View Full Version : Has anyone tried Tyrant army (IA9)??

06-12-2010, 17:37
I think that Tyrant army (Imperial Armour 9) looks really cool on paper; although there are definitely some units with questionable priced, such as Arvus Lighter with no weapon is more expensive than DE Raider with built-in dark lance by 15 points :wtf:

The idea of fielding IG tanks and Space Marine Troops is very cool though, not to mention the gun platforms are very cheap. I guess a lot of artillery and space marine going for the objective is a good strategy.

So I'm wondering if anyone has tried the Tyrant army yet? If so, what works and what does not??

Thanks :D

06-12-2010, 21:59
I'm currently converting over a bunch of old Chaos Marines I have around the apartment so I can give the list a try. On paper it sounds like a very fun list to play and it's not many things in it that I wouldn't consider taking in an army. The only bad thing about the list from what I've seen is that there is to many options^^

The sentry guns I'm not sold on, they are way too easy to destroy for Kill Points imo.

16-12-2010, 03:14
I was looking around to see if anyone had started on or tried out the Tyrant's list from IA9 as well. I just received the book, and it looks very well put together, and an interesting (and, possibly, effective!) army list... something of a first for FW.

So, have you given the list a whirl? How did it preform?