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15-03-2006, 21:23
Hi, i just started warhammer (first off, i hope this is in the right section). im going to plan what will be in my army so i can purchase them later on. Im very open to suggestions and have absolutely no experience in WHFB gaming watsoever. Well i need this list to be balanced and ready to take on all comers. I want this list to be quite shooty and magic heavy, but able to counter any close combat encounters. This is what i was thinking:

1 Waywatcher lord (or a Noble??)

2 spellsingers (or 1 spellsinger and 1 branchwraith???)

32 Glade guard

16+ dryads (im undecided on how many to get, whats a good number?)

8 wardancers with full command

5 wild riders

9 waywatchers (or a treeman??? which ones better?)

*just out of curiosity, are eternal guard worth it pointwise? (are they worth their weight in $$$ as well?, a unit will be quite expensive)

Advice is appreciated

16-03-2006, 01:41
I have played Wood Elves since the new edition has come out and I have found out that there is no one style of list that is more effective

So all those units are effective. But you will not know what you prefer to use until you have a few prac games with the list - My list started out with a bit of everything and I have gradually refined it over the months to something that suits me.

But there isnt one unit that is useless or not worth the points all the units are balanced and well costed

Sorry I know this doesnt give you what you wanted but yopu have to answer the question yourself

16-03-2006, 01:52
Don't make a WE list that will be strong in close combat. It really doesn't exist. Eternal Guard and Wild Riders are good in combat, but not hardy. Treekin and Dryads are great, but a Treeman doesn't always pay off the cost. Just play around and see what works and how.

16-03-2006, 07:45
Don't make a WE list that will be strong in close combat. It really doesn't exist. Eternal Guard and Wild Riders are good in combat, but not hardy. Treekin and Dryads are great, but a Treeman doesn't always pay off the cost. Just play around and see what works and how.
My 1800pt CC Bret-slayer list says otherwise. :D

Firstly, don't put your noble out dancing with the waywatchers.
Get him near your baseline - with small/fragile units, his Ld will come in useful plenty.
Wild Riders... opinion appears to be divided on the subject on these forums. (Mine against everybody else's :angel: )
Most people seem to prefer 1 or 2 5-strong units, with varying command.
I always, always, always take them in a unit of 10 with full command and the warbanner. They have been the most consistently effective unit in my army, and as such have earnt themselves a place in every single list I write. They've even managed to win frontal charges against HE spearmen blocks. Awesome unit.
If you want an army that can handle CC, Eternal Guard are your kiddies.
IMO they're cheap for what they can do. I take a unit of 20 in 3 ranks of 7 (extra space for the Noble), as with stubborn units you want to dole out attacks. Banner of Dwindling is a good one for them when you're going to be facing cavalry - running down knights is far easier when they flee 2D6.
My "combat" frontline is a unit of Eternal Guard and a Treeman, and a BSB lurking behind. Extremely difficult to break that line, even for cavalry.
I hold Wardancers in reserve to get the flanking charge once the unit gets stuck.
On the subject of Wardancers - go for 10. It allows the unit to take a few casualties and still be able to get flank/rear bonuses in combat or to hold/contest table quarters.
With the Dryads, I'm currently experimenting with a 16-strong "dragnet" unit.
A unit of T4 immune to psychology skirmishers with a ward save means that they make a great shield for units to advance behind without having to worry about panic. They also work great as a mobile flank protector.

Bit primarily, m1s1n had the right central piece of advice - listen to people, but play around and see what works for you.

16-03-2006, 08:11
That list looks perfectly doable. One of my rules of thumb at the moment, though, is "don't take a Lord where a Hero will do". Unless you've got a specific combo in mind that needs more than 50 points of magic allowance, there's no reason not to make a scouting lord a Hero.

>>2 spellsingers (or 1 spellsinger and 1 branchwraith???)
Branchwraiths can take the +1 DD sprite, which is doubleplusgood. However, with all that Glade Guard you're probably better off sticking elven casters in with them.

>>>32 Glade guard
Two boxes FTW! Two sets of eleven (with a spellsinger in each) ranked 6x2 out the back and a block of ten scouts should work well.

>>>16+ dryads
Two sets of eight should work fine. Dryads can't get static combat resolution, so you want them big enough to do some damage, but small enough to be manouverable. Incidentally, with two boxes there's no problem (but points) with going 3x8...

>>>9 waywatchers (or a treeman??? which ones better?)
I'd take the waywatchers, but in a slightly smaller unit. A Treeman should be used semi-defensively, so decide if he'll be useful in wiping out fast units going after your archers... Oh, and it's always nice to have a big monster as a centerpiece. :)

>>>*just out of curiosity, are eternal guard worth it pointwise?
Yes and no. That is, yes if you know what you're doing and build a list around them! As a beginner, you're probably better off not spending the money and deciding whether you need the ranked infantry after a few (dozen) games.

16-03-2006, 12:01
I've often thought about a pure fast cavalry list for wood elves although I suspect it would very quickly become considered a "cheesy" or abusive list.

17-03-2006, 20:11
Personally, I've always liked the idea of a forest-patrol list, comprised of Glade Guard, Scouts, Way Watchers, and a few War Dancers. I'm not too keen on the Forest Spirits, especially with their new models. The Treeman and Treekin aren't so bad, but I just don't like the Dryads.

17-03-2006, 20:49
I dont like block units so I generally take small units of glade riders, wildriders with support from wardancers, a treemen and 3 small units of 8 dryads, I can run circles around most armys and just wait for the right time to flank charge and If i cant flank charge I just out shoot who ever im playing.

18-03-2006, 03:22
So this is my altered list (again, sugestions welcome):
1 Noble
1 Branchwraith
2 spellsingers
32 glade guard (in groups of 8x2)
5 wildriders w/full command (maybe more....thinking of 10??)
8 wardancers w/full command
24 dryads (in groups of 8)
1 treeman and 9 waywatchers (interchangable, depending on what role i want to take - cc offensive or shooting defensive.)

Is it ideal to use waywatchers to take out warmachines??

18-03-2006, 06:18
remember that unless your on a hill only the first rank can shoot so in most situations 8 x 2 glade guard aren't that great, other than that it looks like a solid start, I would think about some glade riders

18-03-2006, 06:42
considered glade riders, but to me i dont like them money-to-usefulness ratio and i hate painting horses. Glade riders are IMO not worth me taking the time painting the horses. Wild riders on the other hand will be worth it, and i will urge myself to actually paint horses.

did it tell you that i hate painting horses:p :D

19-03-2006, 01:34
Yeah, I can never get the "natural" colours right. Horse hair always ends up either ghost white or "cheap plastic" black (or something similarly artificial in between). :cries: