View Full Version : First army 2k dark elves

03-12-2010, 17:06
Dread lord crimson death and armor of darkness
Sorceress tomb of the furion not sure what protection to give her

32 spearmen fc
28 corsairs frenzy banner
16 crossbows

20 black guard

2 bolt throwers

Assassin rune of kahine and touch of death

03-12-2010, 17:10
Oh all units have fc

03-12-2010, 17:22
So a couple questions:

- Is your BSB a Witch Elf or Master? Do they have any gear?
- Have you considered adding any mounted troops? This army seems slow. If you don't want cavalry for whatever reason, I have found dropping a bolt thrower and instead taking a handful of Shades provides more effective shooting and war machine disposal (which it looks like you'll need).

04-12-2010, 15:18
Bsb is a master he was just going to have heavy armor I like the idea of shades thanks

04-12-2010, 16:18
How about

Dread lord same as before
Sourceress tomb of the furion pendant of khaleth
Master bsb sword of might and blood armor

32 spears fc
28corsairs fc
16 crossbows

20 black guard fc
5 cold one knights

2 bolt throwers