modeling, then its on to painting things...
3 base colours first, tin bits, shadow grey and somthing else...

23-03-2006, 23:03
Wow that looks good :) cant wait to see it painted

The Dragon Reborn
23-03-2006, 23:07
wow that thing is looking sweet!

how many days left?

Anvils Hammer
23-03-2006, 23:15
thanks guys,

how many days left?


not enough


24-03-2006, 07:53
I find drinking beer helps me paint. It also makes me more pleased with the result.

awesome tank btw.

Crozius Arcanum!
24-03-2006, 11:35
This Hellhound is simply genius!

27-03-2006, 05:25
Well what happened?

27-03-2006, 10:48
I think he died under a pile of plastic frames and spray cans.

Verdict: Death by Misadventure.

27-03-2006, 11:02
hey anvil, nice work chief, very Peshay!!!
Like always you impress.
One point about the tank...how long do the drivers of your hellhounds last in service? would there b any chance of immolation of the drivers> i can imagine it being quite hot in the drivers "cockpit".
have you thort of semi enclosing the cockpit, or making a heat shield. just from an aesthetic p.o.v
just an idea

27-03-2006, 14:41
Soooo, how did we do? I'm sure everyone here was rooting for you, don't keep us in suspense.

27-03-2006, 15:10
How did it go ? any pictures ?

Anvils Hammer
27-03-2006, 15:30
thanks guys,

I almost got in finnished...


the hellhound was in this state for the tourney, undercoated, with a rough ut effective urban camo scheme, it just needs metalics and details now, the Demolisher is in the same state, as is the sentinel.
so my sucess, if you can call it that, was to have 3 colours on everything, horray!!

Here is a shot of the entire army as It was over the carnage weekend.

as for how did I do, well, not great,

I fought 5 power armoured armys, I annihilated an all infantry space wolves army, including killing his thunder hammer weilding jump pack sargent and his wolf gaurd battle leader with bayonets! it was awesome.
I really enjoyed that battle,

then I got annihilated twice in a row by a blood angles army then a dark angels army.
Then I fought a custom chapter and lost, but only just, I really enjoyed that game as well, it was close fought.
Then I was just about to slit my wrists after playing 4 marines armys in a row, I found out my last opponent would be black legion... argh...
That last game was good fun, I lost, but only by a few hundred VP's, mainly because my opponent had the wort run of bad luck Ive ever seen, and my artillery was almost totally on target.

Overall, I really enjoyed the tournament, all my opponents and their armys were great, and Im happy with how my army worked, the sentinels did their job, taking down a dreadnought, 2 preadators and alot of marines and terminators.
I was also pleased with my chimeras, the sheer number of heavy bolter shots they put out downed many a marine whos power armour failed them.

I may well run this list at the next tournament, if I havent got my Temuchin drop troops done in time.

I will also update this thread with the army when its totally finnished.

27-03-2006, 15:44
The hell hound looks sweet :) Your standerd barrer is mentel :)