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Dr Bannana
04-12-2010, 12:13
Getting back into WH for 8th, made a non competitive 2250pt list for DE.

Constructive criticism welcome (and desired!)

Supreme Sorceress 360
Talisman of preservation
Sacraficial dagger
Black dragon egg

Death hag 225
Cauldron of blood

Sorceress 170
Pendant of khaeleth

Master 130
Crimson Death
Armour of Darkness

39 Warriors 288

38 Warriors 281

10 Crossbowmen 120

5 Dark riders 131
Musician, Standard

10 cold one knights 370
Standard of slaughter
Ring of Hotek (if playing dwarfs/magic light armies, swapped for the killing blow lance)

Hydra 175

total: 2250

Plan is to use the Sorceresses to blast the enemy with magic (im thinking black horror/soul stealer, which i have a 100% chance of getting on my lv4: roll the level 2 first, if she rolls black horror (or soul stealer) then swap it for the first spell) while they advance, with minor support from the crossbowmen, then charge with the CoKs and the Hydra. The dark riders kill war machines, kill stray wizards, etc.

As i say, this might be completely worthless, Because i am a n00b ;).

Dr Bannana

major soma
04-12-2010, 12:31
A death hag and COB without witch elves? Interesting. I've fought against several DE players and just once I would like to face a force like this:)

Dr Bannana
05-12-2010, 09:09
thanks - making a new list, with a little (meaning big) surprise in it...