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15-03-2006, 14:30
Hello all,

I am toying around the idea of a chaos army but I want something a bit different so I have gone for a daemon prince lead mortal army. This is almost purely mortal however the beast chariots are in there to be used as marauder chariots.

So take a look and tell me what you think.
I don’t play much so only pick up games when I can and it could be against anything.

Talash Du’khar Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided: 435 Pts
Magic Level 1
Daemonic Gifts
Master of Mortals
Diabolic Splendour
Soul Hunger
Blade of the Ether

Thorax the Exalted, Undivided Chaos Champion: 256 Pts

Great Weapon
Chaos Armour
Gaze of the Gods
Riding in a Chaos Chariot

Thurrock Orr Chaos Fire Sorcerer: 170 Pts
Magic Level 2
2xDispel Scroll

These guys are the heroes of the tribe. Talash will fly about with the Furies basically going where needed. Thorax will go on one side of the footslogging units with the two Beast chariots to one side so that two can charge the same unit if needed. Thurrock will go with the Warrior unit and generally try to shoot flaming balls all over the place.

24 Marauders: 193 Pts
Light Armour, Shield, Full Command

24 Marauders: 193 Pts
Light Armour, Shield, Full Command

16 Chaos Warriors: 295 Pts
Shield, Full Command, War banner

6 Chaos War hounds: 36 Pts

7 Chaos War hounds: 42 Pts

The core of the army will basically deploy in the centre of the battlefield if possible and slowly but surely move to get in combat. The hounds will screen against missile fire and if there is none will flank down one side.

6 Chaos Furies: 90 Pts

These guys go with the Prince to give him a screen against missile fire and to go war machine hunting if needed.

2x Tuskgor Chariots: 190 Pts

These will be place in between the units with Thorax being placed on the flank of one of the marauders so that all three can charge of two if needed.

2x Spawn of Chaos: 120 Pts

These guys take up one flank. Can either hold a flank or go in the centre of the army letting the chariots take up one flank if terrain permits.

Basically this army is not necessarily for winning but I want to find out what you think about it. I just love the idea of a Daemon prince staying with his army after ascension (or damnation depending how you look at it.).

So C&C welcome.

15-03-2006, 17:14
first off, I like the whole exalted in chariot thing, secondly I would bump up the prince's magic level to around 3 and keep the sorcerer as a caddie. now since this is an undivided army you should,imho, have screamers! they are an awesome unit, to do this I would take out a T.chariot and make the hounds 2units of 5. Now we need fome fast cav. Take the warriors down to 15, and remove one of the marauder units and get 2units of marauders with flails and musicians (81points each). Hope this help. Good luck!

17-03-2006, 11:58
There will always be suggestions of players to use the unit they think is best, but I think the list you have now is a good allround list. Especially when considering you deviced this list because like the idea of a demon staying with his warband and not just wanting to create a game-winning list. Play a few games and maybe then consider some adjustments or additions.