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03-12-2010, 06:35
Hey everyone

So as the title says im a noob, but me and my friends decided we are going to do the tale of 4 gamers idea, however there will be more than just 4.

So as it stands im doing Space Marines

my friends are doing
space wolves
chaos marines
and a possible imperial guard.

I plan to document the whole experience with photos weblogs and maybe videos.
But im here to learn more, i have no idea about anything in this game or proper grammar.
I have an idea for my first 500 points. I will post it in the armies section and link it back

03-12-2010, 06:49

here is the link to my 500 point theory squad

03-12-2010, 07:10
welcome.. hope you like it here
i am in the same boat as you . as i also have a space marine
may i suggest you get assault on black reach and also the space marine battleforce and the codex and that with in its self you will have basicly a good starting army .

03-12-2010, 07:29
let me be the first to advise...

hanging around here you will see a lot of negativity. don't take it to heart too much, its just impassioned players venting. if they really didn't love the game, they wouldn't bother complaining. :angel:

its a fantastic game/hobby, with an amazing depth of color and background, and limitless options. have fun, and be sure to post all your playing and modelling/painting progress (in the appropriate sub-forums)!

03-12-2010, 08:02
Yes - I use three forums.

Warseer is the most active, with the most interesting discussions, with people ready to argue their point. However, it can all to quickly descend into the "I'm right because I'm right and you are wrong because I am right." or "You stupid. Me clever." kind of debate. But it's funny to read, so it keeps me coming back! Also, Warseer is often the first for rumors, again, due to the forum activity.

Of the two other forums I frequent, one is a more mature forum, but far less active. The other is an army specific forum which is a total fan-fest. Everything is 'the most awsome thing in the history of the army' - every codex, codex entry, painted miniature, conversion is 'awsome'. Unfortunately, a lot of it isn't awsome, but it's a nice place to get some guarenteed positive feedback on my own shoddy painting!

So welcome to the hobby, I hope you get many years of enjoyment from it!

03-12-2010, 09:09
Welcome to the hobby! As the other entries say, browse forums and get the Assault on Black Reach box. You may even considering splitting it with the ork friend. Secondly its Codex Space Marines and another Tactical squad untill you've reached 500pts

After that the fun starts! Collect what you think is cool, and go for theese milestones: 500pts, 1000pts, 1500pts, 2000pts and finally 300pts. When you reach 3000pts you will have an army large enugh to play Apocalypse (this is when your army is "finished"(although you can keep collecting for ever, my army is 8000pts)) and you will have enough to switch units when you play smaller games.

And any questions at all, just ask in the forums!


03-12-2010, 15:40
Welcome to Warseer and the hobby, I hope you enjoy it as much as many of us do :)

A little advice with a Tale of Gamers army, work out in advance what everyone has to do each month, if it's a single unit, a minimum number of models painted, if they have to make and pain objective markers, a scenery piece for their army, etc. You get the idea :)

My most recent Tale of Gamers army was done the following way (the points totals are for how much had to be done that month):

Month 1 - 500 point painted and based.
Month 4 - 400 points painted and based, plus 5 objectives modeled and painted.
Month 3 - 500 points painted and based, plus a themed scenery piece.
Month 4 - 600 points painted and based.

The challenges are fun and help keep you motivated, also if you add a points system with the winner with the most points at the end getting a bonus (like not having to pay for the pizza for a month or whatever) it helps even more with friendly challenge. The challenge I was in gave:

1 point for every 100 points completed.
1 point per objective completed (bonus point if you did all 5).
3 points for the scenery piece.
1 point for having a game with that army (1 point per week maximum).
5 bonus points for meeting all deadlines.

let's just say that if I'd played more I might have won the challenge, but I wasn't able to get up every week :( I did come a close 3rd though, losing by 4 points (2nd place was 1 point ahead of me!) :)

Anyway, those are some tips on the most recent I've done in that style of collecting and painting.

And remember, always have fun and your army is never finished, it's on vacation... even if that vacation can last several yeahs, heheheh ;)

03-12-2010, 16:22
i am glad you are doing space marines =D..
one of the most important tips i can give you is this just have fun..
now like i said above i would suggest these
1.Assault on black reach
2. space marine battleforce
3.space marine codex
4.drop pod
5.another tactical sqaud
6. space marine tank of some kind

right there you would have a great starting army even with just the battle of black reach and the battle force but with everthing else you would have a transport and armored support

another tip is do not get to much get a couple stuff and then build and paint and then get more..

i made that mistake when i started SM. i got a good amount of stuff and then painted and i realized i had to much to paint at once. go slow and steady start out with a small list like that than build and paint and get more

other than that just have fun

Nomrana Est
03-12-2010, 17:28
It's always good to see a fellow Marine player out there. Firstly, may I say that one of the best starting points is the Assault On Black Reach set. Truly worth it, in all sense of the word.
The Space Marine Codex is also another major buy, and thus allows you to expand the army further, and setting yourself reasonable targets over a week or month is always useful, like building and painting a Tac squad in a week, an Assault squad another week etc etc.
My first mistake as a Marine player is immediately building up the Battle company in about 8 months, on and off. In all honesty, I was close to giving up playing all together, as I had an endless stream of Tac squads to build and paint, only broken up by the occasional Dev or Assault squad. Go for oddities, like a tank or a dread. Something different, to keep you entertained whilst the infantry are on the back burner.
Another thing, it has to look cool. It ain't a Marine army if it doesn't look cool.

03-12-2010, 17:57
I think the best piece of advice you can be offered as a new gamer is don't listen too much to places like this (very contradictory seeing as I just commented on your list) if you see something in the codex that you think looks cool but everyone else on here or in your club think its rubbish ignore them. The lists I enjoy using the most are the lists where I go for what I think is fun to use not what uber list builders are saying 'You must have .....'.

03-12-2010, 20:23
thanks guys, i really like the idea of a points based challeneges for completing models
and i am buying a assault box set, ive noticed that many of you said get another tactical squad? i was thinking a scout squad with snipers or a command for hq, but you guys are the pros.

Are tactical squads good? pros and cons versus scout squads?

03-12-2010, 20:56
well this is what i have right now.. just got it all in september basicly my starting and it has worked well and have won a couple battles

i have
assault on black reach, space marine battle force,the codex, a drop pod,got another dreadnought so i have a total of two,i have a predator tank, got the scout/sniper squad,
an assault squad,tactical squad, i got an librarian,commander, and a chaplain , and finaly i have a razorback.

and thats what i have so basicly i got the battle force and the black reach as a good amount come with both of those and then i got a couple other guys and i ahve basicly a good army right now

that wouyld be your best bet

from what i saw in your last post i would get basicly this
the codex no space marine should be with out it
assault on black reach and the space marine battle force.. then would get the scout/sniper squad as it is very good.
you will get a commander in i believe its assault on black reach so if you get that you dont need to worry
i would either get a librarian or chaplain.
you will get a rhino with the battle force and a dreadnought with assault on black reach. i would get another assault and tactical squad
and then i would get a tank of some king like the predator, or whirlwind, razorback, crusader, or vendicator

and then you should be good..
and if you wanted you could get the drop pod as i find it is a very good tactical advantage.