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Vulkan Rocks
04-12-2010, 17:00
Okay, so for a long time, i thought about having a Caledorian Emissary Force, with as many 'Caledor' units as possible.

Prince Darnas Firekin
Moon Dragon
Lance, Dragon Armour, Enchanted Shield, Guardian Drake (Phoenix)
So this is the army General, he is going to basically run around with a good armour save (2+) and tear people a new one.

Catharas Dragonlord - Dragon Mage of Caledor
Level 2
Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Protection, Ironcurse Icon
so this guy is there to provide some more raw FIREpower :wtf:and to help provide a distraction from the Moon Dragon

The Dragons Spines - 20x Lothern Sea Guard
Shields, Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame
So the Horses had to get there somehow, so i have the sea guard crew, with the Banner of Eternal Flame to continue the theme, and they have the sea dragon shields so they should fit in

Blazing Company - 20x Archers
Here for more arrows, and to fulfil min. Core requirements. They can help keep the special choices intact

The Riders of Flame - 5x Dragon Princes of Caledor
Drakemaster, Standard Bearer
Here for fluff purposes as well as they are going to run rampant through ememy lines, as the Dragons will hopefully draw all the firepower

The Burning Ones - 5x Dragon Princes of Caledor
See above

Asuryans Chosen - 10x Phoenix Guard
Full Command
Keeper of the FLAME:shifty: and who can interpret the will of Asuryan?:cheese:

2000 points on the dot.

Open to suggestions, that keep both Dragons, so NOcomments of get Teclis :cheese:or Book of Hoeth:cheese:. All in keeping with the theme, but I would like to keep the Phoenix Guard, but will make them bigger if possibe.

Thank You in Advance

~//~ Vulkan Rocks ~//~

04-12-2010, 17:07
10 PG are kinda rubbish. They don't hit extremely hard, and with only 10, they'll have problems winning combat on their own.

As for keeping both Dragons, that ties points up quite a bit.

Only suggestion I can think of is fold the DPs into one unit of 6-7ish and bump the PG up with those points.

Pointy Headed Elven Paladin
04-12-2010, 17:17
I concur with Tarian about those 10 Phoenix Guards. I'd opt for another 5 man unit of Dragon Princes for the same amount of points and use the remaining points from the command section on magic standards/magic items or go the other way and drop a DP unit to buff up the PGs.

04-12-2010, 17:19
Honestly, the Dragon Lists work better @ higher point values, as 2! Dragons eat a *lot* of points up.

04-12-2010, 18:07
I'd consider either teclis or the book of hoeth. JOKES :p

Issue is you've put so many points in charecters, you havent got the sustanance. I would drop the dragon mage. Put in a fire mage on foot. Use the dragin points to beef up the phoiniex guard. I also think i would rather have a unit of spears thean archers.


Vulkan Rocks
04-12-2010, 18:23
did you read I WANT TO KEEP THE DRAGONS, ITS A FUN LIST! NOT FOR COMP PLAY anyway. i will make 1 unit of dragon prncs as suggested, and will add more pg, but BOTH DRAGONS STAY

04-12-2010, 18:31
Given stomp attacks and flaming in close combat, I can see the dragons doing well. Unless you go up against dwarves or empire. But then again, that'd serve you right for fighting your betters. (Yes, I play dwarves and empire).

Perhaps you could find points somewhere to up the lord's protection? Ideas...

The helm of +1 AS and RR failed AS. It is only 25 points if I remember correctly. Getting a RR 1+ AS could serve him nicely. Dropping the 5+ WS would get you the points for that with some left over. And seeing as how you only have 1 mage...perhaps the radiant gem of hoeth? In effect you could have 2 dragon mages, with the difference that one of them happens to be better at killing stuff. I'm not sure how it would work out, but it could be fun. (and imagine all of the bonuses they could get with the lore of fire if they target one unit!)

04-12-2010, 18:45
hmm, betters.... dident like that one. be nice or the high elfs might take away your magic on the empire side, and dwarves are to short to have an opinion :) but we are all children of the old ones, some just more favoured then the others.... maby if the dwrfs learn to play nice the high elfs might let your presious hero out of the chaos realm.. but i dont think that will happen :)

as for the army list i agree whit the dp-pg suggestion. i think it will be an fun and fast army. geting those 2 dargons to work well might be harder then it loooks but if it works it realy rips units to shrade.

Pointy Headed Elven Paladin
04-12-2010, 18:50
Ok I made a quick revision of your list above. By downgrading the Prince's dragon above I was able to increase the number of PGs in your army and make your prince more of a killer & the mage more magical:

Prince: 457 pts.
Mount: Sun Dragon
Equipment: dragon armor & shield
magic items: Blade of might, Helm of Fortune, & Guardian Phoenix

Dragon mage: 400 pts.
Mount: Sun Dragon
magic items: tailsman of Endurance, Ironcurse Icon, & Silver Wand

21 LSG with full command & kit w/ BotEF: 308 pts.

20 spearmen w/ full command: 205 pts.

5 Dragon Princes: 150 pts.
5 Dragon Princes: 150 pts.

20 PG w/ full command: 330 pts.

Total: 2000 pts.

I hope that helps.

Vulkan Rocks
04-12-2010, 19:04
i really need at least 6 fortitude, so im not sure that will work

Pointy Headed Elven Paladin
04-12-2010, 19:29
i really need at least 6 fortitude, so im not sure that will work

Well I guess you can downgrade Prince's magic items to the following to get the points needed for the standard bearer for one of the DPs units. So I guess it could look like this instead:

Prince: 437 pts.
Mount: Sun Dragon
Equipment: dragon armor & shield
magic items: blade of might & temakador's gauntlets

It isn't as versatile as the previous build but it does have a built in ward save against strength attacks and keeps the princes close combat capability & 2+ armor save intact.

04-12-2010, 20:14
@Pointy - Why have you given him balde of might when GW would work nearly aswell

I think a Prince, Moon dragon, GW, Dragon armour, Gauntlets would be good, and just get rid of the dragon mage. They don't really work. And you coudl ahve mpre pg's by just keeping it as lv.2 w. silver wand, lore of fire.

Vulkan Rocks
04-12-2010, 21:42

04-12-2010, 21:52
The problem with that, Vulkan Rocks, is:

1) I want my list way X (With Dragons, for fun), but I want advice to make it better.
2) X isn't very flexible, as most of the points are taken already.
Thus, there's really not much advice to give your list, if its set that way already.

I mean, if I was to give a "competitive" list advice for 2k Caledor, I'd drop both Dragons, but that doesn't fit what you want your list to be, so there's not really any advice other than pushing some numbers around. Only thing that can change in your list is the Core, and HE only have 2.5 different core choices.

Pointy Headed Elven Paladin
04-12-2010, 22:15
@Pointy - Why have you given him balde of might when GW would work nearly aswell

Well he wanted to keep that 2+ save and this was the only way to do it within the point parameters I could work with in order to give the prince that and a buff to strength. Otherwise it would have been GW, AoE, VoD, & OTS as the items. Plus I like to spend every possible point possible (pet peeve of mine). :D

09-12-2010, 20:01

I'm really just trying to help mate. We all are. And with the first suggestion, if i'd known you didn't have a sense of humor (all though, the word 'jokes' in capital letters might have been a hint), i would'nt have botherd