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10-12-2010, 00:44
Okay so I've made a bit of a bretonnia wishlist. Its at 3000 points and centered around the Fay Enchantress.


The Fay Enchantress, Lore of Life
8X Grail Guardians
-Full Command


Paladin, BSB
-Virtue of Heroism
-Banner of the Lady
-Grail Vow
-Virtue of the Ideal
-Enchanted Shield
-Royal Pegasus
-Virtue of Duty
-Shrieking Blade (CMI:confused:)


9X Knights Errant
-Full Command
-Errantry Banner
8X Knights of the Realm
-Full Command
8X Knights of the Realm
-Full Command
-Banner of Chalons
15X Peasant Bowmen
-Light Armor


4X Pegasus Knights
-Full Command


9X Grail Knights
-Full Command

Okay there it is folks. Obviously its a list that lives on the charge, but it does have some shooting potential. The Fay Enchantress is, imho, the best named character the Bretonnians can throw around. She gives the army an automatic blessing and shes a magical powerhouse with a +6 to cast from Life! And one automatic Heavens spell a turn is pretty ******* cool too. Probably the best thing about her is she allows a SECOND unit of Grail knights in a list! w00t!

10-12-2010, 00:57
Hold on guys i just read the FAQ and the Grail Guardians put me over 25% for Lords, I thought they were separate. ignore them, but the rest of the army is about right,

10-12-2010, 01:13
I would dump the Grail Guardians and distribute their points to the Knights of the Realm and the Knights Errant to at least make them 12 knights per unit.

Dump paladin number three, and change paladin two to be the "cruise missile":

-VO Heroism
-Royal Pegasus
-lance and shield
-Whatever else you want to add to the extra 10 points of magic allowance (luckstone is a good one, so is gauntlet of the duel, especially if you face lizardmen-slann)

Re-equip the Battle standard bearer to be more about protecting himself. Gromril greathelm and mantle of damsel elena (or virtue of purity) are great choices. The rerolls he provides alone are worth it that a magic banner probably isn't necessary.

Peasant bowmen do not need a champion, or light armor. Points are better spent on more Peasant Bowmen.

Pegasus knights do not need a battle standard bearer. You want them versatile enough to be able to flee when they need to, as they can regroup easily and countercharge, making sure they get the lance bonus.

Any extra points would be well spent in:

1. a +35 men at arms unit
2. another 15 man peasant bowmen unit
3. More knights of the realm

Consider banner of discipline on one of the KotR units (perhaps a very small one, 5 man unit for mobility), where the Enchantress will bunker, increasing her leadership to 10.