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07-12-2010, 09:58
We now know, thanks to the new Dark Eldar codex, that the Eldar gods were weakened by a significant decline in belief prior to the Fall and the Birth of She Who Thirsts. This facilitated Her consumption of the Eldar Pantheon.

So, if Biel-Tan and other Craftworlds (and perhaps the Harlequins) that are attempting to restore the Eldar Empire succeed in re-populating and all these extra Eldar believe in the Gods (even if they think they are dead) could this gradual influx of belief allow some of the consumed Gods to split off from Slaanesh? Khaine to be made whole once more, Isha to break free of Nurgle, the rest re-manifesting etc?

The Gods are Warp entities like Daemons, and we know the Gods split bits of themselves off to create little Warp entities quite often (Greater Daemons). So think along those lines, but involuntary.

Perhaps Ynnead may play a part in it, defeating Slaanesh and allowing the other gods to re-emerge. This assumes all the extra Eldar dead allow it to awaken without the extinction of the Eldar.:shifty:

Obviously I'm not saying this would ever happen canonically.:)


07-12-2010, 10:09
That's how the warp works. Enough concentrated belief will create anything given enough time.

The eldar gods would be very wierd though if they were created in the image of 'dead' gods. Having Asuryan show up with witchlights instead of fires, or summoning skeletal carrion birds instead of firey phoenixes would be a little disturbing.

Basically what you'd have to do is censure all information and raise the next generation of eldar with the belief in their gods as living. That way you'd create similar ones to those that were lost.

Isha the Zombie Mum would be fun though.


07-12-2010, 10:44
Since these are gods any lasting change in the status quo would need to be accomplished and sustained by symbolic faith filled acts that shift the overall balance of power funnelling into the warp.

Biel-tan's mentality and determination to bring back "ancient days" would perhaps be best conducive to freeing Isha. If they were to ever hypothetically establish a new vibrant growing Eldar empire that then inspired true hope in the Eldar and a belief in their old pantheon again, Isha might then be freed or escape from her prison. However the problem is Biel-tan doesn't really seem to have any coherent long term plan for how they plan to bring about the birth of a new Eldar empire. Their policy of clearing out interlopers on Maiden worlds still ends up leaving the Maiden worlds unoccupied (or occupied by a few insignificant Exodites) waiting for some vague undefined future time when a hypothetical new Eldar empire would need them. In the meantime, such struggles to keep these "empty lots" of real estate clear expends Biel-tan's strength.

Another thing that needs to be considered is that the Path following Eldar have substantially different mindsets from the old pre-Fall Eldar, and these Eldar believe their gods are dead. Ynnead, as a god born from Path following Eldar, may be of a different mindset in turn from the ancient Eldar gods, and the current Eldar mindset may not be conducive to just a straight revival of ancient gods.

07-12-2010, 11:45
Well, we don't have much information about the activities of Biel-Tan really, I'm not sure we can assume they have no plan. It may be that they do, we just don't know about it. Or they may not, who knows.

From Path of the Warrior it does seem that there is still a lot of belief/reverence for Isha so she does seem the most likely candidate, especially if she is still alive and captive of Nurgle (I personally believe she is). I have this mental image of Isha kicking Nurgle in the groin, tipping him into his cauldron and then legging it to hide on a Craftworld.:shifty:

Didn't Biel-Tan also establish enclaves on the Crone World of Eidolon during the Eye of Terror campaign? That might indicate resettlement plans. Anyone have the EoT campaign newsletters handy to check, mine are buried in a folder buried in the hobby library somewhere.

07-12-2010, 12:45
Isn't this where you get into the foibles--or should that be feeble?--of warp cosmology and metaphysics. Given their mastery of the warp, something that is stated to go beyond that of the Old Ones (in at least some circumstances, but obviously nothing too cool :rolleyes: ), one imagines that they're pretty keyed into the idea "belief = gribbly in the warp." The problem seems to arise from the "connection" of Slaanesh to the Eldar, thus any energy they send into the warp is going to be nom-nommed by the Great Enemy.

In that circumstance it would appear that the Eldar reaction to the Fall is to create a form of cultural "no-mind" so as not to send forth this energy.

Completely incidentally, and with the caveat that this is fan material (which often garners other names from some!), there is the idea of co-opting the Second Law of Thermodynamics into warp cosmology. Thus, energy is not destroyed etc. etc. The "consumption" of the Eldar Gods could therefore only become the co-opting of those entities; a change of form. This has been referred to as the "Greatest Secret," since it randomly speculates that the greatest of the Keeper of Secrets are vested with the energies of these former Eldar Gods, with--you guessed it (it wasn't hard!)--the greatest of the secrets being their own true identities.

That was the general gist of it, but you can get more complex if you want regarding Spirit Echoes (the evocation of the essence of a Passed God by an Eldar for a brief time), the nature of Solitaires, etc. etc. Make of it what you will, just remember that this and the previous paragraph is little more than fan speculation and creation for the fun of it (to give the background a bit more 'depth').

Of course, as Khaine is out of bounds along with the Laughing God, doesn't that leaves only Isha in the clutches of Nurgle (if you're to believe the Chaos 'fluff'), so one can imagine Slaanesh raging at the gates of Nurgle as it were. Hmmn, this just goes to show that you can lay the blame for syphillis at the feet of Eldar, darned their skinny hides. :shifty: