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Col. Dash
07-12-2010, 14:17
I basically have my army led by a wacked out Goblin Warboss who thinks he is a smart troll. Its a 2k list and I am trying to figure out what works. I am at work so not listing points and names are at least close.

Warboss Grogg- The Troll King(In his mind), Martogs Best basher, Brew, LA, Shield, Dragonhelm, +4 ward save Item from BRB

NG Shaman lv2 Staff of sneaky stealin'
NG Shaman Lv2 Feedback scroll
Goblin BB BSB with LA and Spider Banner

Possible Mounted goblin hero 125pts allocated

Trolls x6
Doom Diver

NG spearmen FC x37
NG Spearmen FC x37
NG Bowmen x 20 FC
NG Bowmen x20 FC
NG Bowmen x20 FC
Spider riders x 10 FC
Spider Riders x10 FC

One fanatic in each unit that can take them.
Suggestions on what to add or change, note I am sticking to gobbo units and trolls. I have only played them at 1k points and learned enough to know Squig hoppers are useless this edition for now. The Spider banner guy will go in one of the bow units.

07-12-2010, 21:41
My policy on BSBs is protect them at all costs. I would get rid of the spider banner (it's not going to make much difference to 20 archers) and give him some protective stuff (ward save preferably). Also my policy on goblin characters is keep them cheap, so I would be tempted to ditch some of the stuff on your general (but keep the ward save).

I'm still toying with the great shaman vs multiple lesser shaman, but I think 2 level 2s is fine. Not sure about the feedback scroll, but I suppose it has the potential to get rid of very nasty mages fairly cheaply.

If possible, I would make the spear units bigger (50 models maybe) and nets are near enough essential (they don't seem too great, but once you use them in some games you'll find that they're great). I would get the points for that by dropping one of the spider units. You'll also have some spare points here (plus the 125 you've left spare) with which to get some super cheap night goblin big bosses with great weapons, or else some chariots or squig herds. Just something to give some punch in combat. I would also combine 2 of the archer units to make a 40 man multi purpose archer unit.

If you can rustle up the points, a rock lobba is always a useful thing to have, but it's not essential.

6 trolls and a doom diver is always my rare selection. They're just great.

So in summary, I like it, but maybe just some slight re-arrangement of units and a slight redistribution of wealth would make it a bit more fighty. Having said that, take what you like, and play your own army, not just one which we suggest to you.

Col. Dash
07-12-2010, 22:00
There are netters, just forgot about them while I was at work typing.
In a tourney I played in, the Spider Banner BSB and archer unit with a fanatic wiped an 8 man khorne warrior unit with two volleys and a stand and shoot as well as injuring a few Slaanesh warriors in the same HtH. They performed amazingly the other games of the tourney as well so I am pretty set on them.
I do have the 125 points to play with. I might add to the archers or the spear gobbos and bring them up to 50 and maybe a couple fanatics added in as well.

07-12-2010, 23:18
i'd put the archers into two units. especially if you were going to use the spider banner

08-12-2010, 03:33
i'd put the archers into two units. especially if you were going to use the spider banner

Or even better with the banner, just one giant 6x10 horde of poisonous death. That many poisoned attacks are bound to kill something and it's still only 200 points for the unit!

The spider riders should be in either groups of 5 or 15 and have short bows. In groups of 10 if you lose one guy you don't disrupt ranks and it's not much of a threat anymore, and it's too expensive to be a good annoyance unit. Groups of 5 are good at scaring warmachines and annoying really weak units and wizards, and the 15 should dance around their flanks and rear, plinking away for 3 or 4 turns before picking on something to rear-charge

08-12-2010, 04:31
I'd probably drop the mounted 125 point hero and get a couple of regular NG BB with GW's to give your infantry blocks some added ooomph

08-12-2010, 05:39
i'd put the archers into two units

Or even better with the banner, just one giant 6x10 horde of poisonous death

Just a minor note, I'd definitely keep one unit at 20 man, just so you can stick a unit in the watchtower (if you can get the general and BSB nearby, at least the enemy will have to cause 20 wounds before they have a chance at occupying it) and they're also brilliant for guarding your flanks against fast cav etc.

Spider banner in a unit of 40 archers could be interesting though....

08-12-2010, 08:04
I used a unit of 40 with the banner a few days ago, it was kind of wasted against T3 dark elves(still took out a fair few black guard), but against lizardmen or chaos, it would be brilliant

Col. Dash
08-12-2010, 14:38
Hmmm perhaps i will make a 40 man archer unit and a 20 man. Remember I have three total units and I have the models. So perhaps ...
Same characters as above without the 125 mounted guy.
Will up the spear gobs to 50.
Add either GW champs or a couple fanatics
40 gob archers with BSB
20 gob archers

Spider riders split up somehow with bows.