View Full Version : 3000pts of Ogres

09-12-2010, 15:41
Going for big blocks that can dish it out and take it.

One Character go's in each unit to give them Horde.
The Tyrant with the maneaters, the BSB with the Iron
guts (second rank). Tyrant will hunt for Monsters, characters
while the bulls/ironguts clog the middle.

How is my item load out? Should I make changes?


*Dispel Scroll
*Ironcurse Icon

Brusier Battle Stand Bearer
*Crown of Command

*Terrifying Mask

11 Bulls with full command

11 Bulls with full command

11 Iron guts
*Magic Banner - Rune Maw

3 Maneaters
*Cathayan Long Sword
*Great Weapon

20 Gnoblar


12-12-2010, 20:10
At the moment the Tyrant has very little in the way of protection from high strenth weapons, so maybe invest in a ward save. Also, imo maneaters arent really that brilliant, so I might invest the 250-odd points that they set you back in more ogres, another scraplauncher, or maybe some gorgers? However, your other character load outs look pretty sound.

Prince Sairion
12-12-2010, 21:07
Take an enchanted shield for the bsb, the tricksters helm is a nice item to combine with mawseeker for the tyrant, although it would mean losing the tenderiser, makes him far more survivable.

I'm the same with maneaters I'm afraid, use the minis if you have them as unit champs and get some gorgers in there for the mess they make of your opponents plans.