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Commissar Davis
02-12-2010, 20:11
I was wondering how many wrote up some fluff for their armies... This comes as I start on writing one for a WoC list.

Dr Bannana
02-12-2010, 20:19
I wrote fluff for my dark elf army(ies), one with a corsair style theme, the other with a crazy Khainite theme:evilgrin:

Ps yes i am a noob, my first post ;)

02-12-2010, 20:21
I do for all my armies. Most of it is just for me and doesn't make sense. For instance. In 1995 My Ork army was led by Super Ork. who would come and save the lads before flying off (being Powerfisted to death). I was 15 at the time and it sounded cool. Looking back though....

02-12-2010, 20:23
I have the skeleton of fluff for mine. But it's mostly an excuse to give my characters some flavour. Neil Gaimen it ain't, but it does its job.

02-12-2010, 20:26
I don't do any fluff per se. However my characters have a long and illustrious history as they've been the same all the way through my gaming....career(?). Therefore Desmond (who you can see in his current incarnation in the tale of fantasy painters December thread) my general, has been everything from a hive tyrant (the first army I ever owned for any GW system) to a necromunda leader, to a deamon prince (both 40k and fantasy), to an elf prince, to his current goblin form (and many things in between).

In the 10 (or maybe even more) years that Desmond has been ravaging the warhammer world/40k universe he has built up many rivalries, and has been completely unable to slay many beasties. Most notably in his long line of...experiences, Desmond has gained an entirely rational fear of skinks (from back when he was a lord of change for a while), which he still maintains, despite being much less threatened by them. Therefore, if I ever play against lizardmen, it's the skinks (and salamanders) which get my full attention until they're in the cold cold ground.

02-12-2010, 20:30
I have a small thing for my Bretonnian army. A lot more for 40k

02-12-2010, 20:43
I never used to, but then when I was forced to in a tournament (you got points for at least 300 words of fluff) I got stuck on it.

Between that and writing it into my battle reports I pretty much have fluff for all my armies.

02-12-2010, 20:56
I intermittently brainstorm names and fragments of backstory for my characters and units, but I usually end up losing track of those notes and just rewriting stuff when the whim strikes me. Only a few characters have remained consistent, roughly one "central personality" per army.

Commissar Davis
02-12-2010, 21:11
Cool... Its not like it was back in 4th, when it seemed everyone was at it. Kinda look around some times and think "dude, what happened... twas just yesteryear..."

02-12-2010, 21:22
I usually write a few pages of background story for each of my armies. At least 3 lines per unit detailing why they are in the army, what they have accomplished, and occasionally who they serve under (with my Dark Elves, who have a very mixed tier of command). I do wish that I took the time that some people do in our Painting and Modeling blogs with inventing creative characters and converting them.... but usually I can't think of anything that doesn't feel forced.

I'll admit that I normally think of these stories after/while I am deciding models. I'm not a story first, army second kind of player. For example my Empire Sigmar army is loaded with priests, but also has a L4 Heavens wizard as an Augur and some divinely named warmachines overseen by a church engineer (scribe). Likewise, my Sisters of Battle army had a problem with some chaos marines at one point and have dedicated their purpose to exterminating rogue space marine units (why else would I pack so much anti-marine firepower? :) ).

02-12-2010, 21:32
Over time I've grown to appreciate what a well thought out background can do for an army. Started out with my 40k Deamon Prince Squeeky-Bo-Bo and currently my brave-heart inspired marauders complete with kilt wearing ogres. (Even made an objective marker of a great sword sticking out of the ground).

I find the background helps me get into the game a bit more, even more so if the background can be modeled or painted onto the minis. Back when only one unit in my army wore kilts (great weapon marauders) they received much more attention then they should have as if my opponent were afraid they would run up and show them their slanneshi bits

02-12-2010, 22:40
Sorry for the bad camera work, but its alot more fun pushing this ogre across the table for me than the regular.



02-12-2010, 22:43
My WoC army has flff behind it as well, mostly based on the rich and beautiful Chaos background. My Greenskins have started without, but got a few bits over the years. :)

Commissar Davis
02-12-2010, 22:53
Sorry for the bad camera work, but its alot more fun pushing this ogre across the table for me than the regular.



Dude, that is all kinds of awesome!

03-12-2010, 01:08
I know what parts of the world my armies come from, but that's about it. I change armylist every time I play, so I never form an attachment to my units or characters.

Torpedo Vegas
03-12-2010, 01:20
I had a backstory for my Ostland Empire army, but I'm re-doing the whole thing, so now they are all former swamp loggers from the Ostermark.

03-12-2010, 02:47
I've got my personalized special character Zorburg Groinsplitter (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=279284). He's modelled, and I like the background. He's always there when I have a goblin led army, even if I'm just using a normal Warboss instead of my personalized rules for him.

03-12-2010, 02:54
Got to have fluff for my H.E, most people ask: "Your H.E. . . *gasp* they aren't white and blue!!!"

"Uh, no, they aren't. I wanted to do them differently, here's my fluff behind it if you don't like that reason. . . ."

03-12-2010, 04:43
My first Bret has fluff popping out the eyeballs, every unit had a story to tell...Nowdays rebuilding what I lost my current lord is Adalbrecht from the heraldy, but he'll be replaced soon with my own hombrewed fluffy Lord from the Border Princes.

Torpedo Vegas
03-12-2010, 04:50
I find that it helps to have your models have a connection to the backstory. For example, all the bases of my Ostermark Loggers have murky water and muddy swamp grass, and I have unit fillers of men with axes chopping down trees (which have goblins hiding in them)

03-12-2010, 04:59
I see no reason not to add fluff. My orcs have a purpose in preparing to attack the Empire (I view black orcs as roughly as intelligent as humans, so a clever warboss may be able to figure out a way to get orcs working together for a surprising amount of time), and the planned Khornate warriors have a major goal as well.

03-12-2010, 05:20
I have some fluff worked out in my head, but haven't bothered really putting it down on paper. With an upcoming Mighty Empires campaign my gang is running against each other, the fluff will likely be written down; it's a Bretonnian army and I've been reading Malory, so I expect the Arthurianesque references (which you don't have to search for with Bretonnians) to fly.

03-12-2010, 06:08
Got to have fluff for my H.E, most people ask: "Your H.E. . . *gasp* they aren't white and blue!!!"

"Uh, no, they aren't. I wanted to do them differently, here's my fluff behind it if you don't like that reason. . . ."

Do you really get this alot? I planned on painting each unit from a different province a different highlight colour. Black for Naggaryth, blue for Saphery, red for Caledor, blue/green for the city of Lothern, etc. Even my dragon is red and blue since it's the mount of a dragon mage.

03-12-2010, 06:11
I tend to fluff characters based on my friends, like a Saurus hero names Lok tik the darren smasher

03-12-2010, 06:40
I creatively write for school, for fun, for money, at the bus-stop and, if I don't pay enough attention, while I sleep. So I really don't have much of a choice. I have SEVERAL vignette to full-blown short story length background pieces for each of my armies. In fact, I tend to get bored if I stick too closely to the fluff. I much prefer doing my own background than simply borrowing one from the fiction (although I still borrow elements in order for it to properly mesh with the remainder of the universe.) I have my 'tropical jungle' wood elves who've turned to their reverence for the forest into outright worship, my Ogres with a taste for undead flesh (and it tickles me pink every time I use 'bonecruncher' haha) and my sinisterly tricked, 'immortal' Bretonnians (all combat, mostly cavalry VC list with minimal odds and ends.) The greatest part about unique background is all of the great conversion ideas you can get from working it up. I used to do a piece for every battle report too, but I started looking and sounding like Henry Darger, with whole portfolios full of battle statistics, how each model performed (mostly just to index the reports) and other such nonsense. So I had to, for obvious reasons, stop. Fortunately, there were no creepy pictures of 2 dimensional, anatomically incorrect little girls (barring the images taken of my daemonettes.)

Honestly, you can do what you want with your hobby, so long as it's enjoyable. That's kind of the point with having one in the first place. So yes, I'd say it's even an integral part of the hobby, but that's probably because I'm a crazy person.

03-12-2010, 08:07
Names, mostly. All my characters got names which remain constant over the years (with the exception of 40k armies like Tyranids and Necrons), but I don't have that much fluff beyond that. I did some backstory for my IG/Daemonhunters combination, and I plan to write some background for my Empire army I'm currently building, but apart from that, my other armies got very little. Shame on one side, as my Vampires, Dark Elves and Wood Elves got quite a battle history over the years.

Commissar Davis
03-12-2010, 14:19
So what do people see as no goes?

Just that I was thinking of breathing life in to some old fluff that I had for a knight who often pretended to be a hero, like the green knight, and would enter duals and tournies and be quite nasty, as in truth he has made deals with the different chaos gods and is responsible for uprisings and leads a gang of mercs. Though he has sometimes pretended to be others to cut better deals with the gods, and is rumoured that he once pretened to be Achon...

03-12-2010, 14:39
I used to but I don't really bother so much now, changes to the WoC booked annoyed me so I just threw fluff out the window, I might start again.

04-12-2010, 00:41
I'm a Creative Writing major so i can't really get away with not making it :/

though i have to admit i've handed my fluff in as fiction assignments several times when pressured for time/sanity.