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15-03-2006, 15:07
I got my ogres crushed by a tooled up tzeench army last week...damn 1+ save knights!

anyways his general was casting that anur heavens spell to get rerolls from magic. ok, fair enough...i wasnt familiar with tzeench armies and hadnt played a mage heavy game.

so later i read up on chaos magic to find out more...but I couldnt work out how he got heavens magic. he has chaos beastmen tzeench heroes too, but I dont think they get access either.

am I missing something? please enlighten me :)

15-03-2006, 15:11
no... chaos sorcerors only have acess to Fire, Shadows, and Death...
however if he has marked a character they may only choose spells from that marks Lore...

so in this case he must use Tzeench Lore on any characters bearing that mark...

hope that clears it up...

15-03-2006, 15:16
There is a spell on the Tzeentch list that gives the character that cast it re-rolls on just about any roll... EXCEPT magic, since you lose the spell as soon as the character casts another spell. Maybe your friend simply used that spell and didn't interpret it correctly? If he was using actual heavens lore, feel free to smack him though, if only for offending the Changer so. ;)

15-03-2006, 16:14
would that reroll spell be able to allow other casters to reroll their spells effects or spelldice...

15-03-2006, 16:24
No. The spell you're referring to, Orange Fire is cast by the sorcerer on himself and cannot be cast on other sorcerers. It is not the same as the Second sign of Amul in lore of heavens which Chaos cannot use.
Orange Fire enables the sorcerer to reroll failed rolls to hit, wound and armour saves - more effective with Daemon princes than a great Bray Shaman.

15-03-2006, 16:33
actually for a while I thought it was because my opponent was using the japanese beasts of chaos pdf (its not been fully translated yet so is kind of ravening hordes) but I just checked and even with my crappy japanese skills It still says only fire, death and shadow(i think)

so basically a chaos army shouldnt have access to heavens magic.:cries:

that sucks. i doubt my opponent was deliberatly cheating...but it was a tournament game!!

Taihen da!
oh well...too late now!:rolleyes:

15-03-2006, 17:18
now he may have had the staff of change... which lets him reroll his rolls on all of his spells...

15-03-2006, 21:43
Until he casts with irrisistable force, then the stagg runs out of goose. Also he can only reroll each dice ONCE, Plus either way Chaos is not allowed to use any lores except theirs (Nurgle, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch) and the lores of shadow, death, fire, and beasts (exclusively for beastmen).

16-03-2006, 00:31
Im quite sure it was second sign...he had d3 reroll tokens when he cast it.

argh! I must study more next time!